Vaccination data confirms disparities; shows link between shots, mental health

HONOLULU — A recent state Department of Health-commissioned survey has confirmed the need to make vaccinations more accessible for those who face health and social disparities, and that getting vaccinated can contribute to a person’s overall sense of mental well-being.

The survey was conducted among 482 adult Hawai‘i full-time residents statewide to assess perceptions about COVID-19 from April 20, 2021 to May 3, 2021. Anthology Research has been tracking resident attitudes and behaviors relating to the pandemic on a regular basis since April 2020.

Overall, 68% of those polled have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Of the remainder, eight percent had scheduled an appointment to get vaccinated while another three percent indicating they will get vaccinated when it is available to them. Twelve percent will wait before getting vaccinated with 9% acknowledging they do not intend to get the vaccine.

When the results are tracked across the last two survey time periods, fewer respondents say they are waiting until others are safely vaccinated with no ill effects.

Highlights of the survey showed that:

• Consistent with Hawai‘i’s vaccination-plan rollout, vaccination rates increase with age. Young adults under the age of 35 were the least likely to have been vaccinated, at 55%, while 92% of seniors say they have been vaccinated;

• Vaccination rates are lower among less-affluent households. Among those living in households with incomes under $50,000, 44% are fully vaccinated, compared to 76% fully vaccinated among those living in homes with combined incomes in excess of $100,000;

• Among the major ethnic groups in the state, Japanese (71%) and Caucasian (68%) respondents were more likely to be fully vaccinated than were Native Hawaiians (49%) and Filipinos (40%);

• More-educated segments of the sample or those with a college degree (75%) were more likely to be fully vaccinated than were those without a degree (47%);

The survey also showed an association between vaccinations and mental health:

• Those who are vaccinated feel more optimistic than do those who are not vaccinated. The survey showed 51% of those who are vaccinated provided a score ranging from seven to 10 on an optimism scale. This number drops to 35% among those who are not vaccinated;

• Those who have been vaccinated view the pandemic more in terms of its health impact, while those who have not been vaccinated view the pandemic more in financial terms. Of those polled, 42% who have not been vaccinated think of the pandemic more for its financial impact on the household. The number of vaccinated respondents who feel the same falls to 19%.

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  1. Mrs H June 8, 2021 7:36 am Reply

    My question is why are states paying people to vaccinate? Also why is Faucis staff only 1/3rd vaccinated?
    Those answered questions may dispel any remaining issues.

  2. therealhawaiian June 8, 2021 8:53 am Reply

    It will be many years until the world’s health on every level will be known for all of us with regards to our new Covid RNA altering vaccine experiment. I pray for the “big pharma” fortune winners and their new drugs, and most of all I pray for America and our Government/Fauci prodded brothers and sisters who, like “Guinea Pigs” which are used at this stage of development for every other vaccine ever created, have voluntarily assumed that roll. I worry that in less than one year there have been suspected health issues that may have been caused by the vaccine. Many health professionals say they’re worried about the effect of the RNA vaccines on women’s reproductive organs. A new study that’s concerning is the Israeli study that came out yesterday saying they’ve found a link between the Pfizer vaccine and Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles). A condition that is far deadlier than a Covid 19 virus that kills almost zero of us under the age of 60, and a miniscule percentage of those over the age of 70, a majority of which have other pre-conditioned illnesses putting them already in the “die cue”. I pray for our Country! I’m worried that the ready-fire-aim “experimental” vaccine approach to our world’s health may result in catastrophic and unfortunate health consequences. I’m happy that so many of us who’ve taken the vaccine are more confident and feel better about yourselves. Let’s all pray that doesn’t change.

  3. Seen Your June 8, 2021 11:25 pm Reply

    With such a high % of seniors already vaccinated, why is there such a spike of seniors in the obituaries on a daily basis lately?

    The media was so quick to say Covid was killing our seniors, but no mention of cause of current surge in seniors passing away.

    Are we seeing the first of those dying from vaccine delayed reaction.

    Seniors with multiple end of life diseases taking multiple end of life toxic prescription drugs, but in spite of the prescription drug lethality, the pseudo scientists blamed the Wuhan Virus, instead of the prior years blaming the combination of long term pre-existing diseases and their dangerous drug treatments.

    Evidence points more and more that, as statistics already demonstrate, that medical disease care is still the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA, ACCELERATED by the 4 Billion annual Drug Prescriptions. Who says it was the virus instead of the wearers of the pure white long jackets with the little hoses around their necks.

    Maybe it’s time to find the cause we can actually get rid of.

    Since we know that no one is sick because they do not have enough medications and prescription drugs, what will the doctors do if they run out of medications and prescription drugs.

    Seems wise to call in the Alternative Health Oriented practitioners who do not use chemical medications and prescription drugs.

    And let us not forget, why are so many seniors passing away.

    Is it because they were vaccinated?

  4. Critical Thinker June 9, 2021 3:07 pm Reply

    So the study tells us that the majority of ‘vaccinated’ are mostly ‘more affluent’ and view the pandemic from a health perspective instead of from a financial perspective.

    Maybe that’s because when government deems you NON ESSENTIAL and you are not part of the “affluent” group, feeding your kids becomes more important than a virus with a 99.9x survival rate.

  5. I saw a Vampire once June 9, 2021 9:48 pm Reply

    42% not yet taken the medicine. Could this account for 90% of US population? Healthy or not healthy. The 90% would need more research on to do. A vaccine would do it. But which part of the 90% would this help? Not known. More research is needed.

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