Letters for Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012

America’s destiny unfoldsCourt ruling leaves unanswered questionsHome run for the mayorIntegrity of island polling places remain intactLap lanes prevent potential accidents

America’s destiny unfolds

Today, the day after the most epic election in American history, the sun shines brightly on our nation. Defeated on Nov. 6, 2012, were the politics of division; the cancer of cynicism; the ugliness of racism; the brutality of intolerance; and the arrogance of selfishness — all fully rejected by voters. Today, I wake up to a new America where Latino Americans are no longer invisible; African Americans are no longer marginalized; gays and lesbians are no longer ridiculed; where American women have real choices over their life decisions; and where love triumphs over fear and bigotry.

For my entire political life, I have worked for and awaited this day. Today, we recognize we are a diverse, open, accepting and tolerant society. This is the idealism of Americans; this is the exceptionalism of America. The future awaits our greatness. The world awaits our continued and enlightened leadership.

Scott Goold


Court ruling leaves unanswered questions

Thanks to Chief Perry for making me dig up the definition of a word that I have never heard before, and did not understand the meaning.

I include it here in case there are others who couldn’t find their dictionaries.

Opprobrium: 1. harsh criticism or censure, or 2. public disgrace arising from someone’s shameful conduct.

What I was confused about in the usage of this word was if he speaking of the council, or himself?

What exactly was the complaint against the chief that got him suspended in the first place?

Aren’t any of the citizens who are worried that the mayor may now act as a police officer, asking that fundamental question?

Who is muddying the waters, not to mention wasting thousands of our tax dollars to further debate this issue?

Like the rest of us, if you don’t like wording of a rule, petition to have it changed. On your own time, with your own money.

Greg Dorst


Home run for the mayor

Just wanted to send out a big mahalo to Mayor Bernard Carvalho. Last Saturday was opening day for the Kalaheo Shetland T-Ball Organization. We have six teams of about 60 children ages 5 to 7 years old. The mayor joined us and gave a great pep talk and sang the Hawaiian Anthem.

Each child got their name called and ran across the field to high five their coach and the mayor. The event was very well organized and the games were so much fun to watch. On the way home we were congratulating our grandson, Jackson (5), for getting a hit and making all the way around the bases.

His reply was “Man I never thought I’d get to high five the mayor!”  Cute or what?

Linda Bothe


Integrity of island polling places remain intact

I went onto the drudgereport.com website the morning of Nov. 6, voting day. I saw a picture of a huge banner of Obama at a polling place in Philadelphia where there was a long line. After a load of people complained, a judge told the people at the polls to cover it.

So I thought I would wear my “Romney for President” T-shirt to my polling place in Lihu‘e. They told me I had to cover up my T-shirt, or turn the shirt inside out before going in. I asked if they would request the same if I was wearing an Obama shirt. They told me the same rules applied for either side.

So, good news, the integrity of our voting process here in Kaua‘i is better than other places in the Mainland. It’s good to see we have ethical poll workers. I was asked for I.D., and I didn’t think that was an attempt at voter suppression. It was a reasonable request, just like showing I.D. at the airport.


Mike Lyman


Lap lanes prevent potential accidents

A big mahalo nui to the director of Parks and Recreation, Mr. Lenny Rapozo for caring enough about safety for our keiki and re-instituting the use of lane lines at Kapa‘a Public Pool.

There was a constant sense of disarray by both the lap swimmers and our keiki. The lap swimmers dreaded keiki jumping on them and many of our keiki and their parents dreaded the potential of head on collisions in the water. What was once a potential accident waiting to happen is now a much safer sound and secure environment at Kapa‘a Public Pool.

 Thanks to Mr. Lenny Rapozo there is now an added sense of security and safety for all .


James “Kimo” Rosen



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