Letters for Thursday, February 16, 2012

• Kudos to KPD • Support spay/neuter rules • Ask the KIUC

‘owners’ • Burning trash • Hawai‘i electricity costs

Kudos to KPD

Kudos to the Kaua‘i Police Department for quickly apprehending the suspected person who fled/abandoned the rental vehicle after hitting two parked cars at Po‘ipu Beach late Sunday afternoon. 

Mahalo also to those who called 911 with information that helped the police quickly do their job.

The professionalism of the police department was very evident in their handling this unfortunate incident. 

Lee A. Bowen, Po‘ipu Beach

Support spay/neuter rules

I would like to refer to Margaret Sueoka’s letter (Letters: Feb. 14). I am in total agreement with what she has to say and would like to see this passed as law on the island.

My wife and I have befriended two feral cats that we got neutered and feed daily.

We just wish there was some way to stop these cats from capturing birds frequently, even though we have stopped feeding the birds to avoid this happening.

If there is no control over these feral cats, we will soon be like the Big island where the Mongoose have almost eliminated the birds from the island.

We have also noticed that in Australia the snakes are a protected species devouring the birds at a rapid rate.

I would further like to add that there should also be a law for dog lovers who let their pets wander the neighborhood.

They should follow their dogs, stoop and scoop when their pets litter on other people’s property.

For a small, beautiful island like Kaua‘i, there are far too many cats and dogs that are neglected and ill-treated.

Please do not dilly-dally in passing a law to protect our four-legged friends. 

Sydney Jacobs, Kapa‘a

Ask the KIUC ‘owners’

Thank you, Ray Songtree for your fine, in depth article “Rogue menace at KIUC” (Letters: Feb. 11). Also I applaud you for your outstanding  testimony before the Council on Feb. 8, which all members except Councilwoman Yukimura seemed very satisfied with.

The facts that you point out about the KIUC leadership not being a true representative of the people who “own the co-op” are so vividly true.

Whether it was the “free flow” debacle or the latest smart meter controversy, decisions are being made by the hierarchy without finding out what the wishes are from the people who own this co-op.

There is no doubt that irrefutable evidence points to problems with these smart meters and we, the ratepayers, should have the option of deciding if we want them installed in our homes.

And we should not have to be home to tell the installers that we don’t  want them. We should simply be able to call KIUC and say no thank  you.

And there should not be an ‘opt out’ charge to the customer for  keeping their old meters.

Has KIUC taken a page from our county’s MO of “ready, fire, aim” by spending millions of dollars on these meters before really knowing all the facts, including whether or not their “owners” want them?

Again, thank you, Ray, for all your time, research and efforts in  representing the people.

Glenn Mickens, Kapa‘a

Burning trash

Here we go again. Some inconsiderate neighbor is burning trash and smoking us out.

 Department of Health: When are you guys going to get this situation under control?

We can’t breathe fresh air. We can’t hang our laundry outside without it getting contaminated by stink smoke from our so-called neighbors.

A neighbor is one living near or located near another, a “fellow man,” according to Webster’s New American Dictionary.

When is the Department of Health going to stop this?

We heard that the bill is waiting for the governor’s signature. Do it yesterday, please.

Cooking and barbecues are fine. Burning your green stuff is not.

Valerie Freitas, Kalaheo

Hawai‘i electricity costs

I was in Home Depot tonight looking at hot water heaters. The big yellow energy guide sticker said estimated yearly costs were about five bills a year.

Then the small print said: “based upon 2009 U.S. Government national average of 10.65 cents per KWH.”

Now just multiply that by four to get our local operating cost.

Name anything else we in Hawai‘i have to pay four times the national price for.

I’m pretty certain I’m putting a few of the board members’ kids through college, buying new tires for their BMW, and the eight-person Jacuzzi on their back deck. Lucky me.

Oh yeah, and a smart meter that I hope has a voice module and motion sensor in it, so that every time I walk by it tells me what a moron I am.

 I figure they might as well rub my face in the mud since I’m being taken to the cleaners anyway.

Joseph Lavery, Kapa‘a


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