VOICES: On the subject of the proposed bike path

Path not ecologically sound

I’d like to express my opinion about the proposed extension of the bike path through Wailua — right on the shore!

No!! It should go through Coconut Marketplace and Papaloa Road, not makai of the resorts. Hasn’t anyone noticed all the erosion already happening in front of Pono Kai – it’s almost up to the path. And in front of the Coco Palms site is another flood zone and wash-out waiting to happen. Just a matter of time.

As far as I’ve been informed, the Fed money for these paths was originally designated for “transportation”, not “recreation. It is not ecologically sound to place a roadway (12 feet across!) right next to the world’s biggest ocean – when climate change is the total threat of the planet.

Kali Katsun

No one benefits

I’m shocked to hear the proposal for a bike path in front of three established existing resorts (oceanfront) is still kicking around. Once again, Thomas Noyes is getting a huge salary to promote something nobody wants, except him. I think after all the pavement already devoted to the path that tourists have plenty of walking/biking options along the shore. No one living or staying at these oceanfront resorts will benefit from a stream of cyclists and pedestrians passing just feet from their doors at all hours o the day and night. I will never understand why Thomas Noyes is so determined to pave our entire Eastside shoreline. And no one finds out about it until it is too late.

Wendy Raebeck

Imperative that we get this right

I am very concerned about the section of the bike path fronting Kaua‘i Coast Resort and Islander On The Beach. I think it defies common sense, and is very ill advised to lay a 12 ft wide strip of cement, literally on top of a very delicate coastal ecosystem that is already suffering from higher tides and erosion to begin with.

Also, the other very serious problem is the safety and liability issues that will result from putting such a large path in this small high traffic tourist destination area. With fast moving bicycle traffic so close to the resorts you would have to put in cross walks and traffic lights to make it even nearly safe for all the visiting adults and keiki.

I think any fair-minded person would agree that the narrow distance between the ocean and both Kaua‘i Coast Resort, and Islander On The Beach will not accommodate the path without having serious safety issues and detrimental impact on this delicate coastal area.

It should be noted, that the path already being completed along the ocean north of Kaua‘i Coast Resort is more than twice the distance from the ocean as what’s proposed in this area.

I believe that the only safe and responsible way to accommodate mother nature, keep everyone safe and protect this section of shoreline, is to reroute the path, and turn it at the northern property line of Kaua‘i Coast Resort, back to the street and take it behind the Coconut Market Place, where it can reconnect with its original route on Papaloa Road.

I think all would agree the Coconut MarketPlace with restaurants, shopping and restrooms would be a welcome enhancement to the path.

With all due respect, I can’t believe the people that do such a great job taking care of this island are okay with the currently proposed path. I hope everyone sees for the future good of the island it’s absolutely imperative we get this right.

Warren Lee Dungan

Mauka side much better option

This is pertaining to the section of the Multi-Use Path, now planned to go on the makai side of the two older resorts: Islander on the Beach and Kaua‘i Coast Resort at the Beachboy.

Concerning the amount of erosion already happening along this fragile narrow stretch of land, I am in favor of re-routing the Multi-Use Path to the mauka side of these two resorts, that were-grandfathered in, since already built, from the new Setback Ordinance. How is it that a new 12 ft. wide solid concrete path would be allowed to be built within this new Setback Ordinance?

Isn’t this an Island wide ordinance? I feel it would also be an unsafe situation and possibly create a future lawsuit at taxpayers’ expense, should an accident happen from a keiki running across the path from one of these two resorts’ lanais, being such a narrow strip of land to get to the beach. Let’s get it right this time and re-route it mauka side to avoid this happening.

Bernardo Lizarraga

Rerouting path will help business

Being born and raised on Kaua‘i, and have worked for the City and County of Kaua‘i road division 41.5 years, finally retiring as a Kapa‘a district road overseer. I also worked at Kaua‘i Sands next door to IOB for 10 years and in my spare time I would time along the coastline and have seen the difference of shore line erosion occurring in front of IOB and Kaua‘i Coast Resort.

I think it would be crazy putting a twelve foot multi use path between the shore line in this section of narrow grass area so close to the already eroding shore line.

It would also be a danger to keiki and adults crossing back and forth from the building to the beach which could cause injury and liability to our tax payers.

