Letters for Saturday, June 28, 2008

• Mayor selection process must be public

• Cyclists don’t want to ‘doggy dodge’

• Say nice things while people are still around

Mayor selection process must be public

In light of the untimely death of Mayor Bryan Baptiste, it is the duty of the Kaua‘i County Council to select one of its members to become the interim mayor of the county to serve until December 2008.

The meeting of the council to select the interim mayor is expected to be held during the week of July 7. This meeting must be held as an open meeting.

An executive session would violate Section 3.07 E of the Kaua‘i Charter, which clearly states that an executive session may only be held for the purpose of “consultations with the county attorney on claims. …”

Under section 23.06 of our charter, the definition of claims is specifically given, thus these two charter sections are most explicit and leave no room for our elected officials to go behind closed doors for decision-making.

The public is entitled to know certain facts related to the meeting. They include:

1. What members of the council are candidates for the position of interim mayor?

2. What members of the council expect to be candidates for the election in November 2008 for the two-year term of mayor?

3. Will any of the council members who are to be candidates for the two-year mayor term resign from the council prior to November 2008?

The public should be able to offer testimony at the meeting and should have the noted information when they do.

Glenn Mickens


Cyclists don’t want to ‘doggy dodge’

What was the original intended purpose of the bike path?

First of all, I am an avid bike rider and I thought it was so people could ride their bikes to get to work, home, etc., without being subjected to the dangers of riding on the highway. You know … to get more cars off the road, help people to travel more safely, to get where they are going.

By allowing dogs, horses, cows, pigs or whatever on the path, doesn’t that defeat the intended purpose of the path? I don’t hate dogs, I just don’t want to be “doggy dodging” when I’m trying to get to work.

The people who are against dogs on the path are labeled as “dog haters.” But what about the dog walkers who don’t want horses on the path? Are they “horse haters”? And what about the horse walkers that don’t want cows on the path? Are they “cow haters”?

Can you see how silly this is?

All the problems we have with traffic and overdevelopment and the County Council, and the people of the island are locked in this silly debate over where to walk a dog. This is a beautiful island. There are many places on this island to walk dogs without subjecting them to the constant passing of bikes, people, skateboards, Rollerbladers, wheel chairs and pogo sticks.

One more thought, the bike rental companies use this path in their promotions. Now, with all that activity, it takes me too long to get to work so I’m taking my bike home to get my car.

Roger Olsen


Say nice things while people are still around

When people die, you never hear about what a dimwit or moron that person was. All you hear from friends and foes is what a wonderful person they were.

It’s ironic when a politician passes away, their opponents who said terrible things about them during the primaries and general elections now have nothing but praise for a person they publicly despised. Nobody wants to talk dirt on the deceased, even if the deceased was a villainous creature.

I guess when it comes to death we are all politicians (hypocrites), flip flopping left to right, speaking angelic things about anyone who departs this earth.

We do not have to be dead to be praised. Instead of waiting for someone to kick the bucket to say nice things, why not make a practice to say good things for those still cruising around on this glorious planet.

James “Kimo” Rosen



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