HOOSER: Making democracy work. We need you in 2022.

As 2021 draws to a close, I think not so much about the coming holidays but more about the work being done in Congress, by our County Council, and in the coming legislative session that opens on Jan. 19, followed oh-so-quickly by the primary election Aug. 13.

HOOSER: Bill No. 2491, 8 years later

The story of Bill No. 2491, about how the people of Kaua‘i went to battle against the largest chemical companies in the world, is too long, too complex and too intense to tell in 600 words. If you’re interested, consider watching the documentary film “Poisoning Paradise,” free on Amazon Prime.

HOOSER: The truth about vote-trading

Recently, I wrote a column in which I suggested that President Joe Biden should “Give them (those who are blocking the Build Back Better legislation) a freeway, an airport, a rail system or maybe a football stadium. Name an aircraft carrier, battleship or destroyer after them. Just cut the deal.”

HOOSER: Hoping for a quick return to normalcy

COVID numbers once again are on the decline! Hopefully, sometime soon, we can return to normalcy, gather again in groups with friends and family, eat out more frequently, and perhaps even testify in person before our government officials.

HOOSER: Hating on each other is not helpful

It’s time to take a deep breath, I think. Perhaps a second and a third are also in order. I would suggest taking a “chill pill,” but unfortunately too many are probably already headed down this path of self-medication. And the situation is not the least bit funny.

HOOSER: Time to put health over politics

We must keep our eye on the prize. This COVID thing must end or normalize at some point in the not-too-distant future. To be clear, by “normalize” I don’t mean we accept a pandemic that returns to overcrowded hospitals, shortages of ventilators and more deaths.

HOOSER: Kaua‘i last in numbers of women on council

At the risk of entering the volatile realm of so-called “identity politics,” below is a male/female breakdown of those holding elected office at the state and county levels in Hawai‘i. The gender identification is drawn from references contained within the official county and state websites.