I feel that rerouting the path from north of the Kaua‘i Coast Resort at the Beach Boy and on the mauka side of both the Kaua‘i Coast Resort at the Beach Boy and the Islander On The Beach connecting to Papaloa road, in which would-also help to financially revive the shops at the coconut market place would only make sense.

Nick Levinthol

Put bike path somewhere else

Aloha – as an owner at the Islander on the Beach resort, I would like to express my opposition to the proposed bike path route through the IOB property. As mentioned by the Board of Directors, the proposed area floods when heavy rains. Please see attached for a photo.

In addition, the proposed path between the IOB and Kauai Shores is very narrow and will adversely impact the IOB owners adjacent.

The County should locate the bike path away from the IOB.

Steven Taylor

  1. ROBERT MACCALLUM April 21, 2021 4:11 am Reply

    And here’s a reality check folks ………… in regard to the 1000 feet of shore line path which is the subject of debate …. as bad as the erosion problem is along this short section of the path there is another far more dangerous problem . In order to understand the magnitude of this other problem I would ask you to consider this. If you ( COUNCIL) go ahead with this shoreline section of the path in front of the IOB and the Kauai Coast you will be constructing a path situation that exists nowhere else on Kauai, or the State of
    Hawaii , or for that matter anywhere in North America. And the reason it does not exist anywhere else is because it is simply far too dangerous . And the reason it is far too dangerous is that every week you will be forcing upwards of 1000 people
    including young children to cross a concrete path on the way to the beach in front of oncoming cyclists that may be going up to 20 mph. That, as I think you can readily see, is an unmitigated recipe for disaster.


    “The Mayor and Kauai Council should seriously consider the risk they are placing residents, visitors, resort guests, including young children in by forcing them to cross a bike path to get to the beach. When alternative paths are available, it is difficult to understand why they have chosen a path, which poses such a threat to human life and safety.

    Should any injury occur where a bicyclist injures a pedestrian attempting to access the beach, the potential liability will be substantial. The fact that the County has been put on notice of the risks will expose it to much greater potential liability.

    Most importantly, the injury will receive substantial national media scrutiny, which will adversely impact Kauai’s economy as it struggles to recover from the effects of the pandemic.”

    1. james April 22, 2021 6:35 am Reply

      Why is this different than folks crossing the bike path in other spots, like Kealia? I don’t understand your point. People cross streets all the time. They look for traffic both ways, then cross when it’s safe. Parents teach their kids how to cross roads when no crosswalks are nearby. Legally, I don’t think this is a concern for the County. I don’t know who your so-called expert is, but they are suspect in my opinion and obviously biased.

    2. John S April 22, 2021 10:20 am Reply

      I concur with James.
      Most of the beaches behind these resorts are not life guard protected. The likely hood that the tourist children will simply be allowed to bolt across the path and rush into the unguarded surf should be pretty remote.
      They cross with there adults as they would anywhere else that caution is called for.
      As to bikes speeding down the path. The path can be engineered with speed bumps and rumble strips if signage proves insufficient.

  2. Mary A Ransbury April 21, 2021 5:30 am Reply

    Well said by each one of these residence who took the time to write in and express the crazy notion that anymore erosion, tons of cement and destroying our beautiful shorelines is crazy. These people are not being paid to say this but those who do profit, collect a paycheck that everything they do and or say should be re-evaluated

  3. Mark April 21, 2021 6:13 am Reply

    I have always thought Kauai was a natural paradise with beauty unrivaled anywhere. I had no idea this wonderland was in possession of such great amounts of cash. Especially amazing to me is that the coffers over flowed to the extent paying lawsuits for injuries occurring on a regular basis is not a concern. In the wake of so much revenue lost to COVID and experiencing the highest unemployment in the nation, it’s comforting to realize, as a property owner and tax payer, that the never ending stream of payments to the injured will be gladly met. Heck if I was a layer I’d might set up shop right on the intersection in front of the Islander. Millions and millions will be paid out over the years with out any fear of ever loosing a case. Who knew?

