HOOSER: Kaua‘i last in numbers of women on council

At the risk of entering the volatile realm of so-called “identity politics,” below is a male/female breakdown of those holding elected office at the state and county levels in Hawai‘i. The gender identification is drawn from references contained within the official county and state websites.

HOOSER: Union leaders push for roll-call vote

The price of poker just went up in the state House. The tension in that big square building on Beretania Street is palpable as 51 representatives are being put in a position of choosing which side they are on.

HOOSER: Political labels and the man under the bridge

A “radical centrist” is how I’ve recently taken to describing myself and my politics. Needless to say, I’ve taken flack from progressive friends on the left who see centrists as the enemy, blue dogs and regressive corporatists in hiding.

HOOSER: Respecting workers, employed and unemployed

Today on O‘ahu, representatives from dozens of community organizations are gathering at the State Capitol in a demonstration of support and solidarity with workers, both the unemployed and those on the front-lines working in stores, restaurants and offices everywhere.

HOOSER: Coco Palms ‘defilement’ must stop

I awoke the other morning angry and thinking about the ongoing desecration occurring at the bottom of the hill. I’ve been driving by that place every day for the past 40 years. Since 1992 it has been a total wreck. The weeds grow tall, the buildings sit in what seems like a perpetual state of semi-demolishment, and every few years there are fires.

HOOSER: Abolish the ADC – Support the Auditor

The state auditor recently completed a long-awaited audit of the operations of the state Agribusiness Development Corporation, declaring: “We found that ADC has done little — if anything — to facilitate the development of agricultural enterprises…the ADC has yet to develop an agribusiness plan…ADC did not follow the state procurement process…the ADC has yet to provide the necessary leadership to facilitate the transition of agricultural lands…after almost 30 years since its creation.”

HOOSER: Nothing to fear except the rabbit hole

Today is a big day in policy and politics. Actually, they don’t get much bigger than this. The President of the United States is being sworn into office, and it’s the opening day of the Hawaii Legislature.

HOOSER: Bigotry and violence have no place

The images of recent violence and the storming of the Capitol in Washington D.C. are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Unfortunately and very sadly, threats of future and imminent violence have also arrived even here in Hawaii.

HOOSER: Hawaii frontline workers deserve a raise

Pandemic or no pandemic, minimum wage workers in numerous states, cities and counties across the United States will be receiving a raise this year. According to recent news reports in The Hill: “Twenty states and dozens of localities increased their minimum wage on January 1, 2021, giving a financial boost to many frontline workers during the pandemic.”

HOOSER: On winning a local election in 2022

Seems so obvious but to my friends who are thinking about running for election in 2022, please remember that elections are decided by the people who show up at the polls.