Letters for Aug. 12, 2014

• Warning, rather than ticket, would have been fair • Residents need access to Kauai’s weather radar • Cats and common sense

Warning, rather than ticket, would have been fair

On Aug. 5, I was pulled over and given a $70 traffic ticket. I was exiting Costco at the detour after getting supplies in preparation for the Iselle and Julio hurricane threats, (along with thousands of other citizens). There were at least three, maybe more, police cars, pulling cars over one after another, on to the next as soon as the tickets were issued. Since I was consumed with preparing for a possible natural disaster, I did not realize my safety sticker had expired five days prior, on July 31.

Costco was packed with citizens preparing for the hurricanes, the parking lot was full and lines for gas were extremely long. Should the police be taking advantage of its citizens to make their quotas during a hurricane threat? Wouldn’t any other time be more appropriate?

I am a senior citizen, low-income, and currently unemployed. I asked if I couldn’t be given a warning for this infraction or at least be given 30 days to correct this situation and was told, “No, we do not give warnings.” Then the next car to come by was immediately pulled over as he left me. He was in a hurry to get rid of me and on to the next unsuspecting driver. As I write this letter, I hope it will be a reminder to check your safety sticker expiration since we are not provided any warning from the state of Hawaii. Since the state does not provide any warning, we should at least be given 30 days to renew our safety stickers and I suggest that the police be allowed to issue a fix it ticket or provide a warning for residents to renew.

Evonne Revitt



Residents need access to Kauai’s weather radar

Thank goodness the dual storm threat pretty much fizzled out on Kauai. It was very frustrating to look at the weather radars to get current information, only to find that much of Kauai was “radar blocked.” 

I’ve heard that the extreme terrain in the center of the island is to blame, but this kind of baffles me. I don’t see any such impacts on radar transmissions on any of the other islands, even where the terrain is similarly “extreme.” I’ve also heard that the military blocks these radar signals on Kauai, whether intentionally or not, I don’t know. Perhaps their usual microwave, satellite, radar and other wireless signals simply overpower the weaker weather radar? Or, in the name of “security?” Any insights or suggestions to understand and resolve this problem would be appreciated!

Erik Coopersmith 



Cats and common sense

I have seen it too many times what some people on our island have been doing every day and I found that too many people on the cat issue don’t have common sense or don’t give a hoot.

My favorite place is Salt Pond beach and I am there every day and see what’s happening. People bring their cats and release them right at the park where the sign says that no animals are allowed. Then they come back to feed them on a daily basis. OK, they don’t want them anymore, but why do they come back then every day to feed them? Why don’t they take care of them at home instead of driving to the park? Why come every day for an animal they don’t want?

Cats mess up our beautiful beaches and parks. They defecate into the sand on the beach and in the grass where the children and adults play. The park rangers don’t do anything about the cats. The Humane Society does not pick up these stray cats either. Why? They should protect the people first! It looks to me like they don’t do their jobs. If some people have the time to bring their cats and release them near public parks and come back day after day to feed them, they should be fined. And if the Humane Society does not want them, stop supporting them and release the unwanted animals in their open space. But please don’t set a bad example and don’t pollute our parks and beaches with unwanted animals. Listen people, we have to take care of our parks!

Timothy Oga



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