55 new cases, jail cluster Tuesday

LIHU‘E — In its highest single-day reported case count, Tuesday, the state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office reported 55 new cases of COVID-19.

This includes 32 cases linked to a cluster at Kaua‘i Community Correctional Center.

According to the state Department of Public Safety, of 125 inmates tested, 31 were positive and 94 were negative. One KCCC staff employee also tested positive.

“The Hawai‘i Department of Health is conducting contact tracing and investigation, but it is safe to say that the preliminary cause appears to be from the rapid community spread across our state,” DPS Deputy Director for Corrections Tommy Johnson said in a statement.

“PSD is doing everything in its power to mitigate community spread into the facilities and will continue to follow the pandemic plan which is based on DOH and Centers for Disease Control guidelines for correctional facilities.”

All inmate movement in and out of the facility is suspended, and testing will continue.

“The announcement today of a cluster at our correctional facility is concerning. Thirty-two of the community-acquired cases announced today are associated with this cluster,” said DOH Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman.

“The DOH is working closely with the Department of Public Safety to take appropriate measures to protect workers and inmates and to limit further spread. The investigation is ongoing, and the case count is likely to increase in the coming days. We know from statewide experience that (outbreaks at) correctional facilities spread quickly and are challenging to contain. Mahalo to those inmates and staff who are already vaccinated.”

Of the 55 cases reported island-wide, two are visitors and 53 are residents.

Four of the new cases are children and 51 are adults. Ten cases are travel-associated, seven mainland and three interisland.

The remaining 45 cases are considered community-acquired. Five of the community-acquired infections are close contacts of previously announced cases and 32 are tied to a new cluster identified at KCCC.

The remaining eight community-acquired cases have no known source of infection.

Tuesday’s cases bring the number of active cases to 146, with four hospitalized, and 777 cumulative cases.

Kaua‘i’s cumulative case count includes 723 confirmed locally, eight probable, and 46 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, as they received their pre-travel test results after arriving on island.


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  1. curious dog August 10, 2021 8:20 pm Reply

    How many ICU beds are currently available out of the 9? This does not bode well for our little garden isle & its residents.

    Please ask our Mayor what parameters are being used to dictate Tier levels. It would be nice to know where we sit should someone require medical attention that is unrelated to Covid & all the beds are taken. Who will be flown out & where will they go?

    Has the Mayor & Board discussed this w/in the past year? TGI, you have some homework to do.

    1. CommonSenseish August 11, 2021 4:04 pm Reply

      I’m tired of the tourists… I call for shutting the island down again. Hey, it will give those people that are still collecting unemployment (for no reason) an excuse to keep collecting.

  2. Jsimons August 11, 2021 12:01 am Reply

    I was a close contact with someone that tested positive.so of coarse I did what iam supposed to tested even though I v and up negative in decided the safest thing for myself my coworkers was to stay at home and quarantine. I got the coldest response from coworkers .why would anyone look at that in a bad way iam protecting them. I really. Am amazed at. Grown aduldts acting. Like this.grow up kauai we are dealing with an international pandeamic. Against all of us we need to be supportive not judgemental or hurtful.

    1. LWhite August 11, 2021 1:06 pm Reply

      Thank You for being a great & responsible example of being a caring person! Keep up living by your standards, JSimons !

    2. KAola August 11, 2021 4:04 pm Reply

      I guess i made it out in time before the suspension of movement. Prayers go out to all involved to remain strong and for a speedy recovery. And mahalo for everyone doing their part in keeping our island ohana safe and healthy.

  3. Philip B. August 11, 2021 10:01 am Reply

    These new positive cases are bringing us closer to Herd Immunity and closer to saying goodbye to these viruses.

    But Mr. Mayor, Vaccines vs Testing is extremely. discriminatory.

    Vaccination is FREE and RISKY.

    Testing is COSTLY but SAFE.

    Government employees who lose their jobs refusing vaccination and cannot afford to pay for testing, may sue and we can reasonably predict they will win, costing government to reimburse government workers both back pay and benefits, as well as job reinstatement.

    Plus the cost to the taxpayer to make new government hires and train them to do the job of already experienced government workers to be laid off.

