State rolling out inter-island vaccine passport

LIHU‘E — Traveling across the island chain will soon become easier for fully vaccinated Hawai‘i residents.

The program, specific to inter-county travel, will allow specific travelers to bypass the state-mandated 1o-day quarantine without having to worry about a pre-travel COVID-19 test beginning May 11, Gov. David Ige announced Tuesday.

“I know a lot of our residents have been patiently waiting for this day,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said Tuesday.

This exemption will be part of the Safe Travels program and will only be for Hawai‘i residents who received a vaccine in the state and have reached “fully vaccinated” status, which is considered 15 days after receiving the last recommended dose of vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson &Johnson.

Within the app, travelers will need to upload their U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-issued vaccination card and carry the card on them during travel, in addition to following other safety protocols, like social distancing and mask-wearing.

Across the state, 1,076,512 doses have been administered, meaning 35% of the state has received at least one dose, Lt. Gov. Josh Green reported.

“We’ve done well so far in Hawai‘i, but we really need to continue to work that everyone is able to get vaccinated in the weeks that follow,” Ige said.

The platform will open May 7, for flights May 11 and beyond. Hawai‘i will become the second state, after New York, to implement a program like this.

Hawai‘i residents who were vaccinated outside of the state will not be qualified for the first iteration of the program, Green said.

Adults who are unvaccinated will still have the option to bypass the 10-day quarantine with a COVID-19 test through a state-approved partner taken 72 hours within boarding the flight.

Children under 5 are ineligible for a vaccine, and those 16 and up are only able to take the Pfizer vaccine.

Between those ages 5-15, Green said there’s still the option to bypass the quarantine with a pre-test.

Green said vaccination is not a requirement, and not meant to infringe on a person’s right to choose whether or not they will get a vaccine.

Since its launch, 2.6 million travelers have used Safe Travels, about 2 million being visitors, Green said.

The state is working on a vaccination process for out-of-state travelers, with a summer target, Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency Director Major General Ken Hara said.

One of the challenges is that there has been no established federal registry to document vaccines amongst states. Ige has mentioned two programs, Clear and CommonPass, as contenders for a “vaccine passport.”

“This will validate the screening process necessary, and more importantly learn bottlenecks and delays it may inject into our screening process,” Ige said.

  1. kimo April 21, 2021 2:34 am Reply

    Hawaii is becoming more tyranical every day. i been a resident of the aina for years back and forth. we all know negative ions in the ocean heal. vitamin D heals and builds immune system exercises prevents sickness. here is a new stanford test that proves masks have never worked causing aging and hypoxia.

    the CDC has admitted that 96% numbers have been inflated. you can look this up your selves.

    forcing medical tyrancy on humans is sick and psychopathic. the jab has no FDA approval. please wake up before its to late. we are sovern human beings all living on gaia together at this time.

    Research everything. as a citizen of the usa it is are natural rights to travel and THE ADA and Americas front line doctors are preparing a group of lawyers to fight these government administrations.

    braddahs and sistahs.

    1. ikashibi April 21, 2021 9:44 am Reply

      Kimo seems to suffer from our nations most treacherous plague- misinformation. Quoting OAN, Facebook et. al. as a factual source is disingenuous at best. Do research based on facts,, not opinion.

      1. KauaiRon April 21, 2021 4:00 pm Reply

        Facebook … you mean the one only allows you to post if support hate … satan …
        This is the dumbest answer …
        Kimo is right on target.
        You wish your own death warrant … please feel free to take the shot that IS NOT A VACCINE.
        Use the brain God gave you and really investigate

      2. Soaprah April 22, 2021 9:14 pm Reply

        Name calling and accusing is not a good look and a very weak way to argue your point, Ikashibi. And btw, if your ancestors didn’t have immune systems, how’d they manage to survive (until at least, the birth of you)?

    2. Lani April 21, 2021 1:39 pm Reply

      Right on bruddah Kimo! I agree!
      And no Mayor Derek Kawakami, as a resident of Kaua’i I have NOT been waiting for this day! Auwē! What happened to “my body my choice”? Ige is trespassing against our right as humans. This is discriminating towards those who don’t want to take the experimental vaxes! Why inject poisons and aborted baby parts into our bodies as an experiment?! We have a right to choose. This is not a communist country!
      Hawai’i do your research for yourself before you decide to put anything into your body or your keiki.

