Letters for August 20, 2015

• District and at-large the way to go • Support council districts • Kind strangers helped when Walmart wouldn’t • Wilcox team model of caring

District and at-large the way to go

Here’s my two cents on having district representation at the County Council:

1) Have four districts: North Shore, Eastside, South Shore and Westside. Divide as evenly as possible by population distribution;

2) Have three at-large positions so that voters throughout the county can vote for one district representative and three at-large. That way every voter can set up the“majority 4,” according to the votes he/she casts. The at-large will need to garner the votes of the majority. The district candidate who has the most votes in thatparticular district is declared the winner of that particular district.

We have district representatives to the state Legislature. Why can’t we have the same for our County Councilmembers?

Jose Bulatao Jr., Kekaha

Support council districts

Bruce Newport’s letter of Aug. 15 is a way to start.

Precisely because Kauai is so small we need election of council by district.

Otherwise, small organized groups — fill in special interest groups (unions, developers, etc), this is cronyism — can unduly sway the composition of the council.

If you want to be heard, support district elections.

Frank Kelly, Koloa

Kind strangers helped when Walmart wouldn’t

When I went to ask for help in Walmart this past Saturday, because I locked my keys in my car, the employees and managers told me, “We are not allowed to help you.You may purchase a wire hanger on aisle (whatever.)”

What a helpful policy. Turns out the nice and helpful stranger and his daughter parked next to me fetched my keys with an umbrella with a hook handle.

I want to thank them very much. I would have been late for work. I know God was watching over me. My bad!

Walmart needs to work on their customer service policy immediately or I’ll spend my next $85 anywhere else.

Dorothy Logsdon, Kalaheo

Wilcox team model of caring

I have spent a considerable part of the last several months receiving professional care from physicians, nurses, and those associated with the keeping care of those in need.

Last fall Dr. Jorden and his team performed emergency surgery and the third floor of Wilcox became my home. Jayne, Caroline, Kelly, and numerous other people gave me the best treatment possible.

Four months ago I needed the surgical services of Dr. Chihara. Again, I was taken care of by the third floor team. Once again I was in great hands. The services provided by the Wilcox people (ohana) are the absolute best. “They care” is the best thing I can say about them.

I transferred to the Kauai Care Center each time I needed rehabilitation. The second time I requested them because of the treatment I received the first time. They even had a sign welcoming me back with a representation of my dog. This group of professionals went beyond what I would have ever expected.

They brought in my favorite cheese, made me mango bread, fixed salads beyond belief, accommodated little things that made a long stay bearable. Prima, Karla, Jo Ann, Michelle, Tonya, and all the other wonderful people I do not have the words to thank you for all that you have done for me.

Watching all of these professional going about their daily activities with patients of all kinds of needs, makes me very thankful that they are there when needed.

Again, thank you for doing what you do, you are all amazing.

Mike Stephenson, Waimea


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