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• The people like Lum

• Letters aren’t for everyone

• Koloa transpo letter, pointed

• Befuddled over odd law

The people like Lum

Editor’s note: The online poll referred to in the following two letters ferred asked the question whether readers had lost faith in the department’s ability to uphold public safety, not specifically faith in the police chief.

Mayor Bryan Baptiste has called for you to vote and remove K.C. Lum in his capacity as chief of police of the Kaua’i Police Department.

In an unofficial poll taken by The Garden Island newspaper, over 65 percent of the voters said they had confidence in the chief that he was doing an excellent job.

Why is the Mayor in such a rush to remove the chief? We have, for years, lived with a police department which has been embroiled in accusations of corruption, bribery and malfeasance. Now we have a chief who at last has begun the move to clean up our island, and due to a few disgruntled “Old Boys” who suddenly feel the pressure coming, the mayor bends to pressure and calls for his removal.

During the tenure of this mayor and council, we have had more lawsuits than any other period in our history. It is time to stop and listen to the people.

I ask you not to rush the mayor’s will. The people must be listened to. I also caution you that you are each personally liable for the actions you take. We have had enough of this corruption and the people will not hesitate to make each of you answer for your actions.

  • David Lindstrom

Our mayor has asked for the Police Commission to remove Police Chief K.C. Lum. The commission members are appointed to their positions by the mayor, so one would suppose that the commission will go along with the will of the mayor and remove an honest police chief who has only done good for the island and its citizens.

Where is democracy? An unofficial poll conducted by The Garden Island newspaper has stated that over 60 percent of the voters think Chief Lum is the right man for the position.

America is fighting to bring democracy to remote countries in the world and over 2200 fellow Americans have paid the ultimate price to bring freedom to the world. Is Kaua’i part of the United States or is it run by dictators who only feather their own beds to keep corruption here? Stand up fellow Kauaians, demand a fair hearing for the chief. Don’t let the Ivory Towers of county government take away your freedom. They have used your money to hire lawyers to fight your will on property tax relief; don’t let them get away with it again.

Remember the first words of The Constitution of the United States — “We The People …”

  • Eskel Ford

Letters aren’t for everyone

I have to weigh in defense of Mike Austin’s objection to the year long sermons that have usurped the small outlet available to residents for voicing island concerns. Basically, The Garden Island has isolated most of the island from participation in their newspaper.

If money talks … I have definitely saved coins on what used to be daily newspaper purchases for almost a year. I haven’t been interested in buying The Garden Island due to the egotistical want-to-show-what-they-know-pseudo- intellectual-want-to-be writers.

I’ve called The Garden Island and voiced my disgust for the unfair, space- wasting disregard of good rules of the former editor’s “letter to the editor” protocol. He saw to it that one letter a month per writer be submitted, that lengthy, monotonous, hot-air letters be edited or not printed and that writers don’t insult each other. There was also timely response and coordination of Letters pertaining to topics.

ters The Christensen, Saker and the rest of you that don’t seem to have a lot to do with your time — take your own advice and go to the library. Or if you came from the Mainland, e-mail your letters back there, because you are out of touch.

And, by the way, aren’t you, Christensen, writing a letter to the editor complaining about other letter writers to the editor, as you’re accusing Mike Austin of doing? Thanks, Mike Austin, for speaking up. There are critical issues here in Kaua’i that need to be tossed back and forth but don’t seem to be getting in the FORUM anymore.

An added thanks to Glen Mickens for relentlessly being the voice for thousands who adamantly oppose that unused encroachment called a “bike path”.

  • Elaine Dunbar

Koloa transpo letter, pointed

Three cheers for Walter Briant’s “letter to the editor” Feb. 7. Mr. Briant’s remarks are well stated, timely and to the point.

May I also be so succinct.

Kaua’i has an overall problem with common sense and objective planning.

Many will say transportation is a state problem and let it go at that. The same is said for education, housing, drugs, taxes, cost of energy … You name it. Lack of involvement and decision-making on a local level is what has created most of Kaua’i’s major problems.

It is time for local “civilian /private sector” monitoring and participation in the development and execution of plans for all areas of concern left to the state in all community areas of our island. Just imagine what three parents in each school complex area could accomplish by monitoring the policies of the DOE in revenues spent in areas of school maintenance, security, attendance and discipline, supplies and materials, etc, and then reporting those findings to the parents and residents in those complex areas. Once parents know what is happening, have the facts, then watch changes come about.

The same procedure could work for transportation, housing and energy.

Good work, Walter. Let’s get concerned citizens involved and informed as to how “our system” works, or does not work. The one thing restrictive/ despotic governments of any type fear the most is the truth and openness.

Open those doors, draw them blinds and let the sunshine in.

How is this accomplished? Elect officials that deal in truth, in the open and ficials in the sunshine. Get out and VOTE!

  • John Hoff

Befuddled over odd law

I find it strange that we have a motor vehicle law which allows passengers to ride, unbelted, in the bed of a pickup truck provided all of the seat belts in the cab are being used by other passengers. I should like to ask: Where are passengers more safe without being belted? … in the enclosed cab? .. or in the open bed of the pickup?

  • William Null

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