Big Moon, Big Fish

LIHU‘E — The fishermen’s adage of “Big Moon, Big Fish” held true as the Lihu‘e Fishing Supply Shoreline Jackpot saw a whopping 80-pound ulua take the top purse in that category, and at least four ulua that topped the 50-pound mark.

Robin Bihm brought in the 80.45-pound ulua to the Sunday weigh-in at Kalena Park to the awe of spectators who collected early for the viewing.

The Big Moon theory held true as Dean Iwai and Richard Cortez, Sr. each submitted kahala that topped the 39-pound mark, Iwai winning the 5 Pounds and Over Others class with a 39.7-pound fish, edging out Cortez by .55 pound.

That same Big Moon theory fell apart in the Papio division, though, as Shaun Yasay took the top money on an 8.15-pounder.

Nicolai Barca may have had to find a ride in to the weigh-in, but the effort was definitely worth it as the youngster pocketed the top money in the Moi category.

More youngsters capitalized on the good fishing weekend as Makana Martinez took the top prize in the Freshwater division with a 3.25-pound tucanare.

A special Barracuda class was taken by Michael Valmoja with a 2.15-pounder, the kaku being a lucky fish for the founder of Lihu‘e Fishing Supply.

In addition to the competition, there was lots of refreshments and fellowship including a special survey being done by Rodney Izuo of Izuo Brothers, a wholesale fishing supplier.

Following are the results of the Sunday weigh-in:


Shaun Yasay 8.15, Harold Fernandez 6.5, Tony Belarmino 4.85, Kerry Yokoyama 4.75, Ricky Oyama 4.75, Floyd Sugimura 3.45, Ken Lum, Sr. 3.4, Fish Rames 3.1, Shiler Sugimura 3, Gordon Yoki 2.95, Caleb Dreier 2.95, Raymond Salazar 2.8, Junicio Cacal 2.6, Kekoa Cacal 2.6, Daniel Miyasato 2.25, Wade Takemoto 1.9, Patrick Henriques 1.8, Mathew Kaluahine 1.5, Jay Flores 1.05, Cody Abigania (11.5 yrs) 0.75, Kalen Iwai (8 yrs) 0.7.


Robin Bihm 80.45, Aaron Saiki 66, James Chamerlain 65.55, Bradda Martin 62.9, Michael Valmoja 48.65, Randy Miyashiro 42.5, Shaun Yasay 40.75, Shawne Baliaris 35.4, Wade Takemoto 34.75, Ken Lardizabel 30.7, Clayton Ancheta 28.18, Eddie Tacub 27.2, Elden Nakashima 19.8,Kerry Yokoyama 14.6.


Dustin Martinez (tuc) 3.25,Dane Kua (tuc) (13) 3, Branden Masuda (tuc) 2.45, Aaron Kua (tuc) (12) 2.4, Herman Kua (tuc) 2.3, Rishawn Watson 1.7.


Patrick Henriques 7.7, Brandon Fujioka 7.5, Kevin Adolfo 6.65, Ken Lum, Sr. 6.3, Jerry Albarado 6.2, Kenneth Taniguchi 4.8, Mike Perlas 4.55, Fish Rames 3.85, Gordon Yokoi 3.55, Michael Valmoja 2.55, Eddie Tacub 2.4, Bryson Higashi 2.35, Thomas Texeira 1.95, Ricky Oyama 1.85, Diana Carvalho 1.45, Tony Belarmino 1.45, Kerry Yokoyama 1.35, Christopher Pascua 1.3.


Nicolai Barca 3, Christopher Pascua 2.8, Douglas Moises 2.2, Michael Valmoja 2.05, Ricky Oyama 1.65, Mike Teruya 1.65, Fish Rames 1.6, Ken Lum, Sr. 1.55, Michael Iwai 1.55, Wade Takemoto 1.45, Sherry Cacal 1.2, Al Magno 1.15, Junicio Cacal 1.05, Kevin Adolfo 1, Mathew Kaluahine 1, Kekoa Cacal 1,


Michael Valmoja 2.15, Jarret Fujioka 1, Nicolai Barca 0.9.

Others Under 5 lbs.

Elden Nakashima (nenue) 4.9, Jerry Albarado (nenue) 4.8, Royden Yokoi (nenue) 4.55, Floyd Sugimura (stickfish) 4.2, John Tangalin (nenue) 4.2, Shiler Sugimura (stickfish) 4.15, Douglas Moises (uhu) 3.9, Kirk Mabini (nenue) 3.9, Tony Belarmino (nenue) 3.85, Kevin Pongasi (kala) 3.8, Danilo Caberto (palani) 3.75, Silver Remigio (nenue) 3.65, Aaron Yoshimitsu (uhu) 2.95, Randy Miyashiro (hinalea) 2.95, Raymond Salazar (stickfish) 2.6, Kalen Iwai (nenue) 2.55, Michael Iwai (nenue) 2.5, Michael Valmoja (barracuda) 2.15, Dean Iwai (nenue) 2.1, Patrick Henriques (perch) 2.05, Tanya Rames (11-Lai) 1.9, Buddy Higashi (perch) 1.65, Jay Flores (palani) 1.45, Daniel Miyasato (perch) 1.35, Philip Villanueva (perch) 1.15, Preston K. Reyes, Jr. (nenue) 1.05, Angeli Peneyra (nenue) 1.05, Jarret Fujioka (Barracuda) 1, Caleb Dreier (perch) 0.95, Nicholai Barca (barracuda) 0.9, Wayne Bonilla (perch) 0.9, Collins Medeiros (perch) 0.8, Junicio Cacal (rockfish) 0.8, Kekoa Cacal (kumu) 0.8, Mathew Kaluahine (perch) 0.7.

Others 5 lbs. And over

Dean Iwai (kahala) 39.7, Richard Cortez Sr. (kahala) 39.15, Kevin Pongasi (kahala) 10.5, Tom Schaffer (65-stickfish) 6.05.


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