An important opportunity on Kaua‘i

20140129-1234 CTY HELOS Army is continuing to practice landing its helicopters on Navy ships to make itself more versatile in the Pacific during a Navy exercise called Koa Kai, which also involves the Marines. Our day starts with a Lear jet flight from Hickam Air Force Base to the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) on Kauai, then a helicopter, a S61N (a commercial Sea King) ride and landing and taking off on the destroyers USS Halsey and USS Chosen, that are positioned in the Pacific Ocean off Kauai. After returning to the PMRF from the destroyers USS Halsey and Chosen and after observing army helicopter pilots go through a pre-flight inspections on their helicopters, we take off in a blackhawk helicopter on a live fire training mission over the ocean. After the live fire training mission, we fly over the PMRF on our way to the Lihue airport to refuel for our trip back to Schofield Barracks on Oahu. PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA. JAN. 29, 2014.

2013 December 20 - CTY MIL - Aegis Ashore at PMRF aerial. Courtesy of “Lehner, Richard CIV MDA/PA” for wcole sunday story

As the Commanding Officer at Pacific Missile Range Facility, I want to highlight an important opportunity that is happening right now for everyone here on Kaua‘i.