Why whey?

Research has shown the many benefits of whey protein, including that it builds muscle mass, preserves and optimizes lean muscle mass, supports satiety (so you don’t feel hungry), improves insulin sensitivity, reduces stress, moderates cortisol levels, supports healthy serotonin levels (helping mood levels), boosts glutathione levels and immunity, and even aids in the fight against cancer.

Protein is the most abundant component of whey. Consuming whey protein before a workout supports fat burning throughout the activity and helps the exerciser gain or maintain lean muscle mass.

Whey has excellent solubility and absorbability and is the preferred choice of food before and after exercise because of the improvements it brings about in lean mass/body fat ratios. Research shows that whey is all benefits and no down side when compared to other sources, such as soy protein (which is likely a genetically modified organism and also contains phytoestrogens, which can be dangerous — especially for cancer survivors).

The quality of the whey protein is important, too. There are five grades of whey protein available in the U.S. And like most things, it is buyer beware. The “pail of whey” brands that are available are low-grade whey harvested from the usual contaminated sources and contain all the impurities, hormones and antibiotics that are in dairy products these days.

Un-denatured organically sourced from grass fed cows is the only whey protein that will optimize your health and fitness. Whey protein from New Zealand is shown by the University of Illinois research facilities to be clean, effective and readily absorbable. This high-quality whey protein can be purchased at www.discoverthis.isagenix.com. It is what I have used personally and for my clients for more than seven years. Whey protein has a high level of leucine (an amino acid) that supports muscle synthesis.

Whey also lowers ghrelin (a hormone) level that regulates food uptake. The lower the level of ghrelin, the more satisfied you feel. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that fat loss doubled over six months in subjects who added whey protein shakes to their diet. Research also shows that whey uniquely influences food intake through its effect on cholecystokinin, a hormone leading to feelings of satiety and fullness. Studies at the University of Adelaide in Australia demonstrated that whey protein is superior to red meat protein in reducing body fat and promoting healthy blood sugar levels.  

Whey supports serotonin levels, which leads to improved coping ability, stress reduction, stabilized moods and more restful sleep. As far back as 1650 in Florence, whey was noted for its health giving properties.

A quote from those times: “If you want to live a healthy life, drink whey and dine early.” True words today! The effects of whey last approximately two to three hours, so your intake should be throughout the day to maximize whey’s health giving properties.

Back in the 1600s people didn’t need to worry about BGH, GMO corn-fed cows in feed lots, or antibiotics. In these present times we need to be very selective of foods and products that we take to maximize our health and longevity.

Whey is an almost perfect food but you must get clean whey from grass-fed, organic sources such as New Zealand. I urge you to not buy your whey from cheap, undisclosed sources but to do the best you can for yourself. You always save money by protecting your health and doing your best to feed yourself well.

Go to www.discoverthis.isagenix.com and look at the Isa-pro lean and the Isa-lean shakes, and feed yourself the best. Healthy and strong all life long — the credo of “I Train with Jane.”

• Jane Riley, M.S., B.A., C.P.T., Certified Nutritional Adviser, can be reached at janerileyfitness@gmail.com, 212-1451 or www.janerileyfitness.com.


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