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Da Shadow: Kealia and Kaehulua roads

Jerome Freitas, a retired state Department of Transportation worker who is now better known as Da Shadow, since 2004 has been meeting with government representatives about problems he has discovered or that have been reported to him, and reporting the county’s responses.

Da Shadow: KPAL building, Niumalu Beach Park

There are old cement footings with exposed metal screws that appear to have been for an old gas orpropane tank outside of the building. Can the county please look into removing this safety hazard?

Da Shadow: Lihue Boys & Girls Club clubhouse

We were notified in December 2017 that the Boys & Girls Club was in the process of securing fundraising to improve the abandoned building across Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall. What is the status of these efforts?

Da Shadow: Police signage, food trucks on Rice Street

When driving through Kapaa, signage is needed to indicate the location of the Kauai Police Department Kapaa substation at the old Kapaa Armory. Are there any plans to put a sign up to help people locate the substation? As a suggestion, a sign near the Kahau Road entrance would be a good location. Please also consider installing speed-limit signs and crosswalks on this road as a matter of safety for pedestrians.

Da Shadow: Potholes

When is Omao Road scheduled to be repaved or repaired? The road has numerous large potholes that make it very unsafe for motorists.