Letters for July 31, 2014

• Rats, cats do their share of killing • Kagawa needs to think independently • Mayor, take a stand for the people on Westside

Rats, cats do their share of killing

Aloha. I saw the story named “Oh, Rats!” in the paper (TGI, July 27) about the rats that kill the birds. I see this many times with my night vision binoculars. Rats kill small baby birds, too, not just eat the eggs. I help Mr. Raine, Mr. Pias and Mr. Kaiakapu about thinking cats do not kill rats (ha, ha). Sometimes people who akamai need help to. I know I am just a country boy, but I am proud of it. I have been all over the aina and have seen many things in nature. I’ve seen cats kill plenty of rats, sometimes not for food, sometimes just to play. They like to kill them. It is real. Not just cartoons. They love to kill rats all the time, day and night. I’ve seen it too much. I don’t even take time no more — just move on to next thing in nature. I’ve only see cats kill few birds. I’ve seen one cat kill one bird in a nest one time. Hope this explain things and helps.

Aukai Maupuana



Kagawa needs to think independently

In the TGI “2014 Primary Election” guide, Councilman Kagawa stated: “I’m not a follower, rather that I am an independent thinker.” Later on he goes on to say: “That I voted yes in committee on Bill 2491 as amended only because Councilmembers Nakamura and Yukimura informed me that the seed companies said they could live with the amended bill. That turned out to be not true.” Does that sound like an independent thinker?

Linda Estes



Mayor, take a stand for the people on Westside

People who live on the Westside are quiet, shy folks known for their graciousness. And that is why they didn’t make a stink when the islands electric plant was built in their backyard. 

Likewise, they said nothing when the entire islands opala (rubbish) is dumped here next to our ocean. 

This spring, the Westsiders did quietly speak up by asking Mayor Carvalho into their Waimea homes where they told him of illnesses in their families and their neighborhoods: how three teachers at Waimea Canyon all got cancer and two died. How four teachers gave birth to babies with multiple birth defects. That, so far, 80 neighbors have been linked with cancer. 

These companies spray seven days a week, 12 to 14 1/2 hours a day. They are not farms. They are chemical laboratories that feel Kauai needs to be sued because we don’t want them poisoning us. These quiet Westsiders asked Carvalho to help them, to protect them. To do the right thing.

Meanwhile, all the GMO companies are laying low. They sent the immigrants away and cut down their visibility by moving further inland up the valleys. 

We are waiting for our elected officials to stand up and say no more killing of my people nor poisoning of sacred aina and ocean life. Be a hero, Carvalho. Stand up for  us.

Linda Oshiro



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