Spike in COVID cases worries DOH

LIHU‘E — Health officials are unsure if a spike in cases on Kaua‘i is linked to the delta variant of the coronavirus.

This week, the state Department of Health has reported 18 new cases, 11 on Wednesday and seven on Thursday.

“We don’t know yet whether this increase in community spread is related to the presence of the delta variant on Kaua‘i, but there’s a good chance that it is,” said Lauren Guest, public health preparedness planner with the DOH Kaua‘i District Health Office, in a special COVID-19 briefing Thursday.

“We will know more as DOH performs more genomic sequencing, but that information is always delayed by about two weeks.”

Thus far, the DOH has found only two cases of the variant on-island, in previously-reported cases.

Guest reported that only 2% of COVID-19 cases statewide have been in vaccinated residents.

“The majority of these vaccine-breakthrough cases have been asymptomatic or have experienced mild disease,” she said. “It is true that vaccine does not protect 100% from all disease, but protection from severe disease, hospitalization and death is much better than no protection at all.”

Guest said there has been a rise in community-spread cases, but has not identified new clusters.

“This increase in cases represents community spread of disease primarily among unvaccinated residents,” Guest said. “The majority of these cases are not related to any previously-announced cases, which is highly concerning. We have not identified any new clusters yet, but it is possible we will do so in the coming days.”

County officials continue to urge vaccinations, as most cases the county has seen are among those who are unvaccinated.

“Particularly with news of the delta variant being in our community, now is the time for people to get a vaccine if you can. Do it for yourself and your loved ones, especially those who are not eligible,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said.

The DOH reported that 58% of residents have been fully-vaccinated in the state, with about 63% initiating a first dose of two.

On Tuesday, July 8, the county will move to its Tier 5, which will allow restaurants to operate at 75% capacity, up from 50%. This tier also allows social gatherings of 25 indoors and 75 outdoors. The county can move to this tier because the state is projecting a 60% fully-vaccinated rate to be hit then.

“Once the state reaches 70% of fully-vaccinated residents, we will eliminate the tier chart and its restrictions. Help us reach 70% by getting vaccinated,” Kawakami said.


Sabrina Bodon, public safety and government reporter, can be reached at 245-0441 or sbodon@thegardenisland.com.

  1. RGLadder37 July 2, 2021 12:16 am Reply

    Why don’t you just close down July 4th? Be on the safe side. If this gets worse.

  2. RG DeSoto July 2, 2021 8:06 am Reply

    Enough with the hand-wringing over “cases”. Was this ever done when we had previous severe flu seasons? Are the hospitals being overrun (that was the big hype early on and never happened anywhere)? https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/the-delta-variant-of-covid-19-is-harmless-a-scam-for-governments-to-implement-more-lockdowns/

    Frankly, the more people that get Covid the better from the standpoint of widespread immunity. The Delta Variant (see link above) is just another scare tactic being used to cajole a compliant citizenry into worrying and rushing out to get stuck with what is often a fatal “vaccine”and submit to further control. Time to toughen up….

    RG DeSoto

  3. Kali Yuga July 2, 2021 8:38 pm Reply

    > “The majority of these vaccine-breakthrough cases have been asymptomatic or have experienced mild disease,” she said.

    Actually, nearly ALL of COVID cases across the entire world have been asymptomatic, especially on Kaua’i. This is pure delusion to think that somehow unvaccinated are the cause of further cases.

  4. R. Stevens July 3, 2021 1:10 pm Reply

    Of course they are worried they do not have the experience in what to do, it has been a 100 years since last pandemic.

    More and more cases, none are hospitalized, and no mention of them even having symptoms. That’s good and it means these people are in 1 of the following categories.

    1.) Have been vaccinated, and are proof positive the vaccines don’t work by becoming Covid positive.

    2.) The Covid tests are wrong producing false positives in people who do not have Covid. This has been known since the beginning of the testing.

    3.) That those people who are actually positive are already on their few week process of bio-identically matching their own natural antibodies to the Covid-19 virus, or any of its typical and natural mutated natural variants, and in their few weeks of natural Immune Response they will or will have deactivated and/or eliminated all the virus in their body making them Non-Contagious and no longer a risk to other persons.

