Letters for July 30, 2014

• Will Kauai see any milk from  the dairy farm? • ‘Avenue Q’ sends powerful message • Get involved and vote


Will Kauai see any milk from

the dairy farm?

I have just read the full page “open letter to the people of Kauai” from Hawaii Dairy Farms in the Sunday, July 27, edition of The Garden Island. I also went on to read, as recommended, some of the links on their website. It’s all very nice and pastoral, but I do have a few issues. 

First of all, I am sure that lowering the amount of cows from 1,800 to 699 is the least you could do under mounting pressure but it doesn’t address the seeming unsuitability of the soil. I wish I was more informed about the plan, but the lack of transparency is reminiscent of current seed grower practices. It seems to me if the soil is not suitable, the amount of 699, 1,800 or any number would be inappropriate. I would love to see another dairy on Kauai, but I don’t think Mahaulepu is the spot. I always thought Moloaa was the perfect spot, but apparently their neighbors did not. Surely, Grove Farms has more suitable land elsewhere. I have asked this before and gotten no answer so I will ask again. Are there any guarantees that the people of Kauai will see a single drop of milk from this operation if or when it comes to be? 

Allan B White 



‘Avenue Q’ sends powerful message

 Avenue Q is a show not to be missed. If you don’t get tickets now, you will be missing one of the best theater productions of the year, if not the last 10 years. The Hawaii Children’s Theater after Dark (at the Puhi Warehouse) has put together an outstanding ensemble of muppet-like characters, presenting music and messages particularly relevant to adults. Pay particular attention to the words, and you will laugh, cry, blush, giggle and maybe even shed a tear. This is unique theater, presenting relevant messages and getting us to reflect on life.

William Hackett



Get involved and vote

Will the registered voters of the County of Kauai become proactively involved in the election process again? 

Earlier, in my lifetime here on Kauai, up to 80 percent plus took the time to cast their ballots. In recent years, that percentage has dropped so dismally low, with less than 40 percent of the voting population participating! Why? Have we become so disillusioned and disgruntled with the way our governments operate, that so many of us have decided to stay home and pout? Things will only get worse that way! 

I urge each and every voter to take the time to check out each candidate’s qualifications, cast your ballot, and become a part of the decision-making process in selecting who is being placed to be “in charge!” That way, you can be a part of the solution rather than merely being a pointer of the problem. 

We’re supposed to have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” aren’t we? Well, if you just stay home and mope, you’re being a major part of creating a “less-than-effective-system” of public officials who become a part of a bureaucratic stranglehold. It takes time and effort to become aware and involved in what’s going on around us! Stop sitting on the sidelines to merely complain. Nothing beneficial happens that way. 

Jose Bulatao, Jr.



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