    Forcing someone to test as part of the job comes under either Workers Compensation, or theirPre-Paid Health Insurance like HMSA, which are benefits the workers have already invested in.

    Also weekly required testing would mean testing time must be on federal, state, or county time, as it is a job requirement.

    If government employees vaccinate for free, and we now know that those vaccinated still become infected and spread the viruses, well when the vaccinated need out patient disease care or God forbid risky hospitalization, all that falls under the employees pre-paid health care plan. Know too that the WHO, the World Health Organization, states that the 3rd leading cause of death in America is Medical Care. You bet there is risk of hospitalization, why all the Covid deaths occur in the hospital, that should say something as to risk.

    When the tested employee hopefully and eventually tests positive, but symptom free, after 2 weeks of their ongoing Immune Response, they will not only be immune, that is protected, from being re-infected by the same virus again, but they will also be non-contagious, and as well will have achieved Herd Immunity, which is the only thing that has ever overcome any virus, and causes each virus to fail to spread to other Herd Immune people until it disappears from the population from lack of people the viruses can spread to.

    Choosing the cost to the tax payers of providing FREE jabs and stabs (erroneously called VACCINES), and at the same time those fake “vaccinations” still allow Covid and Delta virus infections to spread to others who are already are fake vaccinated but also to those who have chosen wisely to not get the poison stab ‘n jab.

    The vaccinated are also liable for spreading the contents of their fake vaccinations, both the poisons in the injections and also the blood clot forming spike proteins, same respiratory disbursal as the virus can spread.

    Fake Vaccines being ineptly man made, are not only dangerous with high risk of blood clots, and death, but these fake vaccines cannot compare to our God given natural immune System that provides 100% real immunity, 100% non-contagion, and 100% herd immunity, if only lefty alone to it’s natural means and ways.

    You must remember that the spiked proteins on the Messenger RNA, well those tufts of spikes you see sticking out of the ball shaped proteins in the drawings, well that is where the Red Blood Cells stick, accumulate, and coagulate to form clots on the protein; and lead to blockages in your blood vessels in your brain and organs, resulting in death as a known sequence.

    And in your smaller blood vessels, as more and more Red Blood cells, over time, like even hours, days, months, or years clump together on the spike protein, they form blood clots in your blood vessels that go to your brain and vital organs, resulting in brain blood clot strokes, and as well failed organs due to blood clots blocking vital blood flow to the effected organs.

    Choosing between synthetic fake vaccine stabs and jabs of still not approved by the FDA virus INJECTIONS, vs. your natural God given immune system, has no compare as to Nature’s always striving for your Health and Well Being.

    Even when the gang at the CDC and WHO guys you see on TV, push the FDA to approve the Pfizer, Moderna, johnson & Johnson stabs and jabs, they still won’t qualify as vaccines, they still will be just stabs and jabs fake vaccines delivering poisons into your body on the clot forming spike proteins that scientists say begin to horribly replicate inside your body to make more and more.

    When it comes to manmade vaccines vs. our natural inborn immune systems, it is best to rely on God’s personal representative on earth, Mother Nature, she has been protecting all the 50,000 species of vertebrates on earth with immune systems going back as far as 550 million years ago as to the oldest vertebrates on earth. That includes us, the most recent (and human) vertebrates in our thought to be 200,000 year evolutionary existence on earth.

    Know too that vertebrates are species of life forms with Brains and Spinal Cords, and are what God gave us to adapt our internal environment to the external environment, and in one of the ways, using our immune systems to protect us from infectious virus and bacteria.

    To ignore this ancient gift (immune systems) to so many of earth’s species, including us, the humans, is rather…blasphemous !

    God’s Intelligence organizes every iota of the Universe, including every cell, tissue, organ, and system of each and every human on earth, now, and in the past and future.

    Respect, and learn from, and love God’s Intelligence. That
    inborn Intelligence entered your body at the very moment of your conception when your 2 parent cells joined in life, and you began the unexplainable journey of what caused the perfection, for most, of the human development to the birth process; and living and adapting to earth’s external environment, and our life long, if unaware, adaptation to that external environment.

    The human nervous system organizes the immune system to adapt and protect us from the earth’s external (to us) environment.

