1 ‘breakthrough’ virus death reported

LIHU‘E — The state Department of Health reported three COVID-19 deaths Thursday — two on O‘ahu and one on Maui.

“I’m really disheartened to have to report today that the woman who died in O‘ahu aged 60 to 69 years of age was fully vaccinated,” said Brooks Baehr, COVID-19 and pandemic response administrative assistant of the DOH, in a Zoom meeting. “Now it’s important to realize that this woman had multiple underlying conditions,” he said of the “breakthrough” death, or death of one who was fully immunized.

DOH State Laboratories Division Administrator Dr. Edward Desmond reported in a virtual meeting that in the period ending July 3, for the specimens that were collected, 55% of the state’s COVID cases were due to the delta variant.

Desmond said that prior to this, the rate was about 17%.

“This is more or less what was anticipated, that this one variant is present in the population,” Desmond said. “It expands and it’s more transmissible than the other variants.”

Desmond said the increased number of cases may possibly be linked to the presence of this variant in the community’s population.

DOH Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman said it’s not a surprise that another new report shows new clusters on every island in the state.

“I think the most-important message in the cluster report is that the disease is not contained to a particular type of setting or a particular geographic location in our state,” Berreman said. “We’re seeing widespread community transmission. And those common features are the things that Brooks mentioned — people who are unvaccinated.”

The reason for the recent high numbers in the community spread, according to Berreman, is settings in which people are not consistently wearing masks, especially indoors. Settings where a larger number of people are spending prolonged time close together indoors. And often that’s when people are eating and drinking.

“Places like restaurants and bars are at-risk, shelters and places where people spend long periods of time or a lodge are at risk,” Berreman said. “We’re seeing clusters in places of worship, again, where there may be larger groups of people indoors, inconsistently masked over longer periods of time.”

With the new school year just two weeks away, Berreman also addressed cases Thursday that are kids who are not eligible for vaccines yet because they are 11 years old and younger.

“I would say the first thing is that every student going back to school who is 12 years of age or older should be vaccinated. If they haven’t started yet, they should start today,” Berreman said.

Berreman also mentioned that updated guidance for schools that the DOH, state Department of Education and other school partners have been working on is very close to completion.

“I was involved in one of those conversations with the advisory committee (Wednesday) night,” Berreman said. “I think the recommendations are very strong. They will not be 100% guaranteed certainly of no disease in schools, but they have a very strong and appropriate measure of protection for the students, especially given the additional protection offered by vaccination among all of the adults and all of the eligible students who choose to be vaccinated.”

Thursday, the DOH reported 243 new COVID-19 cases, which include 146 on O‘ahu, 50 on Hawai‘i Island, 14 on Maui and seven on Kaua‘i. This is the eighth day in a row the state has reported triple-digit numbers.

“The 50 cases on the Big Island are among groups of friends and family, and Hawai‘i County is responding by offering free COVID community testing events in response to the increase in cases,” Baehr said. “Really, what we’re seeing here is widespread community transmission around the state.”

According to Baehr, Hawai‘i has now 527 COVID-19 death cases statewide. Two of those have been among vaccinated people.

That means the 525 involve people who were unvaccinated.

“Since we have had fully vaccinated people in Hawai‘i, more than 98% of the deaths here have been among unvaccinated people,” Baehr said. “So the vaccines continue to prove that they are tremendously effective. They are our best path out of this pandemic, and people can be part of the solution by getting vaccinated.”


Stephanie Shinno, education and business reporter, can be reached at 245-0424 or sshinno@thegardenisland.com.

  1. RGLadder37 July 23, 2021 12:32 am Reply

    While all the world is crying for help on COVID-19, only Kaua’i has this virus a bay. Only 2 deaths. That’s good. You are a free man. You may leave any time you want. This is a saying. It’s a saying about the island and the disease.

  2. Kauaidoug July 23, 2021 7:45 am Reply

    What are you waiting for, a chance at covid roulette? Vaccinate!

  3. Yes annd July 23, 2021 7:49 am Reply

    It’s important to not that same statistic has been true of 94% of all deaths from covid. Atleast 2 or more underlying conditions or co morbidities and advanced age. If you’ve led an unhealthy lifestyle and or are obese getting a vaccine may lessen your symptoms but you’re still consistent with being at risk of death from a host of complications that come with being that way.

  4. m July 24, 2021 4:14 am Reply

    “Now it’s important to realize that this woman had multiple underlying conditions,” he said of the “breakthrough” death, or death of one who was fully immunized.”
    Why the careful explanation in this break thru death? More than 95% of deaths from this virus so far (pre-covid shot and post shot) are in people with multiple underlying conditions!
    That’s important too.

  5. L. Avery July 24, 2021 9:31 am Reply

    It’s been said over and over that deaths occurring while infected with Covid and its variants are of people with pre-existing conditions such as at least a few or more of the following: obesity or overweight, diabetes, heart disease, stroke disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and alzheimer’s; along with the toxic and lethal prescription drugs the patients have been taking for those diseases and the additional prescription drugs taken for the side effects, of the original drugs, almost all taken in multiple doses of each drug. Some people take 30 to 40 pills a day, enough to kill a horse over time, and humans use the prescription drugs for decades of human use.

