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Queen’s Bath is a deadly beauty

Effervescent bubbles float through Queen’s Bath, interrupting pristine views of tropical fish every time a wave crests the lava rock that separates the deep pool from the ocean on Kauai’s North Shore.

Be prepared, responsible, and survive

While unguarded ocean areas like Queen’s Bath at Princeville are dangerous, the highly populated places on Kauai are deadly as well. Poipu Beach, for instance, has the highest drowning ratio on the island — 41 people drowned there from 1970 to 2012, according to Chuck Blay, who researched the subject.

Albizia cleared from 40 acres of KCC land

Forty acres of albizia trees have been cleared from the Kauai Community College campus, adding to the island’s green energy, improving views of Mount Waialeale and making room for the college’s agricultural programs.

Chamber supports nene delisting

The federal government might remove nene from the endangered species list and the Kauai Chamber of Commerce is reminding everyone to comment on the proposal before it’s too late.