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It’s only been 20 years •

Kaua‘i shares treasure with California •

Open dialogue welcome • Google


It’s only been 20 years

I know it’s only been 20 years (thats’ over 7,000 days) since Hurricane Iniki devastated the island of Kaua‘i. Certainly more time is needed to remove the mess that is the Coco Palms.

Thousands of island commuters, myself included, get to enjoy the lovely sight of urban decay as we drive by the disgusting eyesore several times each and everyday, for me personally that’s 14,000 times. Heck, it’s only been 20 years-what’s the rush.

It’s truly an outrage and an embarrassment that The Coco Palms has not been declared a health hazard and the structure completely removed. Who’s in charge here anyway.

Bernard Verkaaik, Kapa‘a

Kaua‘i shares treasure with California

Kaua‘i’s own Larry Rivera, recent winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award and often referred to as a “National Treasure” brought his talent to California on Oct. 28. He played to a capacity house at the Pono Hawaiian Grill in Santa Cruz.

At 81 years of age he did an almost three-hour performance without an intermission and, as usual, left the crowd wanting more — much more!

My wife and I have celebrated our wedding anniversary with Larry Rivera on Kaua‘i for 25 years but circumstances prevented our being there this year so we were elated when we heard that he was coming to California.

Although it was about a 250 mile drive for us we were there early to share love and aloha with this loving gentleman.

Thank you Kaua‘i for sharing the treasure that is Larry Rivera with us and making it year number 26 that we have had the privilege of spending time with him. He ended his evening with the singing of “I’ll Remember You” which my wife had requested and surely Santa Cruz California will remember him.

Art Messenger, Magalia, Calif.

Open dialogue welcome

Being a concerned citizen who is always searching for those elected officials who will truly represent the people, it is refreshing to see that Councilman Mel Rapozo, in a press release, has announced that he will be holding a series of town hall meetings around our island.

His purpose of holding these meetings is to solicit input on matters that pertain to individual communities.

Wow, what a great idea! No three-minute clock running, no agenda to follow, no, “that was not a question so you may not respond.” All these being rules of the County Council and though, sometimes necessary, not conducive to open dialogue.

Having watched Mel Rapozo on the council for many years and seeing him vote for what he believes (even if it is a 6-to-1 or a 1-to-6 vote) these town hall meetings should be well worth while and I suggest that concerned people attend.

There are so many citizens on Kauai with good, sound ideas who could greatly improve the way our government is run. People like the learned Walter Lewis who for years has written his editorial about “A Better Kaua‘i.” Or just those who write fine suggestions to the Forum about bettering Kauai.

We need people like Mel who will listen to our concerns and, being a part of the government, can help transform our ideas into action.

Glenn Mickens, Kapa‘a

Google yourself

Search engines are the encyclopedia of this era. Anything you need to know you can type into a search engine. Any person you need information on you can type into a search engine. The most popular search engine is “Google”and the term “Google it” has become synonymous with telling someone to look it up on a search engine. Just like the term ‘Xerox’ became synonymous with the term copy, although there are many copy machine manufacturers ‘Xerox’ became the hype, just as ‘Google’  is now the hype.

The word Google sounds like baby talk, on the contrary it has answers to almost everything. I love to Google names from my past, like old girlfriends or people from elementary school, high school, college and even the names of  those amongst you reading this.

How many people have ever Googled themselves? Googling yourself sounds like something the priest might discipline you for,  Googling yourself actually feels good, anyone with a computer who  has not Googled themselves is most likely lying… Googling yourself is something almost  everyone has done  but nobody admits to it, plus it just sounds cool to say ‘Google it.’

I am recommending to everyone, forget what the masses say and go ‘Google’ yourself, you won’t go blind and you may just learn a thing or two about that person in the mirror, I did. Go ahead, go Google yourself!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa‘a


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