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VOICES: Trump, the limelight, P.T. Barnum and the rest of the story

Donald Trump is always 10 chess moves ahead of everyone. Now he’s just smiling and thinking how he can make America great again in 2024. The old adage by P.T. Barnum about there being no such thing as bad publicity has undergone its most-trying test yet with the second impeachment trial of former President Trump being acquitted of all charges as he was in the first impeachment trial.

If the Dems really wanted to do damage, as basic psychology suggests, they would forget Trump altogether and never mention his name again. Instead, they keep him in the media limelight. Good or bad, publicity is beneficial. Trump knows this, milks it, and realizes beyond a reasonable doubt all this will help in the long hull.

It’s ironic that the Democrats still yearn for Donald Trump. He is still the topic of late-night talk shows and comedy. The network news still reports on him more than any other ex-president.

Love him, hate him, or even love to hate him, Donald Trump is the most mesmerizing and charismatic person to ever hold political office, and people feel a need to know what’s happening with him, good, bad, comical or displeasing.

Steven Colbert, a late-night talk-show host, was said to be happy when Joe Biden “won” the election. However, his comedy and talk show is still focused around Trump. Talk about being obsessed and having a chronic case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), even while he’s out of office.

Colbert is not the only left-wing Democrat still utterly obsessed with Trump even though he’s no longer president. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and every major network on the airwaves is jonesing for anything “Donald.”

There’s a reason the Democrats don’t want him to run in 2024, because they know he will win, especially with all the attention he’s currently getting on a daily basis right now. This is exactly what the lamestream media did prior to the 2016 election and wondered how Trump was elected.

Note to my Democrat friends;

Should you truly want Donald Trump to never hold office again and disappear, you must do what any psychiatrist would advise you to do: quit talking about him and making him the center of attention. I know this won’t happen. Therefore, I would like to thank my far-left and Democrat friends for keeping Donald Trump’s name current and relevant.

P.T. Barnum also said, “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.”

“And now you know — the rest of the story.” — Paul Harvey


James “Kimo” Rosen is a resident of Kapa‘a.

  1. Chip Nelson March 1, 2021 1:22 am Reply

    “Kool Aid Kimo” is back, Acting like his idol. If only TGI would cease giving him space like he says the “lamestream media” should do to his idol. Ironic isn’t it?

  2. Citizen Cane March 1, 2021 1:41 am Reply

    Kimo, you honestly think either impeachment trial resulted in a fair verdict from an impartial jury? In a real court following standard rules we both know Trump would’ve left in jumpsuits matching his hair and bronzer. And if getting the attention of late night comics is the gold standard for presidential mettle, then you and your fellow conservatives should consider nominating Dennis Rodman, Justin Bieber or Bozo the Clown. Judging by today’s Republicans (think CPAC with Cancun Ted, the golden Big Boy Trump statue….or why not re-constitute Sarah Palin?) I think it’s fair to say we can’t wait to see who the Repugs have in store next for the country.

  3. behappy March 1, 2021 4:13 am Reply

    Anyone is better that the Bozo in office now. What a circus!

    1. KauaiVoter March 11, 2021 8:49 pm Reply

      Agree totally,behappy.

  4. Kawika Anahola March 1, 2021 6:18 am Reply

    Drinking Trump’s Kool aid will be hazardous to your democracy! Aloha.

  5. billyjoebob March 1, 2021 7:46 am Reply

    If you honestly think Trump has charisma I would suggest seeing a doctor.
    This article is further proof that the media will print anything it thinks will get someone to click on, I did. What a waste.

  6. james March 1, 2021 7:46 am Reply

    Since he lost the last election by a landslide, I’m sure he will lose 2024 by even more, if he is still alive and not in jail.

  7. James Z March 1, 2021 8:09 am Reply

    ‘Love him, hate him, or even love to hate him, Donald Trump is the most mesmerizing and charismatic person to ever hold political office, and people feel a need to know what’s happening with him, good, bad, comical or displeasing.’

    I certainly beg to differ. I won’t even go back very far, just to my teenage years when JFK came to our working class city. There was a man gracious, mesmerizing, a real war hero, charismatic and principled. He spoke of sacrifice and service-not himself.

  8. therealhawaiian March 1, 2021 8:12 am Reply

    Thank you Kimo for a great read! Trump doesn’t know how to quit, and he always wins! Sometimes it just takes longer than other times! This Country and it’s first widespread fraudulent election is circling the drain. The current new “worst President in United States history” and his high priced call girl have already done more damage to our Country than our Liberal friends realize. Soon they will live their stupidity and it will be amazing to watch. Prepare for gasoline you can’t afford, taxes you can’t afford, job losses by the hundreds of thousands, and Socialism. Fools.

