Letters for Monday, May 17, 2021

Where does the recycling go?

As I put my recycleables into the large dumpster bins behind the Lawa‘i post office, I wondered exactly where do these plastics end up?

I know we don’t have a sorting facility anymore. I know many foreign countries have stopped accepting recycled materials. Anyone know where this stuff actually goes? Does it get shipped to the mainland? Does it actually get recycled? I hope it doesn’t just end up in the landfill and this is just a big façade.

Jim Henry, Kalaheo

Governor, lift virus restrictions

We the people are waking up and are standing against this COVID restrictions!

There are nearly 700 people wanting a town-hall meeting with the governor, who keeps saying he’s “too busy!”

Hundreds of Hawai‘i citizens are contacting the governor DAILY, asking him to withdraw his vaccine-passport program because it is against the Constitution and is not legal to coerce people into taking an experimental vaccine!

Hundreds of Hawai‘i citizens are asking the governor why Hawai‘i isn’t among the 21 states who have lifted their COVID restrictions when the regular flu has killed more people in the state of Hawai‘i each year for the past six years than COVID (source: tinyurl.com/hawaiifludeaths).

There is no emergency. We need to go back to real life without fear-mongering propaganda!

Anya Love, Kapa‘a

  1. Mark May 17, 2021 3:36 am Reply

    I would like to thank thank the governor, if he hadn’t shut Kauai down for a year we never could have purchased our condo. In the words of another Democratic governor, this one from Chicago I think,(never waste a good crisis). Lesson learned. Liberals are so easy to play. Next time don’t get mad, get even…

  2. Reality Bites May 17, 2021 6:33 am Reply

    Anya, …Ditto.

    End the Scamdemic in the USA……it won with the Biden scam taking the Presidency. Let’s move on, and ensure in person voting is required in the USA….with an ID. FFS.

  3. james May 17, 2021 7:19 am Reply

    I am amused by folks who make blanket statements like “it is against the Constitution and is not legal to coerce people into taking an experimental vaccine!” Are you a constitutionally trained attorney? Have you argued cases before the Supreme Court? How the hell would you know if something is constitutional or not? Stay in your lane and leave legal opinions to the experts, which you clearly are not. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, fine. Don’t try and tell me, a lawyer who has actual knowledge of the law, the case law, legal precedents and the Constitution, what is constitutional or not.

  4. drsurf May 17, 2021 7:55 am Reply

    aloha Jim – I have had similar questions to yours about recyclables. Last year I went to a few Zero Waste Kauai meetings, became a member and got some answers. I recently wrote to Solid Waste Coordinator Allson Fraley and received a detailed response. Still some details to be finalized with the world wide changes in recycling. In my opinion the MRF needs to be completed and we all be to be as conservative as we can we our resources.
    Robert Zelkovsky, DC
    Here is Allison’s response:
    Aloha Robert,

    We have a couple of postings about what happens to recyclables on our main webpage at http://www.kauai.gov/recycling . We also get calls into the office which we respond to. Additionally, this will be public information when we release the draft Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Update for public comment soon. We know recyclables are not landfilled or dumped in the ocean, so whoever is saying this is either mistaken or lying. Note that unrecyclable plastic trays and packaging have to be landfilled because they are not part of our program and the market dropped in 2018 when China stopped accepting recyclables. Maybe that is what people are talking about?

    Plastic and glass are stockpiled at GID’s facility in Nāwiliwili Harbor. You are correct, it’s a lot of material to stockpile, but in the case of #2 plastic bottles and jars and non-HI5 #1 plastic bottles and jars, that’s what’s necessary to market it. For the non-HI5 glass, loads go out when the material is requested by businesses or the public and they are able to continually move this product.

    HI5 is separate from the email below. HI5 recyclables continually moving because there is volume and funding associated with the diversion of this material. HI5 recyclables are managed under a separate commercial recycling contract with Garden Isle Disposal.

    Let me know if you have more questions or suggestions. I have cc’d our recycling staff on this response and chain of emails for their information.


    Allison Fraley
    Acting Solid Waste Chief
    County of Kaua’i Solid Waste Division
    4444 Rice Street, Suite 295
    Lihue, HI 96766
    Phone: (808) 241-4837

  5. manongindashadow0711 May 17, 2021 9:07 am Reply

    Anya Love, “Are you really Hawaiian?” If not, “speak for yourself!”


  6. John Patt May 17, 2021 9:21 am Reply

    Aloha Jim, Thank you for your concerns. Please support curbside recycling on Kauai. Oahu and numerous communities on the Mainland have curbside. Zero Waste Kauai is advocating for curbside. Please check out ZWK for more info and what you can do to help.

