Historic ego cycles and the flash point

We discussed in the last article the attempts of new freedom movements to escape repressive historical ego empires: Rome, the Church, the Industrial Corporatocracy. Here’s the longer overview.

We are in a mass extinction cycle. The last one was 65 million years ago. When we wake up to the results of our blind submission to ego greed dominance, we will have a century of tears.

Homo sapiens were in balance with nature for 200,000 years in “the Garden of Eden” — our genetic home for all of evolution.

Only 70,000 to 50,000 years ago did we stray out of balance with nature; we invented voluntary recall, language, therefore also self-conceptualization (ego). This momentous change/compounding error is now culminating in an unsustainable global crisis.

With conceptualization, the balance between men and women shifted. First, the idolization of women and then, about 15,000 years ago, in the subordination of women by men.

Subordinated and “tamed” were also domestic plants and animals and the land itself, for agriculture 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Our attention was hijacked by ego mind: the mental/conceptual simulation chamber. Full sensory attention is a requirement for survival in nature.

The ego invented the artificial environment to sustain attention caught in thought, (“indoors safe, outdoors unsafe”). Houses allowed for accumulation of possessions. Nature was walled out of farms and wild plants or animals that entered were “bad” and killed.

Experience was divided into “good” and “bad”, an unsustainable trend that still prevails today. It precludes the Now acceptance of reality. The ego constantly argues with reality about how reality “should” be. Of course, our ego arrogance thinks that’s justified (superego). Our judgment of reality causes endless conflict/suffering.

The Flashpoint now entered is the peak of many imbalances: energy consumption, water consumption, endless pollution and garbage, radiation, and the overall consumption of “natural resources” (an abominable term).

Major polar shifts are occurring back to balance: male dominance back to balance, therefore also war to peace; ego/mind to heart and senses; the repressed unconscious to personal freedom; social repression to personal sovereignty and self responsibility; the juvenile ego phase to freedom and maturity; excess to moderation; indoors-outdoors balance; corruption to integrity/commitment to truth; façade to authenticity/innocence; “me” to us; segregation to cooperation; human chauvinism to balance with nature.

As these imbalances are corrected and liberated, there is an inevitable surge of energy, vitality and creativity. This will be absolutely necessary as we face what some call “the cascade of crises” that our excesses unleashed.

The articles on the Paradigm Shift put pieces of the puzzle together. We gain the evidence to totally reject the juvenile ego phase and enter our maturity as a species. Evidence leads to conviction, which leads to the decision/intent to choose the truth and reject the false. Individual inner and outer research can confirm the overall picture that is emerging.

• Arius Hopman lives in Hanapepe. This column, part of a series, was adapted from his manuscript, ‘The Ego Empire Exposed.’


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