Letters for Sunday, November 21, 2021

Both parties guilty of running up deficit

Hi Molly Jones. Like myself, you are one of humor and seriousness at the same time. Regarding deficit spending and your “gone bonkers” poke at the Democrats, did you feel the same way to the Republicans when in 2017 they took a deficit of around $500 billion and increased it to nearly $2 trillion? Repubs were the party of balanced budgets, but what’s a little hypocrisy? Maybe deficit spending doesn’t matter anymore?

I do think you’re on to something about very-large stimulus checks, just not a billion dollars and not for everyone. No need for the ultra-millionaires and billionaires. Maybe at a cap of $5 million in wealth and with a population of 330 million, only spending around $300 million. Much less than $300 billion.

And then what about that runaway inflation? With what I understand about inflation, it’s a supply-and-demand issue. I might not get this one right, but if the demand isn’t there, wouldn’t prices come down? As a society, we buy a lot, and we have to have a new phone after a year. Be careful of advertising. In some languages, the word means “caution” or “warning.”

OK, one final bit. You’re right about no more complaining about not having enough money. But there’s probably a subject or two that will be complained about. That is until climate change swallows us up because we didn’t spend enough money and didn’t quit burning liquified dinosaurs.

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e

Our legal system is broken

I don’t know which makes me madder, allowing the county prosecutor to require a half a million in taxpayer dollars to be spent on a special election because he was the beneficiary of a poorly drawn employment contract, or some out-of-state thug bringing an assault rifle into Wisconsin, killing two people with it, then walking away a free man. The American legal system is broken!

Raley Peterson, Waimea

Way to go, Chan/Zuckerberg

Very good on Chan/Zuckerberg for donating big bucks for Menehune Fishpond preservation and affordable housing.


I still don’t like Facebook policy re: suppressing information about COVID-19 vaccine problems, but what the hey! Can’t have everything.

Molly Jones, Kealia

Solid-waste plan needs to consider climate change

How we deal with solid waste affects climate change. Constructing new products such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles out of virgin materials requires much more energy than using recycled materials.

Options such as incineration of our solid waste means that new cans and bottles will have to be made from virgin materials. In contrast, curbside recycling would preserve those materials for reuse.

The county’s 2021, 10-year, Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan needs to include climate change as a top priority for the physical, economic and environmental health of our island.

John Patt, Koloa

  1. Zchechuan November 21, 2021 12:28 am Reply

    I wonder how the legal system fares up with the legislative system. Politicians who come away with signing bills into law, then makes people wonder if they made in money signing that bill into law. As for legal system, the legislative system are full of lawyers and also running politics. They’re coming away with something too. But a million dollars, just by signing a bill into law? I don’t know about that. But at the state capitol I think the millionaires are the lawyers that come away with big money after they sign a bill into law, that affects the entire community. I sure would like to know who are these millionaire lawyers are in Hawai’i. But they’re there. And into politics too. But I just don’t know who they are. They are some where behind the scenes, in the state capitol, and working. But who?

    They never make themselves known to the public. If they did, they’d be a politician and a very rich one too. I sure would like to undertake this research. Who are the millionaire lawyers at the state capital working? As a politician, if they got elected. They’d look like the average guy, but for the porsche and nice looking car always parked in the top floor and closest to his office. If you find out who these guys are, well let the blog know too.

    This is a worthwhile venture too. Finding out who the rich boys are at the state capitol.

  2. Zchechuan November 21, 2021 1:03 am Reply

    I think also that guy Zuckerberg has a millionaire firm because of his invention he made, Facebook. This came out in 2006 or 2007. You’ve seen it. It has a real name to your profile. And you can post pictures, biographies, stories about yourself, or what you did over the past few days or years. And make a story of it. If you have a Facebook account, great. They’re for the socialites. Social people only are welcomed. No one who is shy may enter. I had one, but I closed it twice. And I opened it up again, doing nothing. But that is all. I only see my classmates on there from high school. So this gets really boring and I don’t use it any more. It is just sitting there doormat.

    I don’t really like it because I see a lot of my classmates from high school there. And it is a social club at best. I told them all what I thought. The most the facebook administrators can do is suspend a person for being unkind. Well I once described how I’d like to crash Hawaiian airlines airplane into the Pacific ocean and destroying UH sports team along the way. I went on facebook describing how I intend to do this. At the same time what would be the results of this? All 243 people onboard, dying. The worst case scenario they came up with was suspending me for 2 weeks with out use of Facebook. That was it. So I am still on it and have not used it in years. It is still there. So Facebook is real. They’ll give you the service if you like that kind of usage to an account, it’s there too.

    Facebook, good and also junk. All depends on your need for it. Otherwise, okay.

  3. Wethepeople November 21, 2021 9:19 am Reply

    Mark Perry is right, almost. The budget deficit in 2017 was less than $500 Billion, it went up a slight amount in 2018 due to the Military, Economy and other emergencies our nation had that needed fixing due to the political incompetence of his predecessors. The deficit did go up a little more in 2019 because of the lowering of taxes on everyone in every tax bracket, but it stimulated the economy so Blacks, Hispanics, and Women had their lowest unemployment numbers in History! It was incredible for America! Businesses were booming and prices of consumer products and gas plummeted dramatically through competition! The Budget Deficit went up slightly in 2020 because President Trump built up our Military that had been nearly rendered useless because of Obama’s incompetence. It was the Pandemic spending in early 2019 and all of 2020 that exploded the deficit to a little over $2 Trillion. It was the Pandemic, and Pandemic alone, that was responsible for the explosion of the deficit in 2020! It had nothing to do with the political party in office!
    Facts do matter!