  2. Jk April 21, 2021 6:52 am Reply

    It’s about time our politicians are doing something worth the money they are being paid. Perhaps we can get back to some semblance of normalcy, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  3. nothings free April 21, 2021 8:18 am Reply

    Welcome to the people’s republic of Russia! You have to been conned into the slippery slope of Government oversight and control that the Founding Fathers, and the past 200 years of sending hundreds of thousands of our youth to die in wars for the basic freedoms the idiots who control us now are so flippantly throwing away!! This is unconstitutional and may God help it be challenged soon for our children’s sake.

  4. Mailman Mike April 21, 2021 9:57 am Reply

    I don’t like the phrase vaccine passport. Make it clear you do not need vaccine proof to travel. At this point it just makes it easier to travel. The choice is yours.

  5. LTEreader April 22, 2021 10:23 am Reply


    YOU need to do some research. There are NO “aborted baby parts” in vaccines. Even the Vatican permits Roman Catholics to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Facts are important, you should get some.

    1. Soaprah April 22, 2021 9:17 pm Reply

      The Vatican is compromised. Everyone knows that by now. I would not use their approval as a gauge.

  6. Me April 22, 2021 1:39 pm Reply

    So if the goal is disease defense, doesn’t natural immunity deserve a pass, too?

    Below is published research by Pfizer and NIH.

    Drugmakers point to evidence of the antibodies produced in subjects who’ve taken their jabs. In April, Pfizer announced results of a phase 3 clinical trial showing that its vaccine provided more than 91 percent protection for at least six months after the second dose.

    But natural immunity against COVID-19 has demonstrated promise as well.

    According to research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and published in January in the journal Science, the immune systems of more than 95 percent of people who recovered from COVID-19 had “durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.”

  7. Vax Fly Away April 22, 2021 11:04 pm Reply

    Speaking of Vaccines, Immunity, and being Non-Contagious, there is so much factual science to share so people can make educated decisions about their Health and future, for themselves and their children.

    4 new +positive covid cases reported recently, and when those people have been positive for 2 or more weeks they will have undergone the natural Immune Response, and they will have produced enough Antibodies to not only have eliminated the virus, but also will have enough antibodies left over to eliminate any new Covid virus, thus they will be what is called IMMUNE from getting the Covid virus twice.

    In addition, because those people no longer have any covid virus in their body, they will will obviously have no virus to spread; thus they will also be Non-Contagious.

    Being both Immune, and Non- Contagious, makes these 4 people, and any other person having been through the Immune Response, makes them a part of Herd Immunity, that which is important to remove the virus at large from the population.

    As much as 98% of the Covid positive people undergo the same Immune Process, that is, initial exposure and infection, and then immediately begin their natural Immune Process, and within generally 2 weeks they complete the Immune Process, making them Immune to the covid virus, probably lifetime immunity, just like the measles, mumps, and chicken pox Immune Response provides Lifetime Immunity in children.

    These same positive people whether tested or not, 98% of them undergo the Immune Process and have no symptoms, or only mild symptoms, nor do they need hospitalization, nor need vaccination.

    Though if they are vaccinated they undergo another, different Immune Response, a response to the vaccination, because the vaccine laboratory made ingredients are not bio-identically the same as the natural Covid virus, or even a synthetic virus or some other chemical compound, and your body must protect itself from the manmade laboratory poison that the vaccine is.

    In order for a vaccine to work, it must have a virus bio-identical to the Covid vaccine in every way, which is impossible, because just like humans no 2 People have matching FingerPrints.

    And the reason why some people always die from vaccines is that the poison ingredients of the vaccine are too toxic for some people’s immune system to defend against. And they die unable to cope with the poisons in the vaccine.

    Since there has only been 7 people hospitalized on Kauai, we can assume these 4 people were not either.

    Since there has been no mention of these recent tested 2 children and 2 adults as to being hospitalized or even treated, nor reported that they even were being sick or having mild symptoms, thus we can safely assume they are like 98% of the people who are or were positive with Covid and would need to be tested to even know they have been infected with virus. This happens every flu season to 98% of the people who become infected with the annual virus, they have no symptoms.

    Why we can depend on our own Immune System for defending each of us from Covid or any other virus, is because our bodies have Plasma cells, and each of our millions of plasma cells, being part of the Immune System, each plasma cell makes 10,000 new Antibodies per second.

    So let’s say if you use only 1 million of your plasma cells to make antibodies, which obviously you use many millions of plasma cells, then then during the 2 weeks of the Immune Process, if only using 1 million plasma cells (for counting purposes) to make your antibodies, then your immune system would make something like 12,000,000,000,000,000 or 12 Quadrillion antibodies during your 2 week Immune Process eliminating the Covid virus, or any virus really, from your body. This is why people can be infected and still be well enough to not even have any symptoms or only mild ones.

