Vaccine availability expanding

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Paul Medeiros gets his first dose of Moderna vaccine from Pharmacist Kyren Ishikawa of Lihu‘e Pharmacy.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Pharmacist Kyren Ishikawa of Lihu‘e Pharmacy administers the Moderna vaccine to Arlyn Perez.

LIHU‘E — The state Department of Health announced Thursday the state will extend COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to people ages 60 and older starting today.

“We are closely monitoring current and projected vaccination numbers, appointment availability and, most importantly, the amount of vaccine allocated to the people of Hawai‘i,” said DOH Director Dr. Libby Char in the announcement. “Our analysis of these indicators tells us it is time to expland vaccine eligibility to more people.”

Lihu‘e Pharmacy is the latest site addition to the clinic network on Kaua‘i, joining Wilcox Medical Center, the Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation Kaua‘i Region including Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waimea and Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital in Kapa‘a, the DOH site at the Kaua‘i War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihu‘e, and the CVS Longs Drugs in Kapa‘a, Koloa and ‘Ele‘ele.

“We worked with the Department of Health, and had to push hard,” said Pharmacist Kyren Ishikawa. “But we were finally approved, and we administered our first shots on March 17.”

Similar to the network of clinics, patrons need to have appointments for the Moderna vaccines that are administered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5 to 7 p.m. at Lihu‘e Pharmacy on Kolopa Street, near Servco Kaua‘i in the Kukui Grove West complex.

“We hope to expand shortly,” Ishikawa said. “But for now, the clinic will be on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Appointments for vaccines at Lihu‘e Pharmacy may be made by calling any one of the three pharmacies.

“Patients can call any of the three pharmacies and we’ll make the appointment,” Ishikawa said. “But the vaccines will only be done here at the pharmacy located adjacent to the State Farm Insurance office.”

Phone numbers for appointments include the Lihu‘e Pharmacy on Kolopa Street, 246-9100, the Lihu‘e Professional Pharmacy on Kuhio Highway at 245-3800, and the Lihu‘e Clinic Pharmacy on Elua Street at 246-6900.

Kevin Glick of Lihu‘e Pharmacy said, “We’ll be here as long as we’re needed.”

Wilcox Medical Center marked a milestone Friday when it administered its 10,000th dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are extremely proud to celebrate this important milestone today and to help contribute to Kaua‘i’s vaccination efforts, as we lead the state in the percent of our population who have been vaccinated,” said Jen H. Chahanovich, president and CEO of Wilcox Medical Center and CEO of Kaua‘i Medical Clinic.

“We have made incredible progress over the last few months, and will continue to work closely with our health-care partners to immunize our community as the vaccine is made available to more residents.”

Wilcox started administering vaccines on Dec. 21, starting with health-care workers at its facilities, Wilcox Medical Center and Kaua‘i Medical Clinic. The recipients of the 10,000 doses included independent health-care providers, kupuna ages 60 and older, those ages 16 and above with high-risk health conditions and other essential workers identified in Phase 1a, 1b and 1c of the state’s vaccination plan.

Qualifying individuals can schedule their appointments online for Wilcox at; for the HHSC hospitals at, for the CVS Longs Drugs at, and the DOH distribution at, and via the phone numbers for Lihu‘e Pharmacy.

  1. Vaxs Max March 29, 2021 7:23 am Reply

    This rush to vaccines for our entire nation’s population, after it used reckless warp speed manufacturing of apparently untested unsafe billions of doses of vaccines for worldwide, throw fate to the wind distribution, has spawned a new cult of fanatic drug & vaccine seekers, and without even a list of vaccine ingredients being offered with the chemicals and toxins being used, in these vaccines, the vaccine seeker volunteers are now being given status as members of the Vaccine Suicide Cult.

    Just yesterday a friend told me that his his uncle, recently took the vaccine, and with his having no pre-existing conditions, within 1 hour of being vaccinated, he was unable to breathe, they were able to intubate him with the hose down his throat to get oxygen to his lungs, but he still died after a few minutes of being unable to breathe, all of this within an hour after being injected, stabbed as they say, with one of the various vaccines being offered at injection centers.

    This vaccine death tragedy was on the mainland, where also, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an attorney and nephew of President Kennedy, heads an organization called the Childrens Health Defense, its a dot org, and reports on many similar vaccine deaths and ill side effects are reported.

    And the vaccine injection centers, out of concern of dangerous side effects, besides the typical side effects mimicking the flu, have you wait at the vaccine injection center to observe you for 15 minutes after the vaccine injection, in case you have a life threatening or other serious vaccine side effect event.

    Some vaccine injection centers report that you are given a cookie and some cool aid after the injection, we suppose that is so, in case you have a lethal or toxic reaction to the vaccine, they have the cookie or kool aid to blame for your dangerous vaccine reaction. Kool aid has become a popular scape goat, a red herring, to distract people from what really went wrong with a bad vaccine reaction. Vaccines are inherently dangerous, injecting them is worse, no time for immune defense.

    Like in the case of Covid-19 virus, it’s the Red Herring of distraction, it gets the blame, instead of the inept medical care that has plagued the world for many generations even to the point where they refer to their disease care, and disease perpetuation, as Health Care. An oxymoron for an ox and moron public if there ever was one

    Disease Care, no matter how much you have been duped and doped by their system is not Health Care. Disease Care and their $4 Trillion dollars a year in treatments, surgeries, and prescription drug sales to 80% of the American public is widely known and provides for massive medical incomes, and ill health for a nation.

