Roundup lawsuits move forward

A U.S. judge gave the green light to lawsuits alleging the weed killer Roundup caused cancer Tuesday, allowing expert testimony linking the herbicide to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Sharks on the air

Sharks are getting more air time on NatGeo Go Wild and some of the footage in the newest episode set to premier Sunday was shot by Terry Lilley of Kauai.

All clear to rescue

Rescue tubes save lives, but some have been leery of using them or hosting one on their property because of a liability potential should an ocean rescue attempt go wrong.

Waiting on work

It could be months before reconstruction starts on Hanalei’s Weke Road — the sinkhole is still there and the road is still closed after April floods wiped it out.

The plastic problem

Kauai is like a net in the Pacific Ocean, catching the world’s trash as it spirals out of the Pacific Gyre. And that’s not the only garbage that’s accumulating on the island.

Get involved

The county Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division is putting together a community advisory group for its upcoming 10-year update of the county’s solid waste plan. If you would like to be involved, call the office at 241-4839.

Seeking balance at a North Shore gem

Gov. David Ige says he thinks it’s a good idea to try and start construction on the new plan for Haena State Park while post-flood restoration work is ongoing on the North Shore. But a few steps need to be accomplished before the state can break ground on the project that would limit capacity to 900 visitors per day and create more facilities in the park.

Local food gets a leg up

Hawaii’s local food production just got a boost from the federal government and there could be more support to come if the 2018 farm bill passes through Capitol Hill.