    There are clear reasons why people die while being infected
    by the Covid virus. Explained below!

    Since scientists should know and understand the Immune Process, and should teach us all why 98% of the people who are exposed and infected by the Covid virus are symptom free, or only have mild symptoms. Because those 98% of the people have good functioning Immune System, and in no need of drug treatment or vaccines.

    But why so many die? Well just being hospitalized has it’s negative consequences, because medical care is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Hard to believe? just look it up, internet or whatever, it is widely known. This has been going on for decades. Much of it over medical drug and vaccine use.

    But in addition, as to Covid, it. appears Covid is just one of the passengers in the taxi going to the graveyard. You see, about 80% of the deaths associated with Covid virus are people who are obese, with pre-existing diseases.

    Obese people who have been obese long enough have the “cousin” diseases of obesity disease. These “cousin” diseases are Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke Disease, and High Blood Pressure.

    Each of these diseases are medically treated with usually 2 Prescription drugs, 1 prescription drug for each disease, and 1 (or more) prescription drugs for the disease caused by the side effects of each initial prescription drug given for the 5 “cousin” diseases.

    Cousin Diseases: 1. Obesity, 2. Diabetes, 3. Heart Disease,
    4. Stroke Disease, 5. High Blood Pressure Disease.

    That is why many people take 5 to 10 or more prescription drugs a day.

    So what is the sequence in people’s lives that end in death inaccurately blamed on Covid?

    First off we know most of the people who die are older, and have pre-existing End-of-Life diseases, which are predominantly and usually the “5 Cousins” diseases. If you were a doctor you would see how those 5 diseases are so closely associated and interrelated.

    So what brings on the 5 Cousins diseases? They start early in life sometimes from the day you are born, from eating non or low nutrient food, loaded with many added sugars in almost every food, in almost every bite of food eaten. Read the labels. Sugar, there are 60 manufactured sugars, they contribute to infection, inflammation, and even cancer growth.

    An immense addition of causing disease is our foods that are processed, packaged, canned, and bottled, are heavily loaded with chemicals and petro chemicals. Chemicals are not human food.

    All petro chemicals are carcinogenic that means they cause cancer. In addition your fruits and vegetables that appear natural, many of them are sprayed with agricultural poisons and grown with artificial chemical fertilizers made from motor oil and coal, adding more chemicals and petrochemicals.

    Many of the animals that people eat (and even some animals that you drink and eat from as in the cows and dairy products), and the cows, pigs, sheep, birds, and even fish, have some or much fat, lard, and grease in them, that fat, lard, and grease goes into your blood streams and stays in your blood streams, especially arteries, and accumulates in those blood vessels from the continual eating of these fat, lard, and grease animal foods eating them beginning from childhood to being an adult. This is called Phase I or Initiating or Beginning End-of-Life Diseases.

    By the time you have continually eaten these animal foods for 2 to 4 decades of your life, you enter Phase II or Early Onset, and Confirmed Diagnosis, of the Existence of your End-of-Life Diseases, namely the tragic “ 5 Cousins” terminal diseases.

    Now you are on the unHappy Merry-Go-Round of toxic (poison) and some lethal (see their own TV advertisement) End-of-Life Prescription Drugs.

    And you will be prescribed and taking these prescription drugs daily, like about 55% of the population does, for about another 2 or 3 decades or so, and then those End-of-Life diseases will put you into the Phase III of End-of-Life diseases and their prescription drugs., popping pills, feeling sick, sluggish, and undergoing accelerated aging.

    Phase IV is the Funeral.

    And if you happen to have Covid virus, with or without symptoms, well they might as well blame your death on a flu virus, if it was mosquito bite, it might have been a different claimed cause of death, trouble is mosquito repellent doe not sell like vaccines.

    As you have seen with vaccine injury and death the drug
    company is IMMUNE, but you are not, you can still be infected by
    Covid, so why bother in the first place.

    We can have confidence in our God given Immune System,
    because we are vertebrates and all vertebrates have dependable
    Immune Systems. The oldest vertebrates’ Immune Systems go
    back for 550 Million Years protecting vertebrates’ bodies from
    invasive bacteria and virus.

    Who do you trust? God or the lab technician, or what’s his name
    who is running the vaccine sales program.

    The CDC and the NIH (Center for Disease Control and the
    National Institute of Health), are promoters of vaccine, they
    along with the pharmaceutical industry instruct doctors to
    give babies, infant, and children 26 vaccines by the time
    children are 18 months and up to 42 by the time they are 2
    years old.

