PETA does not have best interests of feral cats at heart

In response to Teresa Chagrin’s letter, (TGI, July 26)  “PETA: Trap, Neuter release not the answer.”

I was amused by Ms. Chagrin’s attempt to dismiss trap-neuter-release as a viable way to control a feral cat population when it has been proven most effective through the United States time and time again.

I was also amused at Ms. Chagrin’s attempt to rationalize killing cats, instead of TNR. I have never seen a cat on this island with the “ghastly” injuries nor been aware of the cat shootings spoken of. I have seen a few cats killed on the road, though, and that’s why I agree — people, keep you cats indoors for their safety.

Cats carry diseases? The only stand out for cats is toxoplasmosis, and the percentage of cats that carry it is very small and the one human to ever get it on Kauai was in 2007, according to the Hawaii Department of Health. Ms. Chagrin should be more specific. I went on the web, even went to PETA’s website.

And bear with me here. I am sure if you asked a cat “would you rather be TNRed or would you rather be killed?” that cat would most certainly answer immediately, “TNR, I’m all about living.” 

Cats are mammals and all mammals choose life over death. That’s a given. Ms. Chagrin is into making easy, convenient, self-serving remarks with no basis which suites her personal endeavors and goals. 

Ms. Chagrin is the animal care and control specialist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals of Norfolk. 

This organization was established by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco in 1980 as an animal rights organization. It was Ingrid Newkirk who released a public will stating her body be “used” like an animals’ asking her flesh be barbecued, her skin made into products leather is normally made into, her feet were to be fashioned into umbrella stands, and a single eye was to be delivered to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This is the same group that believes any pet, healthy, docile, turned into any shelter, should be killed and that it is humane and kind, rather than adopt them out. PETA shelters have the very highest kill rate at 90 percent.

Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA’s vice president of cruelty investigations, states, “Our euthanasia program has never been a secret. This is one of many, many things that we do to alleviate the suffering of animals.” 

This includes docile, healthy dogs and cats turned in simply because their owners have to move or the landlord won’t allow them, etc., no fault of the dog or cat. 

She believes your dog, whom you love, and loves you, should be put to death and has no business being a part of this Earth and that it is cruel. What a mindset.

PETA’s goal is to see the day no one will be able to even own pet dogs or cats. Don’t take my word for it. Go to their website. You will find “The selfish desire to possess animals and receive love from them causes immeasurable suffering.” What a statement! They want to see the day dogs and cats are completely and utterly extinct. Ask them (PETA) and they say tell this is their vision.

So when you read anything by Ms. Teresa Chagrin, with the grandiose and nurturing title of “animal care and control specialist” for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, know you are reading about an organization who loves playing God and is as blood thirsty as the most blood thirsty, and know if they had their way would have every dog and cat, inside or outside of a home, owned or feral, healthy or sick, killed. 

And it believes that act would be a “humane act of kindness” to all of those dogs and cats. I’m sure if the dogs and cats could talk they would say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


Chris Schaefer is a Kapaa resident.


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