  7. Colin McCleod May 17, 2021 11:45 am Reply

    Perhaps our fearless leaders, like Ige and Kawakami, should take the quiz to see if they can discern what works what doesn’t. They clearly have not a clue, so just lash out at the easiest target…our freedom.
    Colin McCleod

  8. Robin Clark May 17, 2021 1:44 pm Reply

    Anya Love: How is it against the Constitution to require a vaccine passport? Is it against the Constitution to require a drivers license to drive a car, or to require a license for other activities that affect the health of the general public? No one is coercing you to take a vaccine, but you should expect to have your travel opportunities severely limited if you are not vaccinated. It is your personal choice and you are also putting others of your ilk at risk. And did you ever stop to think why Kauai has had 1-2 deaths from Covid whilst the rest of the country has had 586,000? Perhaps something to do with those restrictions you seem to think are not necessary? As for the “experimental” vaccine: the Pfizer/BioNTech clinical trial comprised 43,448 subjects, half of whom received the vaccine. Efficacy in those receiving the vaccine was 95% and the side effect profile was the same compared to the placebo cohort. To date over 1.4 billion doses of this and the other Covid vaccines have been administered worldwide which would indicate we have moved beyond the “experimental” stage. Note that Pfizer is now moving toward full FDA approval. Some commenters in this forum have remarked that 3000 vaccine related deaths have occurred, but this is completely anecdotal and the CDC has found no causal relationship, with the possible exception of 4-5 JNJ related deaths (to put those numbers in perspective, 1800 cardiac related deaths occur in the US every day). My suggestion therefore is to just get vaccinated like the rest of us!

    1. 1800 May 17, 2021 8:54 pm Reply

      Just get healthy. A high percentage of those 1800 deaths per day could be avoided with just proper nutrition and exercise. Soo your logic is total horse shoes. However if you want to be unhealthy, obese, diabetic, strain our health care system, be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to mask your symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle by all means you go right ahead. So if I take care of my health and make an educated informed decision to hold off on the vaccine for now then you best respect my choice and anyone else’s.

  9. ok May 17, 2021 3:14 pm Reply

    Hey Anya,
    When you walk through the rain do you think “wow Im not even getting wet, why do I need this umbrella?’
    The fact that covid deaths are lower than the flu might just be chalked up to the fact that, crazy idea here, we are doing something about it. Like wearing a mask (I know its so hard to do that the founders wrote “no masks” in the constitution), getting vaccinated (by vaccines that have been tested), or trying to stay away from crowds.
    Do you even get your flu shot? Since the flu does kill a lot of people every year, and all it takes is ten minutes a year to do your part and all. I would think you would want to do your part to help out. Or are you just a whiner that doesn’t do anything to help other people since that would be “taking away yur rights”?

    1. Two hulls one love May 18, 2021 1:19 am Reply

      I love your rain analogy! Kills me when people are like “Seeee? It’s harmless!” There’s no reason to think Kauai/Hawaii/USA wouldn’t be in the same situation that India’s in if it weren’t for the mitigation measures– we’re just another bunch of humans, not somehow special. But maybe Anya is because she’s spiritual and does yoga and if there’s one thing we all know is how effective “thoughts and prayers” are against, well, anything (rolls eyes.)

    2. Ibtan May 18, 2021 6:56 am Reply

      You are going in circles…..the issue is, in the real world, we “accept” (aka numb, and don’t care) a certain amount of deaths each year, and then with the COVID Plandemic, we have to shut everything down, print money that our kids, grandkids, will get the bill, and then proceed to burn the economy down.

      We accept 45K killed in cars each year, 500K die from cigarettes, and around 175K die each year due to the flu and pneumonia, and less than half of the population gets the flu shot. There are risks and choices everyday……again, we are screaming about all the COVID deaths over here, and on the other side of the road, we just say “Oh, those deaths are just a part of life”. WTF?

  10. Sam owens May 17, 2021 3:39 pm Reply

    Well stated Anya, look at Texas and Florida for some guidance. The governor is ruling by fear alone. As is the mayor.

  11. RGLadder37 May 17, 2021 11:03 pm Reply

    I think burning the plastics and other rubbish solves the problem. If people can handle the smoke, they continue burning it. This is the only clear solution.

    I don’t see any other solution. But to ship the remains somewhere else. But for a price. That’s it.

  12. Uncleaina May 18, 2021 6:41 am Reply

    Anya and others like her: there’s planes every day to leave Kauai and take you far away from here to places like Florida (Covid death toll 36,133) or Texas (Covid death toll 51,365). You can buy a ticket at good prices and leave later today. Maybe you don’t realize it, but the mayor and the governor don’t want you here. We’d all prefer you and people like you, board a big plane and fly away to never return. Aloha oe

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