Letters for Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Your welcome, aloha appreciated

Dear residents of Kaua‘i;

Thank you for not losing your incredible sense of hospitality in the light of the influx of tourists who may have lost their sense of civility and respect.

I have witnessed several rude examples of ungrateful visitors to this lovely, welcoming island. As a visitor of over 10 years, I am appalled at the disrespect shown by many tourists toward the islanders, and even toward each other. We have all been through some difficult COVID times, and the islanders have suffered extensively, all because they rely on “serving us” who are lucky to have been able to break loose from our confinements!

Please know that many of us love, respect and all feel so grateful that you still welcome us and share aloha. I personally apologize for all those who have grown on the ugly side of this pandemic.


Teresa Engelhardt, Fox Island, Washington

Questions enforcement of fireworks laws

The Monday, June 21 article about the fireworks rules presented by the KFD was very informative. However, what was missing was the enforcement of these rules.

This is where the KPD comes into the picture.

There are three subjects about this, and they are the what, where and when.

The what by the KFD explained the legal fireworks, but what about the illegal ones? The illegal ones are either smuggled or manufactured by adding more gunpowder to existing legal ones. How does KPD enforce rules against that?

For the where, the KFD explained that the only place for fireworks is one’s own property. No fireworks in the streets, on the sidewalks or in parks. I live on a street with a park across the street of which people gather and blow off fireworks. Is KPD going to cite these people or tell them to move along?

And, lastly, the when. The time for this is Sunday, the 4th, between 1 and 9 p.m. The park again in the past between 9 p.m. to midnight has seen a lot of fireworks. What about that?

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e

  1. Reality Bites June 23, 2021 2:28 am Reply

    Teresa, the most overused word on the Hawaiian islands is “respect” as it relates to visitors and tourists. Common courtesy and good manners, across all people, including “residents” towards the Tourists, gets worse every year.

    Kauai is not this blessed and spiritual land, containing otherworldly, all knowing, and perfectly well mannered inhabitants. Since you are “appalled at the disrespect”, but don’t list any examples, then we cannot make an objective opinion of the traumatic and agonizing rudeness that is not found at all other Tourist destinations on planet Earth. Why is Kauai sooooooo special?

  2. alien June 23, 2021 6:39 am Reply

    Mark, try headphones and realize you are not the only person on the planet.

    1. Kali Yuga June 24, 2021 1:58 pm Reply

      People who blow up fireworks act like they’re the only ones on the planet. Fireworks cause birds to be confused and die. My toddler also hates fireworks and is scared anytime he hears them. Cats and dogs also don’t like fireworks.

      Fireworks are unfriendly and people who fire them off are selfish.

  3. RGLadder37 June 23, 2021 8:27 am Reply

    Having fireworks this July 4th ?

    Not really. I want to breathe more clean air. I would say that is a problem too.

  4. ok June 23, 2021 3:25 pm Reply

    Dear Mark Thompson Mark Thompson,
    pretty sure the police have better things to do than cite people for blowing up fireworks at 9:30

  5. GrumbleBum June 23, 2021 5:13 pm Reply

    I’ve seen nothing but respect from Tourists who are grateful to even be here however I’ve seen some local residents disrespect tourists, each other, the aina and their families. Far more than the tourists which get scapegoated all the time. EVERYONE has suffered to some extent. Wee are no different than others from off island in fact Kauai residents have suffered far less than the continental US. No need feel guilt Teresa.You have been brainwashed or something. We are grateful for you to come and spend your hard earned dollars here. Yes it’s been tough but with so much unemployment cheating and the administrations hard line stance on allowing tourists back we have been shielded from the pandemic which is the real danger not rude tourists. You are looking at this from the point of view of a visitor and somehow have been lead to believe you’re not worthy. You are and mahalo for visiting and helping our economy restart. Aloha.

  6. Aloha808 June 23, 2021 9:10 pm Reply

    The majority of tourists visiting since April (when the island was slammed), have been humble, respectful, and kind to everyone. However, there is that 1% that gives the tourists a bad name. They think they can throw their big dollars around and think their are entitled and feel that is enough to make everyone bow down to them. They sign up for activities (which involve Mother Nature) and are unhappy when not everything goes perfectly on their tour. They call back and complain and say they want some kind of partial refund. These are the 1% of tourists that give tourists a bad name. Luckily they are easy to spot because they probably act terribly even in their home towns. It’s the price of being in a tourism-based economy, there are always a few jerks who make the whole lot look bad.

  7. I saw a Vampire once June 24, 2021 1:22 pm Reply

    If you was a tourist from Idaho, Montana, or Texas, where would you relax in Hawai’i?

    Hardly nowhere in Honolulu. Miniature size Texas. A joke. Maui is the place where at least there is Aloha. They beat out Kauai.

    Kauai is stuck with all the leftovers then. Not much, still make a business of it. Is this enough tourist? No.

    Giving refunds is the job of the bank. HTA must pay for it.

  8. bill parker June 25, 2021 4:52 am Reply

    Now that Kapaa is fully engulfed with road reconstruction, I wonder about the status of CocoCoco Palms Resort. Does anyone know the latest? Can TGI find out?

    Bill Parker

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