Letters for Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

Non-voters deserve respect for their beliefsSurprised by extra names on the ballotDon’t vote to go backwardsSpeaking of re-thinking, what about KIUC lights?Show compassion, stick to facts

Non-voters deserve respect for their beliefs

In a recent letter to the editor, I gave some rational reasons why I no longer vote. I was hoping for some rational responses. A recent letter by Mr. Samu also listed his reasons for feeling the same way. We were both met with ridicule and insults and even called cowards for not voting.

I take issue with that. On the contrary, we care enough to voice why we don’t vote and that took some bravery on our part.  

A recent article also listed the numbers demonstrating the lower voter turnout and how Hawai‘i ranked so very low, specifically Kaua‘i, so we are actually in the majority.

 I have to point out that the opposition to my views are contrary to the basic principles on which our nation was founded. My freedom of choice (I choose not to vote) and freedom of thought (I think the whole political system is a sham perpetuated by big business) are what our country is based on.  

If you have a clear vision of who is right to run our country, then please vote, but don’t knock me for opting out. If you want to feel the way you do, leave me the room to feel the way I do too.  

As demonstrated by all the mudslinging directed at me, it would seem that a lot of you have the qualities to be a political candidate or at least a campaign speech or commercial writer.

Jack Custer


Surprised by extra names on the ballot

I went to vote Friday and to my surprise there weren’t two presidential candidates running. Americans have been told by media (CNBC) over and over of our two choices to make. Which of the lesser of the two evils do we choose?

Well, lo and behold, there were four candidates on the ballot. I thought media censorship was left up only Third World countries (i.e., North Korea, Iran, etc.). I guess not.

Is it that media has gotten so corrupt or are we as a country on the brink of falling down to the same status? That would be a very sad day for America, for all of us.

Please don’t feed us the line that they are not newsworthy. As media you have an obligation to provide equal air time to all candidates so all Americans can have a choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no clue who the other candidates are.

I am an American. I do not support any one party. I believe in a fair and just democracy.

In closing, in Hawai‘i we had four candidates running but if you live in Colorado you had 16 choices, out-of-country ballots had 12. What’s up with that?

Great to be American.

Roy Saito


Don’t vote to go backwards

First of all, I am adopted and I am grateful to both my birth parents and the loving parents that raised me.

My parents adopted another baby who became my sister. At the time my parents did not know that she was damaged with mental retardation and severe emotional issues. This was due to brain injuries suffered as a fetus due to unsuccessful, botched abortion attempts by her birth mother.   

My sister has suffered terribly all through her life even though all that possibly could be done to make her life better has been tried by all members of my family and countless others that have been involved with her life.

My sister is the result of the “back-door” abortions that were happening in the 1950s. I am sure that there are countless horror stories from the past. Please let’s not go backwards — let women choose for themselves and provide them with a safe, legal environment if they choose to end a pregnancy.  

Comfort Carroll


Speaking of re-thinking, what about KIUC lights?

Howard Tolbe wrote on Oct. 30 that “… the corn fields should keep their lights off. The shearwaters can fly into the lights there, too. Their lights stay on all night. Just something that need to be re-thinked.”

My opinions are my own, and I do not speak for any business or corporation. For those wondering whether this is actually something that needs to be re-thought:

There is no lighting of corn at night. Corn has no need for night lighting. The few plantings with lights are soybeans, and the light prevents premature flowering, which would stunt the soybean plants.

 There has been cooperation with conservation workers from the beginning, applying a variety of measures, including facing the lights toward the ocean, lowering them, adding shields to them, and setting timers to turn on only after midnight, because shearwaters tend to fly earlier in the night.

In contrast to a lot of football fans (“Buck the Firds?” Really?) the ag workers I’ve met actually want to protect the shearwaters, and didn’t wait several years to do so.

I’d like to know why our power plant doesn’t appear to have shielded lights, timers or motion sensors. KIUC had to fund the SOS program in compensation for taking out shearwaters with street lights and power lines, but still seems not to have implemented basic measures at its facilities to protect them.  

Perhaps that is something that needs to be re-thought.

Matt Chan


Show compassion, stick to facts

A man died in an unfortunate accident. What was the reason for printing his past arrest record in the article? Just stick to the facts of the accident.

There is a family who is grieving. Is it so hard to show some compassion and respect to the family?

RIP Shane. Deepest condolences from the Kojima family.  

Sharon Kojima



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