    In fact there is a term in médico-pharmaceutical disease care to judge how lethal different drugs are. It is called LD50. Lethal Dose 50. It’s when a drug dosage p can kill 50 out of a 100 horses, the strength (lethal toxicity) of the drug is somewhat measured, and obviously cruel and acceptable to the “pseudo” scientific community, after all bottom line is profit.

    How much of a drug must be taken before it kills 50 out of 100 horses. It varies by drug.

    Taking 20, 30, 40 pills a day accumulating over several decades of years of time is enough for some people, having taken all those petrochemical carcinogenic daily drugs; to die, whether or not they also have Covid or its Delta variant in their body.

    It is patently clear the participation in the medical disease care system that combined with their use of toxic and lethal prescription drugs, that it can lead to, when in the presence of Covid virus and its mutated variants, like Delta, can end up in a lethal terminality for the patient as has been announced by medical and media reporting.

    However in each case it would be more, if not at least, scientific to give the age of the deceased patient, their name withheld, their sex, and which pre-existing conditions they had, and for how many years, and which prescription drugs they were taking.

    This type of reporting would provide the warning that the use of toxic and lethal prescription drugs has an end, a final finality, when combined with infectious virus, perhaps it also occurs with infectious bacteria, but we are not told of that either.

    The media let’s us know of ongoing mal practice lawsuits against vaccine maker, Johnson and Johnson, wherein they have to pay some $Billions because they knowingly did not inform females using one of their medical products that cause a handful of cancers particular to females.

    Next Johnson and Johnson is getting ready to pay up $5 Billion for their part in supplying the Opiate epidemic in America.

    The financial offset and their hopeful recovery from those 2 huge lawsuit losses will be the income from their vaccines, in spite of the disease side effects from their vaccines occurring in Johnson and Johnson vaccinated people. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is said to cause brain blood clots and also Guillain-Barré Syndrome which includes nerve degeneration.

    There’s a lot to know about the immune system, and infectious virus, and even more to know about vaccines and Vaccidents.

    Why aren’t we informed of such important topics?

    All the media reporting but very little of educational value on virus topic.

  6. RGLadder37 July 24, 2021 8:19 pm Reply

    You know I’m into witchcraft. They say if you light a candle, crush garlic, place a rosemary in a cup with lemon juice and place it on your doorsteps, it keeps bad luck away. Plus they say I can foretell seeing into the future. Really. I do this on Saturday nights. Like tonight. It is a craft. For life….

  7. Joan Alberts July 24, 2021 10:33 pm Reply

    Hawaii claims it has had 525 Covid deaths of unvaccinated people.

    Of course most of those occurred before the vaccines were available.

    As well, almost all of the deaths were of people who were under medical care with pre-existing conditions of overweight or obesity, along with diabetes, heart, stroke, and high blood pressure diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

    For each disease these people were taking a prescription drug and often a back up prescription drug for the side effects of the primary drug. That means those people were taking 2 toxic and some even lethal prescription drugs for each disease; some had 5 diseases and were taking up to 10 drugs a day, in multiple doses, amounting for some people to be taking 30 or more pills a day.

    Worse, some of the people who died had been under medical care taking those drugs for 30 and even incredibly 40 years.

    Those many years of taking daily prescription drugs, poisons the liver and kidneys, which are 3 of your organs that try to eliminate poisons from your body.

    Liver and kidney function is overburdened by taking daily drugs of any kind, even over the counter drugs, and illegal drugs, especially for 30 to 40 years.

    And this is why so many people are on kidney dialysis. Their kidney cell filters have been killed by prescription, and even over the counter anti inflammatory and pain killers. The kidney cells called nephrons are not replaced when killed or damaged, and so kidney dialysis is mandatory to live; and to filter the blood.

    Daily prescription drugs in large quantity are potentially 90% responsible for death while having Covid, not the other way around; and now the blame is on the Delta virus variant which is from the mutated Covid virus.

    To be on medical prescription drugs for 30 to 40 years, a person would be elderly after those many years.

    On the contrary, People of any age, with no pre-existing medical conditions, and not taking multiple prescription drugs, and elderly or not, when they get infected with Covid or Delta, they don’t even have symptoms, or if so, only mild symptoms, and not needing hospitalization, and not needing medical disease care or drugs.

    In addition those who died with Covid were not given the opportunity to have a little known effective medication that protects against Covid, called Hydroxychloroquin. Look up Frontline Doctors on line, Or Children’s Health Defense, which is also for adults. Much information is available.

    In addition there are other alternative natural safe remedies that some doctors and stores have access to that are effective against Covid and save lives even in the elderly.

    More education and information needs to spread across communities.

    Those people who fear the Covid and Delta virus, need to know that people, including doctors and PhD’s, more informed about the immune system, antibodies, and antigens, fear the vaccine more than you fear the virus, but for solid reasoning, and not just media medical hype.

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