Under the guise of civility

As newly elected legislators at all levels begin taking office, it is important to remind everyone that robust debate and holding our politicians accountable is critical to a healthy democracy.

Prayers, politics and policy – Thanksgiving thoughts

I think taking one day per year and dedicating it to being thankful is a good idea. Actually, I wake up most mornings just being thankful for being alive, thankful for my good health, for my wonderful family, and for being able to do the work that I do.

Choosing the chair – Whose bias do you prefer?

Today being the first post-election meeting of the Kauai County Council is sure to be non-eventful on its surface. But the sub-currents are no doubt running strong, even as the winners are gracious and the losers act like all is OK.

An open letter to the newly elected

First of all a congratulations is in order for the winners. Whether or not I personally voted or supported, or perhaps even opposed your election, you won fair and square and I congratulate you for that achievement. And now you represent, all of us.

Deadline to vote is TODAY!

Today and every day (except Sunday) between now and Nov. 3, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Kauai residents can walk in and vote in Lihue at the Historic County Annex Building, 4386 Rice Street, directly next to where the County Council meets weekly.