  9. drsurf March 1, 2021 8:54 am Reply

    The Republican party is now the party of Trump, his way or the highway. No policies, no direction, just Trumpism. And his concern is not making America great – it’s making money for Trump. And the author knows.

  10. LMat March 1, 2021 9:11 am Reply

    Hey Kimo, is that a banana in your pocket…?

  11. andy March 1, 2021 9:31 am Reply

    I guess the question for Mr. Rosen (besides why the phony Hawaiian name) would be: why would you still apparently look favorably upon Trump, a pathological liar and sexual predator, with so much blood (and infection) on his hands, who has done so much to sow the seeds of hatred and division in our wonderful country? Seriously.

  12. Craig Millett March 1, 2021 9:43 am Reply

    Trump??? Chess??? Poor delusional James. Surely you realize that Trump doesn’t know even a single chess move. Stay tuned for his fitting for an orange jumpsuit.

  13. Andrew March 1, 2021 9:47 am Reply

    Trump is a Robber Baron, and people are trying to hold him accountable for white-collar crimes he committed in office and before he held office. They are obsessing-because they do not want him to get away with it. Im obsessing with TGI and why it lets a troll play his games with a local newspaper. When I read garbage like this editorial, It strengthens my resolve to not come back to read TGI anymore.

  14. kauaidoug March 1, 2021 10:58 am Reply

    Saying the name gives the power and on that , Mr. Rosen you are entirely correct and I am in complete agreement with you on that point. I DO NOT think he was the most charismatic politician however.

    All I will say is that I am glad he doesn’t have access to codes anymore and the reason he gets talked about is that he is NOT doing the usual presidential thing of keeping his mouth shut after leaving office. This after trying to overthrow an election!!!

    We are in a very dangerous time right now, politically speaking, because almost half of America seems to be suffering from the virus of Qanon, causing widespread demintia!

  15. David Rhoades March 1, 2021 11:08 am Reply

    Great point. It’s the Trump haters who focus so much of their time, energy, and social media on the guy. Why do they torture themselves and consume themselves with so much hatred? It seems so ridiculous.

    The media hacks who are still obsessed with hating on Trump and purging his supporters cannot garner any interest in the newly installed President Asterisk, who is barely capable of signing executive orders written by radical warmongers, open border supporters who have no issues with sex, opioid, and human trafficking, and Middle East pipeline investors in the state department who want to eradicate US fuel independence at the expense of many thousands of US jobs.

    Biden doesn’t send tweets that poke fun at leftists like Trump, but then again we all know the he isn’t capable of tweeting, much less reading a teleprompter.

  16. Kurt Last March 1, 2021 11:21 am Reply

    Mr. Rosen – Every single Democrat I know – and I know a lot of them – want Donald Trump to disappear completely in the rear view mirror. The reason that Trump was impeached for the second time (at least he’s # 1 at something) is because he incited a riot to overturn a free and fair election and people died as a result. McConnell refused to call the Senate into session to try Trump while he was still in office, and then complained that they couldn’t convict him because he wasn’t in office. Classic McConnell. But believe me, the less we hear about that failed sociopathic, racist imbecile, the better.

  17. Paulo March 1, 2021 11:31 am Reply

    James, if you think having razor wire encircling the Capital is making America Great Again I give up on both you and your IQ challenged leader.

  18. kauaiboy March 1, 2021 12:13 pm Reply


    And who are you, “Gimo” more attention?

  19. Robin Clark March 1, 2021 5:11 pm Reply

    Commentors: don’t you realize when you are being had? TGI can’t afford Tom Tomorrow or the Far Side so they employ Jimmy Rosen as their comedic feature. Sure, the Orange Doughboy, who was overwhelming defeated by an uninspiring (if competent) candidate who didn’t even campaign, will walk away with the 2024 election! Even after “the former guy” incited a deadly riot and will be convicted of multiple criminal infractions, whilst his “business empire” continues to go belly up, and he will be on his fourth (and counting) divorce. Remember, the most popular Barnum attractions were the freaks, and the “former guy” is right up there with the three-headed snake and the bearded lady (no offence to her).

  20. Reid March 2, 2021 7:21 am Reply


  21. Elkcims March 2, 2021 11:15 am Reply

    Trump was liked by millions because he was a vibrating orange middle finger to all of the DC swap creatures of both parties. He was the first president to hit back against the lame media.
    The media disdains Trump because he is polarizing and blunt….this is also why half of the country likes him.
    Election systems in key states were unconstitutionally changed in response to Covid such that half of America deems them untrustworthy. No Republicans can possibly win until the elections are returned to pre-Covid signature verification and Big Tech ‘s contribution and censorship is reined in.

  22. Infinity Tom March 2, 2021 3:19 pm Reply

    Way to go Kimo…..nothing like triggering the left. Say what you want but Ole’ Joe is really not understanding where he’s at, going or will be. Man, the Democrat party certainly put their best foot forward.

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