    It’s easy to give a small child 42 vaccines because the doctor
    does not take the vaccines themself, and as well they make a
    good income injecting babies, even the first day of birth with a
    hepatitis vaccine.

    There is no scientific proof that vaccines prevent infection by
    Covid virus, nor that vaccines produce immunity or non-

    Vaccines are now proving people die from them, get brain
    blood clots, and some of the vaccines are defective, and some
    are fake sold on the black market. Some have chimpanzee
    virus in them.

    Why bother with vaccines when your body does better.

    No one knows the long term side effects of vaccines which is an enormous

    A little known function of the Immune System is that it has memory.

    The Immune System literally memorizes the viruses it defends your body from.
    What happens is that the immune system remembers the physical traits of viruses that infect vertebrates like us humans, and the 50,000 other species of current vertebrates on earth.

    Each virus specie, like the Covid-19 virus specie, has certain physical traits that the Immune System of each person memorizes, and stores that information year after year so that when a natural
    mutated variant of the same virus comes through the human population whether in the same year of following years.

    The traits of each different specie of virus are as different as it is for no 2 people have the same fingerprints to be bio-identified by. The Eboli virus is distinct from the Covid-19 virus, and so on and
    so forth with each different specie of virus. The immune system (as well as other vertebrate immune systems do as well) memorize, these “fingerprint” traits, that makes one specie of virus different
    from the next.

    The Immune System, and only your Immune system can bio-identify and memorize viruses invading your body. The purpose of Bio-identifying the invasive virus by the Immune System is to make
    bio-identical Antibodies to attack and eliminate the invasive virus. This is a living innate intelligent matching of antibodies to virus that’s been repeated in vertebrate life going back in the oldest
    vertebrates for 550 million years in ocean dwelling eels. 550 million years perfecting a system somehow inherited by the human vertebrate only just 200,000 years ago, when mankind is thought
    to have begun as a new specie on earth.

    It’s been asked how different vertebrates have taken on functions, DNA, etc., of other vertebrate; for example, like the capability of humans to have attained the human immune system so similar to
    other vertebrate that evolved before humans did.

    It is thought by some that not only the mystery of evolution of the species passed on other specie’s traits to other species, but also the eating of 1 vertebrate specie by another vertebrae specie is
    what may have allowed inter-specie sharing of functions and systems like the immune system passed on to the human specie by other specie that came before humans.

    And while the immune system of humans and vertebrates can bio-identify the precise and exact invasive virus traits in order to bio-identically replicate quadrillions of precise antibodies to eliminate
    the virus over a few weeks period of time; no scientists or laboratories have ever been able to replicate vaccine ingredients to do the same, that is bio-identically match a specific disease virus in the
    natural environment.

    Thus manmade laboratory vaccines cannot eliminate Covid 19 virus, or cause a human to be non-contagious, nor provide immunity to humans against natural virus. However, vaccine manmade
    synthetic ingredients are themselves invasive by injection, and while vaccines are not beneficial to humans, humans can develop immunity from and eliminate the vaccine ingredients from the
    human body. Sadly many vaccines contain heavy metals that cannot be excreted by the body and can cause permanent neurological damage to the person injected by the vaccine.

    Immune system memory facilitates replicating antibodies to attack same specie virus if they invade the same body again.

    As well, when virus naturally mutate, which they do in order to survive, that mutation is called a variant, similar to the original virus but varied because of the mutation process. The immune system,
    Having perhaps memorized the original virus by prior exposure, but now mutated, the immune system, is facilitated in replicating antibodies to eliminate the variant virus.

    Due to the world having hemispheric migratory climate and specie north to south to north, etc., annual migrations, so too virus searching out the colder earth pole, also migrate and ignorer to
    In order to survive, they also naturally mutate into variants seasonally as science recognizes seasonal mutations, necessitating ew vaccines that work for sales of vaccines but still the vaccines do
    not work.

    Vaccines do not accomplish what they are claimed to do but they do accomplish massive sales annually, and recently sales, because of fear, have skyrocketed.

    Being stabbed by anything is not good for the body, a vaccine stab dangerously bypasses the immune system’s guard on the normal portals of entry of the body.

    The preferred path as to Immunity is the Natural Path, strengthen the human body to defeat any invasive virus. Maintain an integrated nervous system that controls the immune system.

    Utilize the Sun, Water, Air, Rest, and Exercise as daily as possible, and eat only live natural food, and avoid vaccines.

  8. Koa April 24, 2021 5:07 am Reply

    The Islands are not yours to begin with and never will be.

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