Letters for August 21, 2015

• Find out where animals at no-kill shelters really end up

Find out where animals at no-kill shelters really end up

In regards to the Aug. 16 article “To kill or not to kill,” those people that went into the Kauai Humane Society with nine dogs and then six more should be arrested for running an illegal dog breeding operation or just for being so irresponsible as to have 15 dogs for which they couldn’t care.

This is absolute madness.

The idea that you can have a no-kill shelter policy without a change in behavior from the animal-owning community (most likely mandated by heavily enforced legislation because people will not just do the right thing of their own volition) is insanity.

A shelter necessarily has limited space. If it is going to take in every animal that comes to it and not euthanize any of them, how can it possibly operate? Are cats and dogs some kind of special object which can occupy the same space at the same time? Do the excess animals spend part of their time in some kind of alternate universe?

The reduction from 20 million to 3 million in the number of euthanized animals mentioned in the article had to come from some kind of substantial change. Either the shelters had to tremendously expand their space at a cost, they had to cram the animals in creating horrible conditions, they had to turn animals away or send them to other communities to become someone else’s problem, community attitudes had to change to mitigate the problem, etc. Or perhaps (far more likely), someone is lying about their euthanasia rates.

Perhaps they aren’t counting the animals which die while in their “care” from the horrible conditions created by their no-kill policy. This isn’t some kind of magic act where the bunny gets stuffed back into the hat and disappears!

I’m starting to think that people should not be allowed to have animals without some kind of periodic mental evaluation. TGI, how about doing some investigative reporting on a couple of these no-kill shelters and find out where all of these non-euthanized animals are really ending up. It could be a Pulitzer Prize winning piece that exposes a big lie.

Michael Mann, Lihue


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