    As well because their Immune System, via their Plasma cells, has, or will, over the few weeks of the Immune Process, produced approximately at least 12 quadrillion antibodies, by the time the virus have all been eliminated, you will still have probably 1/2 of the 12 quadrillion antibodies left over.

    Those left over active and natural antibodies will be “standing guard” at every entry way into your body, waiting to eliminate any same infectious Covid virus, or variant if that is what infected you, and that leftover antibody protection from re-infection is called you having Immunity, which should last a lifetime.

    4.) Being both Non-Contagious, and having Immunity means you are a member of Herd Immunity, that which causes the virus in this issue to fade away from the population.

    5.) We need as many people as possible to become Covid positive, or its variants to be positive, and hopefully immune strong enough to not need hospitalization, which by statistics amounts to 98% are not hospitalized, and apparently it is higher than that since only 8 people on island in 15 months have been hospitalized.

    6.) The concern for us citizens is not only the fear of how few are positive, it is extremely important for us to know how many people tested negative. Why are we not told the number of people who test negative.

    If you have already had the Covid virus, after your few weeks of the Immune Process you will test negative for Covid since your immune system wii have eliminated the virus from your body.

    7.) What does it mean when you test negative? It means that either you don’t currently have active Covid or it’s natural variants, or it means you had Covid or its variants already but your immune system has eliminated the virus and thus you will test negative but you will still be Herd Immune.

    We need positive tested, no symptoms people, as they will be a member of Herd Immunity.

    8.) Every person, except a very few if any, who are hospitalized
    or die while having the Covid virus or its naturally occurring variants, have pre-existing conditions.

    Pre-existing conditions means that that person is currently taking toxic poisonous and deadly prescription drugs for probably 10 to 40 years, every day of their lives. Multiple prescription drugs taken daily in multiple doses, makes a polluted body.

    Let it be known that prescription drugs burden your immune system so that when a virus like Covid or its variants infect your body, you may not be able to handle what the viruses do to you; and coupled with the toxic poison of the prescription drugs that you are taking, your immune system may not be able to protect you and you may be hospitalized and/or even die in the hospital from any one of 3 things or combination thereof.
    a.) Hospital medical errors,
    b.) the prescription drugs you are taking,
    c.) or the effects of the virus infection while your immune systems
    is over burdened by the combination of the other 2.

    9.) People need to understand that the routine failure of the medical industry and its workers and practitioners is the ever increasing lazy methods relating to the inadequate managing disease by the use of petrochemicals and other chemical concoctions. Prescription drugs do not get people well, they manage the continuance of disease in your body.

    Call it a “simple pill for every complex ill”, it’s the lazy way and it is just not working, as the side effects of the chemicals used in medications and prescription drugs are spawning new diseases, some of which, like vaccines, for example Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are causing Myocarditis which is the inflammation and swelling of the heart even in our youth, as well as other “vaccines” causing blood clots in the brain, and miscarriages in young pregnant females, and death to other people of all ages and both sexes.

    Some vaccines are not vaccines at all, nor registered by the FDA as vaccines, but instead, in the case of Pfizer and Moderna, are registered as experimental gene therapy, such as experimenting on each Pfizer / Moderna vaccinated person’s genes, by treating those people’s genes in a manner we are told nothing about. Are the using vaccines to GMO Humans? How dare they!

    Some vaccines even have chimpanzee virus in them. It seems like the inmates of the insane asylum are running the vaccine program.

    The medical routine of ignoring the Health of the patient, but instead devoting all effort to the disease, is an effort that uses multiple testing to determine disease type, the result of which is in almost all cases chemical treatment (medications and prescription drugs) for the disease signs and symptoms, while ignoring actual restoration of Health. People do not get well under medical disease care they get toxic prescription drugs for the rest of their life, hardly effective Health Care.

    Further, the current trend of treatment of diseases by drugs and surgery, has allowed the rate of all chronic degenerative diseases to continue to increase year after year, a proof of failure in the prescription drug treatment approach.

    However drug and surgical treatment used almost exclusively is a tremendous financial success in that the medical/pharmaceutical yearly income is $4 Trillion dollars per year, dwarfing our US Military Expenditure by 1100% which is only $350 Billion a year.