  4. Uncleaina April 21, 2021 6:16 am Reply

    Awww – looks like the owners had a letter-writing campaign. Never heard of any of these folks before now. But guy they REALLY want to keep their beachfront private! No matter that hundreds of people use this path and currently this section is the main part that’s lacking. Some entitlement right there. The coastal erosion isn’t some massive problem that they’re trying to fix; in fact watch these same people beg the county to stop erosion of their property. I think that if they get it their way, then they should be responsible for dealing with all erosion that happens in the future. They literally want to keep the residents of Kauai from accessing our own public spaces but have government help save the beach in front of their vacation rentals.

    1. Mary A Ransbury April 21, 2021 10:38 am Reply

      Aloha Uncleaina,
      Always amazed that the default to articles fighting for Kauai to have better and do better will default to a ghost group of “their beachfront, never heard of these people, entitlement” As if that captures a group of people we should all be afraid of. That could not be further from the truth. Beachfront and access are for everyone and it exists right there and is used by everyone. The issue is better design, sustainability and not a money grab by those who do get paid to push the path so that they get their 10% salary and the 56 million of fed money. We want the path to last, be beautiful and the money to be spent on quality, safety and also to keep all of our Beaches beautiful. We should not take less and put up with 1/2 truths and lies to deceive everyone with a spin that “they or them or their vacation property” We need to demand politics and money need to stay out of this so we get what we all deserve and that is both – beautiful shorelines, and multipath use that was not thrown together and become unusable in 5 or less years.

  5. Pam Simon April 21, 2021 8:37 am Reply

    I would also like to mention again that there is an existing 4 ft. path in front of the resorts with public access.

    Also mentioned by others, there are several options for food, drinks, and restrooms where the alternate route is being considered. The alternate route would not be detrimental to the precious and irreplaceable shoreline and wildlife including the Wedge-tailed Shearwater birds and Monk Seals.

    Please get onboard with and excited about switching to the alternate route that includes going through the Coconut Marketplace. This can be built, as the man from the Sierra Club said on KKCR community radio on 4/20, using the latest designs that makes the path very safe for everyone.

  6. Kauaidoug April 21, 2021 8:50 am Reply

    Anybody can see, if you go look, that we are losing the shoreline on the Eastside. Lydgate bike path is all but lost at the restrooms Makai soccer field restrooms. Their is simply no room in front of IOB even without losing the beach already.
    IMO, it is a waste of money not to mention the construction noise in a resort area!? Make the path easy to use with a straight shot through coconut marketplace.
    I have not been by Pono Kai but the Lydgate section I mentioned is the future now!

  7. james April 22, 2021 6:39 am Reply

    Just curious. Haven’t been over there lately but what is the route for pedestrians and cyclists to get from Lydgate heading north across the Wailua River? is there a separate walking/biking bridge or do they share the same bridge as cars, trucks and busses?

  8. Pete Antonson April 23, 2021 9:33 pm Reply

    1) The legislation governing this type of path, financed by the Department of Transportation, to include recreational use was approved bt amendment in 2006. It took a former anti-pather 6 years to admit that. Don’t copy him.
    2) All of these unsafe remarks have risen again each time a new section goes in. The path is safe and has proven itself over time. People adjust to conditions, they really do. It is inane and stupid to monger the fear of a 20 mph bike in the area of question. IT IS DISHONEST.
    3) Erotion has been studied and the decision is it can be managed. Yes, experts deserve to be honored. If we are wrong…so what?…then we go around……DUH
    4) Think back to around 1998 when your decision might land you behind a 4 mph Cane Haul truck. How many time did someone, anyone say “Hey, let’s go to Kapaa!”
    Are you kidding? The Path changed that big time.

  9. ROBERT MACCALLUM April 24, 2021 2:54 am Reply

    Just how dangerous is Council’s proposed bike path in front of the Islander on the Beach and the Kauai Coast Resort ………………..

    The total accommodation of the Kauai Coast and Islander on the Beach under normal circumstances is 700 people. At an annual average occupancy rate of 75% = 525 people.
    ( resort guests ) If 50 % of them go the beach and back each day that is 525 trips across the path . Let’s for arguments sake cut that in half again to be really conservative and say there are 263 trips across the path daily or 1841 weekly. or 95,732 annually. Here the laws of probability kick in. Out of almost 100,000 trips across the path the idea that no one will be hit by a bicycle grossly defies those laws .
    That not one out of 100,000 people will be seriously or fatally injured defies logic.

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