‘The whales need our help’

Eighteen months ago, Kiah Abendroth moved to Kauai. Saturday, joined by three others in an impromptu performance, she played her trumpet — for the whales.

Patience needed for Kuhio Highway repairs, opening

It’s been nearly nine months since much of Kuhio Highway on the North Shore of Kauai was destroyed in the April flooding disaster. And to the dismay of many, that key section of vehicle travel remains closed to the general public, and will be for several more months.

A good man, big heart

The first song Carl James “Malani” Bilyeu wrote after he and his wife Crystal were together was “King James Bible Believer.” Friday afternoon at the Kauai Veterans Center, Crystal Bilyeu sang that song at her husband’s funeral.

Welcome to Broadway

Kauai Voices will present “Broadway, Baby!,” an evening of timeless and cherished songs from Broadway musicals, this January and February in venues across the island.

Fast start in new year

When Nancy Vaughn finished the Resolution Run on Saturday, she may have summed things up well for the 250 people who came out. “This was an awesome start to the year, a 5K to kick it off,” she said.

Aloha is what binds us together

Our former mayor, Bernard Carvalho Jr., was big on aloha. He preached it. He lived it. He led the county government by it. His trademark, “Aloooooooooha” always opened his remarks. And if you had a chance to spend any time with Carvalho, you knew the aloha was genuine.