Letter for Monday, July 26, 2021

Items left behind at beach likely to become ocean trash

The picture of the gentleman enjoying the beach chair in the Wednesday, July 21 paper (A2, FYI) made me wince.

A full moon tide coupled with high surf will wash that chair off of the rocks into the ocean.

Items like these are most likely not left by tourists.

On two occasions, I have hiked down the trail that local fishermen take to fish off of the point at Kalihiwai Bay. Both of these hikes were during the season of small surf on the North Shore.

The rocks were littered with all sorts of junk and trash that was probably left behind by fishermen who did not want to carry it back up the steep and somewhat-treacherous trail. The first big surf of the season would have washed all of that into the ocean. Such a shame!!

Jonathan McRoberts, Kilauea

  1. Richard Blake July 26, 2021 2:04 am Reply

    The area OP is talking about being encroached upon is called the upper mid-littoral zone which is submerged usually only during high tide. Any human debris and let’s face it, any, human possession, or, artifact(s) is/are nothing but ‘debris objects’ to nature, and will become a hinderence at best. or hazzard. at worse when it interacts with the environment, including natural wildlife, after it is abandoned in the upper mid-littoral zone location. A possible solution would be to require people to engrave or affix permanent labels to the material objects they just have to have with them when they disturb nature. People inclined to abandon there stuff, because of sloth, will think 2 and three times if there litter becomes evidence in a court of law after it is traced back to them.

  2. manawai July 26, 2021 5:01 pm Reply

    Richard, anyone who is oblivious enough to leave their ukana on the beach is not going to mark it with their name.

    1. Richard Blake July 27, 2021 6:02 pm Reply

      That is why we need to make this a law and enforce it. Set an example and people will care more about obeying the rules. If not for being a good citizen; then for avoiding heavy fines,

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