Letters for Thursday — January 19, 2006

• Time to say ‘ENOUGH’

• Impeach Bush vs investigate corruption

• Aloha, Dr. Sutherland

• Just vote no

Time to say ‘ENOUGH’

When I read about all the corruption, graft, campaign irregularities, influence peddling, and outright criminal activity of large numbers of congressmen, it just makes me nauseous. While you sit in your ivory towers, giving yourselves salary increases and retirement benefits that none of us normal citizens can even comprehend, our government is sinking into the sewer. Try existing on Social Security for a while; but no, that is below your elevated status to even contemplate.

When are some of you going to say ENOUGH, and take some action in Congress to punish those responsible, and clean up your house that has become a ——, I was going to say “pigsty,” but that would be an insult to the swine species.

The integrity of our government keeps sinking to new low levels and I haven’t heard a word about any action by you or any of your distinguished associates to stop the lobbying catastrophe that lines your pockets. Inaction against those responsible makes you just as guilty as the major players. Term limits would take care of many of the problems, but to expect you to pass, or even propose legislation for that is beyond your sacred moral status.

Of course, talking about coming elections with threats of voting for somebody else is ludicrous, because you, with all the others, have enough “Pork Barrel” recipients, and incumbent advantages, that the average citizen is in a hopeless situation to change things. Hopelessly yours…

  • Rich Hoeppner

Impeach Bush vs investigate corruption

Attn: Rep. Ed Case

Recently I wrote to urge you to look into impeaching President Bush and received a reply from you stating that while you don’t agree with some of the president’s actions, neither you nor the other members of Congress feel that the extreme nature of impeachment is needed at this time.

In retrospect I’m not surprised by your response, given that the House Ethics committee hasn’t found any action worthy of investigation in over a year! Since tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands have died in Afganistan and Iraq by our hands for lies drummed up by our government don’t count, torture of prisoners doesn’t count, and rampant corruption doesn’t count, can you please tell me what, in your books, would constitute actions requiring impeachment or investigation by the Ethics Committee?

Sometimes I think people in DC are so enmeshed in raising more money to get re-elected, not to mention so much corruption everywhere, that they are blind to how our government really looks and performs, not only to Americans but to the world.

Americans are suffering from a lack of domestic programs so we can continue to keep corporations and the wealthy happy and, most importantly, contributing, and all of us are suffering from our failed foreign policy. When will you think it’s time to take some corrective action?

  • Judie Hilke Lundborg

Aloha, Dr. Sutherland

I’m sure all of the former patients want to thank Dr. Neil Sutherland as he retires for his devoted care and practice for the past 28 years at the Kauai Medical Clinic. Not only did he offer highly skilled service, but he shared a rare quality of caring and compassion. Over and above his duties at the clinic, he volunteered his support and talents to Kaua’i Hospice and Malama Pono. We wish him the very best in his future years.

  • Frederick Wells

Just vote no

Please retain the system of checks and balances. Thank you for replacing the O’Connor opening with someone moderate. Thank you. Vote no with me to the question, “Should O’Connor’s replacement be more right wing?”

  • Laurel Francis

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