KPD airport gun incident details emerge

Courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration

The X-ray image of Kaua‘i Police Department Deputy Chief Stan Olsen’s 9mm Glock handgun, discovered at a Lihu‘e Airport Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, is seen in documents obtained from TSA.

Courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration

Kaua‘i Police Department Deputy Chief Stan Olsen’s loaded, department-issued handgun was found in his carry-on baggage at Lihu‘e Airport.


Stan Olsen is the Kaua‘i Police Department’s deputy chief.

LIHU‘E — A Kaua‘i Police Department deputy chief said a “brain fart” led to him to leave a loaded handgun in his carry-on backpack while going through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at Lihu‘e Airport security, according to new documents obtained by The Garden Island.

A TSA report provided through a Freedom of Information Act request details the April 8 incident, which began when Stan Olsen’s bag was flagged at the counter checkpoint about 6:40 a.m. as he was about to board a flight to Las Vegas.

A TSA agent notified the lead transportation security officer of an item that appeared to resemble a handgun in Olsen’s backpack.

“I asked (the passenger) if he had a firearm in his bag and he replied ‘No,’” the LTSO wrote in his report.

The LTSO then unzipped the backpack, revealing Olsen’s KPD-issued firearm, a 9mm semi-automatic Glock handgun.

“I stated to him, ‘There is a gun in here,’” the LTSO wrote.

“He replied that he forgot it was in there and that he should have known better.”

Law enforcement officers from Allied Universal responded and took custody of the firearm, which was loaded with nine bullets. There was no round in the chamber.

After discussion with the Federal Security Director Janel Chang, Allied Universal officers declined to cite Olsen and let him off with a verbal warning, informing him that the incident was “unacceptable,” and that any future incident would result in a stiffer penalty. He was allowed to continue on his flight and was informed that the weapon would be given back upon his return.

The report says that Olsen was apologetic and compliant with TSA and law enforcement. He reported that he uses the backpack for work and forgot he was storing his gun in a small outer pocket — referring to the incident as a “brain fart” and saying that he was “being a dumbass” for not checking his bag.

The TSA clarified Tuesday that the decision by Allied Universal not to issue a citation is separate from TSA’s own procedure and they may still issue a fine.

The recommended TSA civil penalty for a loaded firearm found at a security checkpoint begins at $3,000, and can be more than $10,000.

The incident has become the subject of two complaints filed with the Kaua‘i Police Commission, which were discussed in the executive session of their May 27 meeting. The first, apparently addressed at Olsen, alleges a KPD officer attempted to pass a concealed weapon through a security checkpoint, and the second alleges that another officer “provided special and preferential treatment” in this case.

It is unclear who the second complaint refers to because the full text of the two complaints was not made public by the county Office of Boards and Commissions due to “significant privacy interests” and the fact that the release could “frustrate its ability to effectively investigate and address employee misconduct.”

Members of the State of Hawai‘i Organization of Police Officers have pushed KPD Chief Todd Raybuck to issue stronger disciplinary action against the deputy chief.

“The chief’s inaction created a clear double standard, one standard for officers who work in the field and another for those that don’t,” said SHOPO Kaua‘i Chapter Chair Kennison Nagahisa in a statement to The Garden Island.

“We hope the Kaua‘i Police Commission upholds its oversight responsibility and investigates these complaints thoroughly and take appropriate action. Doing so would assist in restoring our recent lost confidence in the Kaua‘i Police Commission to adequately oversee the chief of police. All that this complaint seeks is equal accountability from the top to the bottom of KPD.”

Olsen is a recent addition to the KPD, appointed to his position by Raybuck in August 2021 after 35 years of law enforcement experience in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Following his retirement from LVMPD in 2007, Olsen was appointed to serve as a Nevada state senator for 2010.

KPD announced shortly after the incident that they would launch an internal investigation to determine if department policies were violated. They did not provide an update on the status of this investigation Wednesday.


Guthrie Scrimgeour, reporter, can be reached at 647-0329 or

This story has been edited to clarify the circumstances around Allied Univeral’s decision not to cite Olsen.

  1. LMat June 9, 2022 7:56 am Reply

    TGI, thank you for following up on this incident. We need more investigative reporting on these kinds of issues as so much of it gets swept under the rug here.
    The loss of confidence in the police commission as well as KPD as a whole is definitely NOT a recent development, exactly because of incidents like these, and the non-existent repercussions that follow. And every time we hear the same thing… it’s an “ongoing investigation”. We’re so sick of hearing that. Hold people accountable!!! Maybe then you’ll gain enough trust back to be able to actually solve crimes here, i.e. the countless unsolved murders that have happened over the years, a few fairly recently. Because this is a tiny island, people know things, but no one trusts the cops enough to talk.

  2. SOUTHSIDE Sally June 9, 2022 11:05 am Reply

    Talk about a double standard!! Can you imagine what would happen to ANYONE else who tried to take a LOADED gun through airport security??? Exceedingly fined and maybe even jailed. Who has a LOADED gun in their backpack and seemingly doesn’t know it? That is insane. Hope is that the police commission uses their rightful authority to see that this unacceptable incident gets more than a slap on the wrist and a “don’t do that again”! Yikes.

  3. Leone Solurson June 9, 2022 3:51 pm Reply

    Kpd get your #$% together. You racist criminals! There should be a minimum IQ requirement of 85 points to get hired like in the military.

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