    1. t.britboy August 11, 2021 12:18 pm Reply

      Please stop spreading fear and misinformation, there is enough of that going around. A single Covid-19 is ten times smaller than a red blood cell, it is physically impossible for the protein spike on the virus particle to jam up blood cells and cause an embolism as you have described. Please look at the science:

      Get Vaccinated
      Wear a mask
      Socially Distance
      Get tested if worried about exposure
      Stay home if sick

      Keep Kauai strong and well


      1. Maile August 15, 2021 7:24 am Reply

        You have been misinformed.
        Why would attorney Michael green clearly state that there has been 45,000 deaths from this inoculation
        He is the attorney who filed the lawsuit against the governor and mayor for his mandate. He represents 1200 frontline workers firemen police officers etc
        He is not mis in formed nor is he stupid. He’s a very reputable attorney
        You may of seen it on the news yesterday. THEY ONLY SHOWED YOU A SMALL PART on the news AND ONLY Wt they wanted u to know. If anyone would like to watch it please email me. Mailekainoa@ iCloud.com
        I’ll be happy to send it to you

    2. Des August 11, 2021 1:48 pm Reply

      You write a lot and say nothing true.

      Saying the vaccine is risky and testing is safe is exactly at odds with reality. The current scientific assessment is that 3 deaths in the US are attributable to blood clots from the J&J vaccine. That’s it. 619,000 deaths in the US are attributable to COVID. 3 in 328 million odds are much safer than 619,000 in 328 million odds. I’m sorry you’ve listened to conspiracy theories that lie about facts.

      The vaccines are in fact vaccines. I’m sorry you’ve listened to the conspiracy theories that say they aren’t.

      In fact, people who vaccinate because they don’t care about their community, and then lose their jobs, will not win court cases. There’s over 100 years of settled case law that says that vaccine mandates are legal. I’m sorry you’ve listened to conspiracy theories that say otherwise.

      Now stop acting like a defiant child and accept your responsibility as a member of society. We’re sick of your teenage tantrums over authority.

  4. nothings free August 11, 2021 12:10 pm Reply

    Why would anyone in their right mind take these RNA experiment shots? WHY? It’s becoming clear that everyone on earth will at some point get Covid 19, or one of it’s variants! Masks don’t work, and are plain stupid. The shots aren’t “vaccines” because their protection peters out after only 6 months, and there is no acceptable amount of time that you will be protected? You’ll be protected much longer if you get Covid, are sick for a week, and your body develops more permanent antibodies and protection against it! So what’s next? Of course, our corrupted Government idiot bureaucrats will say the answer is to take the shots every 6 months, or every year! What will be the long term side effects of these shots if that happens, and you stupidly decide to drink their cool aide? NOBODY KNOWS! The only way they will find out is if, you the Guinea Pig dies because of the shots, or side effects of the RNA soup shot they’re shooting into your blood stream. Anyone who decides to give these shots to their children should be charged with child abuse. The virus does not hurt healthy children! They have a sniffle for a week and then they’re better protected by far than the Guinea Pig shot dopes! Our world is so screwed up it’s becoming embarrassing! I feel so sorry for the next generations after watching the clown show put on by our States, Federal Government, and their subsidiaries who are morphing us into Socialism/Communism faster than we could have possibly imagined.

  5. sandi August 12, 2021 8:02 am Reply

    I am SOOOOOO tired of ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL THAT does not get vaccinated. Believes all the nonsense and NEVER listens to intelligent sources. My Gosh, even little children are dying and the idiots will not believe this vaccine works. WE HAVE HAD OUR VACCINES and sick and tired of everyone’s stupidity. I really thought that the huge population on these islands would be all for immunization. Dont blame it all on tourists. BUT THEY SHOULD NOT NOT NOT BE ALLOWING ANYONE ON THE ISLANDS FROM AIR FLIGHTS THAT ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED…PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD. WHEN IN HAWAII DO LIKE THE FRENCH DO. GET VACCINATED OR STAY OUT. BETTER YET, GO TO SOME DESIGNATED PLACE AND EVERYONE LIVE THERE AND STAY THERE AND RUIN THEIR OWN LIVES, NOT OURS!

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