  4. k November 21, 2021 11:40 am Reply

    Hey Raley, if you do not believe in our justice system, please leave for another country. There is a new word in the dictionary as of yesterday: rittenhoused: to remove miscreants and criminals permanently from the gene pool. Self defense is a right of all US citizens. PS, never bring a skateboard to a knife or gunfight!

  5. RGG November 21, 2021 12:40 pm Reply

    Raley Peterson of Waimea can’t even get basic facts correct regarding Kyle Rittenhouse. For starters, Kyle’s father and numerous other relatives live in Kenosha Wisconsin, Kyle & his mother live one mile south of Wisconsin in Antioch, Illinois, in total a 20-mile drive. When you take into consideration that Raley Peterson of Waimea lives 23.8 miles outside of Lihue this distance is not unique.
    Kyle did not transport the rifle to Kenosha Wisconsin, it was already there and even if it wasn’t he could legally take it over state lines.
    Kyle donated time & effort to make the areas he frequented better places, hardly the endeavors of a thug.
    Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old minor was attacked by four adult men ages 26, 27, 36 & 39. Let’s quickly examine the people Raley Peterson of Waimea is so concerned about.
    Joseph Rosenbaum, the Pedophile child rapist of little boys between 5 to 11 years old amongst numerous other offenses. His attempt to touch & harm a 17-year-old minor failed.
    Anthony Huber, swinger of the 11-pound sharp edge skateboard striking Rittenhouse in his head. Baseball bats average up to 3 pounds & have long been considered a deadly weapon used upon people. Huber is convicted of domestic violence in a plea deal he took to avoid being charged with strangulation and suffocation, and false imprisonment — all felonies.
    Gaige Grosskreutz has criminal records including drunk driving, felony burglary & domestic violence crimes for attacks on his grandmother & girlfriend.
    Maurice Freeland, aka “Jump Kick Man” is a convicted felon with 45 offenses over a 21-year criminal history.
    Kyle Rittenhouse who had no criminal history fired at all four of these men, hitting 3, missing Freeland while not hitting anyone but those attacking him.
    Remember Kyle Rittenhouse never attacked anyone, retreated when confronted until retreating was unsustainable & only then fired his weapon.
    Use of deadly force…
    Deadly force means that force which a reasonable person would consider likely to cause death or serious bodily harm. Its use may be justified only under conditions of extreme necessity, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed. (b) Additional Considerations Involving Firearms. If it becomes necessary to use a firearm, the following precautions shall be observed:
    (1) A warning, e.g. an order to halt, shall be given, if feasible, before a shot is fired.
    (2) Warning shots shall not be fired.
    Raley Peterson of Waimea has sympathy and/or empathizes with lawless violent career criminals yet finds Kyle Rittenhouse’s good deeds, legal movements to visit relatives 20 miles away over the state line & legal possession & the use of firearms offensive.
    It makes one ponder who Raley Peterson of Waimea associates with.

  6. Rampartview November 21, 2021 3:23 pm Reply

    Raley Peterson…I also agree that the legal system is broken but so are your facts! The “Thug” that you refer to lives in Wisconsin. The rifle (and not an assault rifle but an AR 15 was in Wisconsin and not brought over state lines at least by Rittenhouse. He was attacked by the three people that he shot and in defense of his life. All three were white.
    I am sure you can find a lot more lies to publicize but give the kid a break will you.

  7. YuCalJoe November 21, 2021 4:21 pm Reply

    Climate change is solid waste. Done.

  8. Khsgrad November 21, 2021 6:18 pm Reply

    Yes, a special elections costs a lot of money. However, hopefully Kauai doesn’t forget what the previous PA cost the taxpayers of Kauai in lawsuits and settlements for unprofessional conduct. Choose wisely when voting; don’t allow a repeat….

    1. Federalist101 November 23, 2021 4:21 pm Reply

      In regards to wethepeople and Mark Perry…..deficits have been run up by both parties in essence, to buy your vote. That makes an excellent case to lean to a Libertarian way of thinking. Milton Freidman simplified the definition of inflation in that it is defined as too much money chasing too few goods. This portends a scary thought if we pass the huge spending bill….way too many dollars floating around with a relative scarcity of product.

  9. good eh November 21, 2021 8:05 pm Reply

    Yes, the legal system is broke. Just like last summer during the “peaceful protest” when “peaceful protesters” were let off scott free with no charges, but……during this trial, the justice system worked. I don’t know what trial you watched but the evidence speak for itself.

  10. YuCalJoe November 22, 2021 5:01 am Reply

    Legal system broken? No. The mental disorder of the some that believe rioting is good is the problem.

  11. Rampartview November 22, 2021 5:46 am Reply

    The facts that are stated by Raley Peterson are way wrong. The misstatement of such facts are a big problem that causes the divide that we have today. Check the facts please:
    1. Kyle Rittenhouse’s home town is in fact Kenosha…he is not some out of state thug that came into town to kill people
    2. The AR15 rifle…semi-automatic was not brought into Wisconsin from out of state but in fact was borrowed from a friend that lived in Kenosa.
    3. The man was being attacked by armed men when he shot two of them and being hit over the head with a skate board when he shot the other. He was indeed in fear for his life. This is not hearsay evidence but from video that the media refuses to show.
    4. All of those shot were white people, not people of color!

  12. Jjjames November 22, 2021 11:44 pm Reply

    The 6th amendment of our constitution provides us with the right to be tried and judged by a jury of our peers. NOT by the new media nor by elected officials.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! You’re listening to “Fake News” and down right lies.

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