Letters for Wednesday — January 18, 2006

• More comments for Rusher

• How does one effect change?

• Don’t let Alito be accepted

• Where were the parents?

More comments for Rusher

What are scientists afraid of? Isaac Newton conceived of the universal law of gravitation. Because he was asked over and over again how he came up with it, he made up the mythical story that he thought of it when an apple fell on his head. Although Newton actually conceived of the theory after several years of hard work using one of the greatest minds of all time, he made up the apple tree story because he was tired of “stupid” people asking him questions when they did not have the capability of understanding the real answer. Scientists are not afraid as William Rusher in his article printed in the GI (1/6/06) suggests; they are tired of stupid people like William Rusher who are incapable of understanding even what a scientific theory is.

Scientists don’t “get a kick” out of discussing the theory of Intelligent Design as Rusher suggests they should because it is not a scientific theory. A scientific theory must be falsifiable, that is it must be capable of being proven false. One cannot falsify Intelligent Design. There is no experiment or fact that can prove it false, so it does not qualify as a scientific theory. One cannot prove the theory of the universal law of gravitation to be true. But scientists showed that theory was not quite correct in predicting the orbit of Mercury, so Einstein replaced it with the General Theory of Relativity. We don’t know that theory to be “true” but it explains a lot more than Newton’s theory of gravity.

Yes, scientists also take stupid people, who try to circumvent the scientific process to infiltrate their religion into the classroom, to court. Proponents of Intelligent Design were slapped soundly on the nose by the judge for being liars. Scientists will not confront “an interesting new theory” because Intelligent Design is not interesting, not new and, as I said, not a theory.

Rusher portrays scientists as atheists. For him one either believes in evolution or believes in God. I am a person of faith and believe in God as I am sure many scientists do. And I accept for now the theory of evolution because it has not been proven false and there is yet no better theory that explains so much of what we have today.

Proponents of Intelligent Design do not represent Christianity. As the liars they were found out to be they should be ashamed. They portray their beliefs as representative of Christian beliefs but they are not. They are pompous idiots that needed a slap on the nose for lying and trying to bring their religion into the classroom.

Of course there is a possibility that God exists and guided the development of the universe. So what? If they are right, there is nothing more to say in science class, because things will occur only if God wills it and will not occur if God doesn’t will it. And if they were able to prove God created the universe then their faith is no longer faith, for “faith is the evidence of things unseen.” They will destroy both faith and science by their ignorance.

  • Paul Kelley,

How does one effect change?

Often there are letters posted to the Opinion section from people complaining that people are complaining too much. They praise people who are writing kind, thankful letters, and castigate those that are indicating discontent with some aspect of the island.

I don’t quite understand this. How does one effect change if one isn’t ever welcome to point out what is wrong? I love the Opinion letters that are thanking people for acts of kindness and social responsibility; however, the issues people bring up as “complaint” letters are not useless diatribes. Not everyone is a “get out front and create a minirevolution” person. Perhaps the letters that people write will SPUR one of those people who is, though.

Perhaps the writers of these letters ARE that type of person, and are simply trying to gauge public support for their ideas.

When Pete Antonson writes “I am completely sure that these suggestions do not affect the people making them or require any sacrifice from them …,” well, I am pretty sure that he is wrong and definitely sure that he is not adding to the solution of any of the islands ills by discouraging people from speaking out. Are you actively doing anything about ANY of these problems, Pete? Or do you believe there are no problems to address?

It’s fine to give a logical criticism of the ideas people present, as that is how the ideas can become better, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to criticize people just for having an idea and trying to express it.

  • Michael Mann

Don’t let Alito be accepted

I am not wanting you to be defeated in the next election. However, I am hoping you will do ALL that you can to stop Alito from being accepted. I am so very discouraged by the way the senate, minority though it is, has not stood up more forcefully to this treacherous administration.

Alito is totally not an acceptable candidate. Please fillibuster and don’t let his acceptance happen.

  • Joan Levy

Where were the parents?

What happened at the community meeting held at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School cafeteria on Wednesday, Jan. 11? I was shocked to read that not ONE parent showed up. There should have been 500 people at that meeting.

I wonder…was it not on the calendar, or are our parents not worrying about the education of their children, or was it Maggie Cox? She stated twice that if there is anything she can do, that she would like to help. What has she done in the past year? She states that she was feeling her way around. One would think that she would know her way around if she was a past principal. She is now going to schedule two more meetings. Why? It is a waste of electricity and DOE member’s time if no parents show up. Soon she will be spending five days a week on O’ahu. What does that leave for her time on Kaua’i — zero! I would like to hear of her action plans and what she is doing to help the education of our kids. Does she know that there are scholarships and grants out there to help the kids and teachers?

It would be a big help if Maggie would offer up a weekly account of what she is doing rather than hold meetings where no parent shows. I am proud of the 12 DOE members who showed up on Jan. 11. You’re dedicated to the kids of Kaua’i. Mahalo for your time and effort.

  • Stewart Burley

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