Letters for Tuesday – February 07, 2006

• Mission accomplished

• Koloa Town needs a plan

• Concerned about keiki on bicycles

• The new leader

Mission accomplished

As many of my friends do, I try to keep up with both sides of the cow. You know — I’m on a side that looks all white and you are on the side which looks all brown? We are both right and need to find a way to describe the cow as we see it.

What bothers me most these days is the bastardization of the truth. Many have complained about the infamous “mission accomplished” banner and speech.

The truth is, the banner was put up by the crew for their own enjoyment. It signified the successful completion of their ship’s deployment. The Abraham Lincoln was on the way home and President Bush was thanking the crew for a job well done. What’s so difficult about that? Let’s please keep the truth out front.

  • Bobbie Love

Koloa Town needs a plan

I gather from yesterday’s public hearing for the Application for Zoning and Project Development Use Permits for Historic Koloa Village Z-IV 2006-12 PDU-2006-9; TMK (4) that:

1. The county does not have a traffic or transportation plan for Koloa Town.

2. The county does not have anyone whose major responsibility is transportation.

One of the major reasons for having a general plan, community development plan, and planning department is to assure an adequate infrastructure which includes orderly transportation.

To this end, I request you to do what ever is necessary and as soon as possible to:

1. Obtain authorization for and fill the position of a planner whose primary function is transportation planning.

2. Develop a traffic plan for Koloa Town (by consultant?).

  • Walter Briant

Concerned about keiki on bicycles

As of late it seems that every letter to the editor is pontificating moral, religous and political views. While these are interesting and intriguing letters, there is a subject I would like to discuss in regards to the island’s youth.

Recently my husband and I, on two separate occasions, have almost hit keiki on bicycles while driving our cars. Fortunately no one was hurt, just startled.

Unfortunately these two separate events happened in the exact same place: the corner of Ono and Keka streets in Lihu’e near the industrial park. On both occasions the keiki failed to properly stop at the stop sign and they rode their bikes through as fast as they could. Although we were driving under the posted limit these youngsters were almost seriously injured or worse.

Parents living in this area, please let your loved ones know the necessity of bicycle safety such as stopping at a stop sign; and to drivers in this area, please slow down and pay attention. These keiki are just happy to be out of school and going home, they are not as aware as we need to be. I would hate to see someone hurt or worse just because they failed to pay attention or recognize safety rules when riding a bike.

  • Cassi Zerwekh

The new leader

President Bush said recently: “Listen to the words of Osama bin Laden and take him seriously. When he says he’s going to hurt the American people again, or try to, he means it.” And the president went on to say how Osama bin Laden’s threat makes it necessary to continue spying on Americans.

Osama bin Laden is pulling all the strings.

Osama bin Laden wanted the American troops out of Saudi Arabia. They are now out of Saudi Arabia.

Osama bin Laden wanted to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein’s secular government. That government is now gone.

Osama bin Laden wanted to mobilize the Muslem world against the United States. He is well on the way to accomplishing that end.

All he has to do these days is to broadcast a few words, and they send the American president rushing off to justify a domestic spying programs that Osama bin Laden would be proud of.

Now we know who’s really in charge.

  • John A. Broussard

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