Inside Sports for Wednesday — March 01, 2006

Little did I know that mingling with tourists from Wisconsin on the golf course would lead to a Green Bay Packers’ Cheese Head sitting on my desk on Monday.

Well, sometimes when you ask for something, you’ll get it, but this was a big surprise.

First off, I’ll never wear it (maybe just once to try it on), because I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan.

And in the past, the Packers have been pests for my ‘Niners, but it’s not that bad anymore, considering that both teams are locks for great first round draft picks, instead of playing for the silver trophy in January.

I met this couple, along with their son, at Wailua Golf Course about a month ago, but if it weren’t for the slowness of play (right, Nat and Traci?), I don’t think there’d be a sparkling yellow Cheese Head sitting at my desk today.

As the head of the family walked up to us at the third tee, I noticed his Green Bay shirt and joked that it must be lonely up there during playoff time, with the Packers’ dismal season leaving them out of the playoff mix.

He seemed perturbed at first, but after finding out that I worshipped the 49ers, he poked back that the red and gold probably couldn’t pose a challenge to the two-time defending collegiate national champion USC Trojans.

I felt his pain and he felt mine, so that gave us a connection, which we took all the way through the evening.

We even planned to golf the next day, but it fell through, due to the bad weather.

After telling me that his son worked as a chef at Brett Favre’s Steakhouse II, it was evident that I’d receive a Cheese Head whether I liked it or not.

So all that’s left of the day is the Cheese Head, which should count for something, right?

Plus, it’s probably the only Cheese Head on Kaua’i, which makes it a nice collectible.

But at any rate, it’ll definitely be a reminder that no matter who you meet, just take into account that they’ll remember you if you reach out to them.

Even if it may be a little cheesy!


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