Letters for March 3, 2016

• Confronting the shadow side of the peace movement • Republican party has lost its way

Confronting the shadow side of the peace movement

I never thought I’d be writing this letter. As the daughter of a lifelong peace activist, my father and I look at the endless eruptions of war around the world as my father asks … “was all the work for peace in vain?” Even something as positive and hope-filled as peace, believe it or not, has a shadow side, or an unintended consequence that will eventually rear its head. Let me explain.

When humans are peaceful and loving each other, guess what they like to do. Have babies. Many babies. More than replacement levels. The more peace and love, the more babies, the less elbow room, the less resources for humans to inhabit this world sustainably in balance with nature.

Even the still unsolved traffic problem on Kauai is partly due to the rapid population explosion the world has seen in the last 50 years. The problem is not only that we need more roads, but we also need less people. The more crowded the Mainland gets, the more the infrastructure starts to collapse from the weight of human demand, the more Kauai looks like a great place to flee.

This is reality. Too much peace, in the absence of a solid plan for sustainability, which includes sustainability of human population on a finite planet with limited resources inevitably brings conflict.

Krisztina Samu, Koloa

Republican party has lost its way

In the Feb. 25 TGI article titled, “I’m afraid he would get my vote,” I see a disturbing scenario playing out.

The article mentions how many Republicans are shocked by the appeal of Trump, by what he says about women and immigrants, and how they are worried about his ability to engage in diplomacy or keep the country safe. But, they would vote for him nevertheless because they are Republican. One Republican even said she would consider moving to Canada after voting for him.

It is a sad state that the Republican party’s front runner is in that position primarily because he has the best chance of beating Clinton. Why couldn’t the Republican party come up with one candidate with a genuine platform rather than one based on denigrating everyone else; i.e. Republicans, Democrats, present and former presidents, the Pope, etc.

The campaign is becoming more and more like a competition in a reality TV show. And it is being spearheaded by an expert in that arena. The process of narrowing the field from 17 candidates to 5 was like a season of The Apprentice, The Voice, or Survivor show. Do we want someone who can “outwit, outlast, and outplay” to be president? Has the Republican party lost its focus so it has to start off with 17 candidates? Whatever happened to quality rather than quantity?

Trump’s plan to “make America great again” by bullying his way to the nomination is not the way to gain the respect and support of Americans or the rest of the world. Voting for him as a vote against Clinton will only increase the divisiveness that is hurting this country.

Valerie Lee, Omao


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