    In the field of Health it is well known that the Health of the individual, or strength of the host, that is, in each individual human, that the nutrients in food are of extreme importance.

    The majority of foods in our supermarkets, corner markets and convenient stores are highly processed, that is, your food is severely reduced in nutrition. The nutrients that are removed by processing, we use as the building blocks for cells, that make up our tissues, and our organs, and the nutrients required for proper body functions, those nutrients are found in our unprocessed food. With food processing it is difficult to find nutrients still left in the food.

    An important aspect of our inborn natural and individual intelligence of our body (as it organizes the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and body systems), is that this body intelligence depends on and utilizes the Nervous System as its master control, regulation, coordination, and organization of the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.

    While the nutrients in our foods are destroyed by processing, which complicates and adds to the damage in the loss of nutrients in our foods, also there is the addition of “in humane” chemicals and carcinogenic petrochemicals in the food, and the saturation of our foods with numerous unnatural processed sugars that accelerate obesity and diabetes.

    Other common foods like animal flesh (meats) and their fat, lard, and grease accelerate heart, stroke, and high blood pressure (hypertension) diseases.

    Basically the majority of American foods are just low nutrient , sugar and chemical loaded SNACKS, that serve more as entertainment than providing Health.

    Another deficiency in the field of health care is the dearth of alternative methods of actual Health Care. Much of Health Care is personal and utilized by each person daily. The simplest being each person getting the daily optimal amount of well known and free Sun, Water, Air, Rest, and Exercise (SWARE). Well, water has cost.

    Eating is personal Health Care when food is personally shopped and home cooked. The prevalence of fast food and convenience and snack/sugar food is eroding the individual Health of Americans, accumulating daily with every bite in every meal.

    SAD…is Standard American Food

    There is a silent epidemic of disturbance to the human nervous system, perhaps better described as the neuro-spine and brain, the cause being structural displacement of the brain and skull upon the spinal cord and neck.

    There are few professionals trained and certified in the detection and analysis of this problem, and the skills and equipment to correct it.

    Another wake up about Health Care is the lack of it.

    The vast majority of Americans, approximately up to 80%, are under medical care and taking numerous prescription drugs multiple times a day. These drugged Americans take the toxic and even lethal drugs for 10, 20, 30, and 40 years, so much so that almost all people, but not including trauma, die while under prolonged medical care, never having their Health restored.

    Virtually 99% of people who die with Covid or its natural variants, die while under long term medical care. There is a relationship there as to Cause of Death.

    That is considerably difficult to admit to if you were in the medical disease care industry. Blaming yourself and not looking for change is arrogant and much ignorance.

    It is obvious that the massive amount of prescription drugs taken by 80% of Americans is reducing their individual health so they cannot individually resist disease, and thus too many died unnecessarily from a virus that 99% of other people survived, even before the virus pseudo vaccines became available that could only be used with some rush job emergency permission wrought with severe side effects listed above.

    All deaths by Covid, all those victims had pre-existing conditions while under medical care using multiple toxic prescription drugs.

    A new actual Health Oriented system must be made a priority in America. We need a paradigm shift from disease care to pro-active Health Care. It’s only Natural.

    Health Care starts with our food, the building blocks of our bodies. There are many known but little applied Health Care procedures.

    A big change is in order, people need education about their body and Health so they can practice daily proactive personal Health Care.

  5. RGLadder37 July 3, 2021 4:57 pm Reply

    You cannot achieve wide spread immunity by more people getting COVID-19. This will wipe out the human race. The vaccine is the key. It must to the job. Just like cancer. But that is something else.

    Barbaric. But that will do. That is RG Desoto.

  6. truthbeknown July 4, 2021 3:13 pm Reply

    RGLadder37, what part of 99% of the people who contract COVID survive do you not understand? This statistic will hardly wipe out the human race. It won’t even make a dent in it. The fact remains that the EXPERIMENTAL nRNA jabs are just that, an experiment by Big Pharma, with no liability if it fails. YOU ARE the “Animal Trials” that were never performed before implementation, most likely because previous animal trials for the SARS virus nRNA “vaccine” were a disaster and caused the “experiment” to be shut down. Good luck with your “vaccine”. I prefer 99% odds myself.

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