    Even the American Military whose responsibility is the defense and protection of America, with worldwide military bases, only spends 20% of what we spend on American medical disease care, which chooses to treat your diseases with toxic and lethal drugs for the rest of your life, perpetually keeping you burdened by disease and prescription drug costs, with no concern whatsoever to get you well and healthy.

    Prescription drugs being given to 80% of the US population means America is a sick and weak nation and getting worse.

    Giving the Covid vaccine to people who already have had the Covid virus, and who had no symptoms, is absolutely moronic. Because people who have had the virus, that is being positive, whether tested or not, and have been positive, that is infected, for 2 weeks or more, have already been through the natural immune system response to disease virus, and those people have become immune and non contagious as to the Covid-19 virus, or any of its naturally mutated variants.

    Being Immune means you have not only deactivated or eliminated the virus important your body due to you immune system plasma

    Get with it people, if your brain accepts the lie that Medical Care is Health Care than you could believe anything, like Covid-19 virus killed millions while the vast majority of those people had the mandatory 4 Qualifications that kill most people whether or not they were infected by the Covid-19 virus or any of its naturally occurring mutated variants.

    The irony of blaming something other than the obvious, like in the case of ridiculously blaming the cookie or cool aid for an obvious Vaccine injection injury, is born out of the hysteria of blame on the Covid-19 virus which has killed less people than the annual flu for the last 6 years.

    Blaming the Covid-19 virus for record numbers of people who already have had decades of eating “modern” junk, fast, low nutrient foods loaded with multiple cheap sugars used as cost saving real food replacements; and also dosed with carcinogenic cancer causing petrochemicals and other toxic chemicals, and why they are put in our foods not even God knows.

    As well, the decades long intake of unfit food for humans, better labeled as “junk food snacks” as 90% of supermarket and convenience store food is, which after decades of use, abuse, becomes the source of early onset of slowly accumulating end-of-life diseases, diagnosed and treated with more carcinogenic prescription drugs and other toxic medications, for more decades of a sickly life. Don’t forget, many people take 5 and 10 or more prescription drugs a day. Poison on top of poison for decades and people debilitated with more mutilating surgery, we do not have a health care system in America, we have a disease care system that nurses your disease(s) for a lifetime until death. Disease Care by prescription drugs does not intend or attempt to get you well or Healthy, its primary purpose is to manage your diseases by selling you prescription drugs…for the rest of your shortened life.

    Disease care is not HEALTH CARE. Disease care requires:
    1.) decades long abuse of eating low nutrient, junk, fast, and
    processed food, and snacks resulting in
    2.) early onset of decades long end-of-life diseases,
    3.) resulting in decades long abuse of chemical and prescription
    drugs and mutilating surgical treatments,
    4.) all of those decades combined, equals a now elderly person
    whose time in life is up, and the food and medical authorities
    who have been profiting and allowing people to be abused in
    Qualifications 1 to 3 above, have the audacity, the nerve, the
    arrogance, the recklessness, to blame a last “minute” in life
    virus that is carried on the back of the 4 Qualifications, for the
    deaths of so many, is absolutely preposterous.

    And for people of huge profits to even suggest that a poisonous vaccine can reverse 60+ years of Food and Drug abuse by ignorant civilians while the Food and Drug Administration is laughing all the way, is on the one hand ludicrous, and on the other is along the lines of being, well, criminal, taking lives earlier than God and nature intended.

    It is criminal because the profiteers are relying on people of great Blind Faith who throughout life have believed in what they cannot see or understand, to line up for a vaccine, that the pseudo scientists and the media will not even list the ingredients of vaccines that need to be injected, thus bypassing the human immune system’s guarded portals of entry into their body. Treachery !

    It’s like saying a person who has been 1.) eating the cause of being “sick”; and ) then being sick, the 2 combined during their whole life, and then a mosquito comes along and bites them on the butt, and the medical world blames the mosquito, er, uh, the virus.

    And then people believe that vaccine baloney, and join the Vaccine Suicide Cult.

    They have no knowledge of what is in the variety pack of vaccines, nor their short, and years later, long term effects. Yet they “beg” in line to be next.

    When all along their dietary junk lifestyle has been an overwhelming burden on their exhausted immune system, and instead of the 98% who get the Covid19 flu and have no symptoms, they along with the mandatory 4 Qualifications become deadly ill, and the medical system is baffled as to why they do die.

    We are told by the Childrens Health Defense website, a dot org, that there are many such dangerous vaccine toxic and lethal side effects reactions, yet media fails to mention them, perhaps to keep the hysteria of the cult active.

    When the vaccine company says they are putting an experimental untested Gene Therapy into your body, what gene is being used and what are its short and long side effects p.

    Genes do millions of things in our bodies, they can turn on cancer. Does the Vaccine Suicide Cult know exactly what they are getting injected into them. Do they know how many people the vaccine is making sick or has killed already.

    With life itself, even with or without the 4 Qualifications of dying with the Covid-19 virus, when it is your time to pass on, well it’s your time. But to warp speed your death up, by a vaccine, is to say the least, a but rude, if not murderous.

    Be safe, follow the Natural Path.

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