Letters for March 2, 2016

Letters for March 2, 2016

Let’s be informed about role of unions

Mr. DeRocle (TGI Forum, Feb. 29) indicated voters need to make informed decisions. Too bad he doesn’t take his own advice rather than reading from his union song book. I was born and raised on Oahu and currently live in Wisconsin. The desertification of the union only affected state workers and educators. These are government paid positions, you and me the taxpayers.

When was the last time any of these jobs were shipped off shore, China? It further required if the individual wished to remain a union member, that the union collected dues directly from the individual. That would allow each member to see exactly what they are paying for the right to be a union member.

The negotiators of these contracts are only concerned with getting votes to remain in office. This decision by the Legislature was highly contested, the unions bused in loads of non Wisconsin to lobby against the bills. They were passed. The unions started a recall petition, the governor was forced to run to hold his office. This was and still is supported by the majority.

Gaylord Perry

Lae Nani, Kapaa

Take steps to help protect Kauai’s visitors

This is in response to Christoper Waite’s letter about the Queen’s Bath (March 1,TGI). Chris, excellent letter, very well written. His letter offers a solution and encapsulates the very problem in a nutshell. I was a medic there for many years and can feel the frustration the rescuers are expressing. I think his idea of closing the trail, at least during the high surf season, is a great start.

For years, we have watched countless innocent visitors to the Queen’s Bath drown, get injured and have to be rescued. Excellent point as well that it is very risky for the people called in to get these people out. There are people who don’t think closing the trail is appropriate. I would guess those people have never watched a loved one drown or get injured at this site.

As for the book authors who continue to write and tout this place as a viable day of recreation, they should really be held accountable. But the masses will complain it’s their First Amendment right. I am now working abroad but read The Garden Island daily and no matter how far away, I still feel the pain and frustration every time I read about a drowning at the “Queen’s Death.”

It’s time to heed this rescuer, Christopher Waite’s warning and recommendation and stop Kauai’s visitors from coming to Kauai to die. And to the brave, courageous and heroic KFD, lifeguards and paramedics that continue to give Kauai the finest EMS services. Congratulations. You are the best.

Thomas VanderWende

Middle East


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