Kaua‘i records first on-island COVID-19 death

LIHU‘E — The first on-island COVID-19 fatality was reported Monday morning, Mayor Derek Kawakami announced. The elderly male resident had no travel history.

“It is heartbreaking to report this news especially as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week,” Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami said in a press release. “As a community, we share in this painful loss together and we extend our sincere prayers, love and aloha to the family and loved ones of this individual.”

Earlier this year, one off-island Kaua‘i resident died in Arizona. The state’s Department of Health has reported 233 deaths to date.

Monday, the county reported four new on-island cases among one adult resident and three adult visitors. One of these cases participated in the state’s Safe Travels program and did not receive a positive result until after arrival.

The county has 23 active cases, with 117 cumulative cases reported. Of this, 103 have been confirmed locally, one probable and 13 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere. Eighteen of these cases have been reported in the past four days.

Statewide, health officials reported 114 new COVID-19 cases, including 80 on O‘ahu, 10 on Hawai‘i Island, 11 on Maui, and three on Kaua‘i. State and county numbers differ due to lag times in reporting.

In the last two weeks, the state has reported 1,314 new cases. There are currently 72 hospitalized across the islands, none on Kaua‘i, according to the Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency.

The County of Kaua‘i remains on Tier 4 of its four-tiered reopening system that dictates what recreational and business activities are allowed based on infection rates and new case counts.

With Monday’s new cases, the county has a seven-day average of daily cases of 3.57, above the Tier 4 threshold of 2.0.

“While we currently remain in Tier 4, the dramatically increasing case count is threatening to restrict our activities,” Kawakami said. “If our daily cases continue at the current rate, it could quickly drive us to Tier 3 or even Tier 2.”

Friday, the county said if the average remains above two, it’s possible to move tiers by the first week of December.

  1. DR Jim November 23, 2020 7:30 pm Reply

    18 cases and one death in 4 days. That’s 4.5 cases per day average. Do we expect that number to go down? We have had more cases on the island in the 5 weeks since ending the quarantine than we had in the previous 8 months.

    How many more people do we need to entice to leave areas of high infection with a “negative test” just to arrive here with COVID? Large parts of the country are in various phases of restriction but we are letting them come here with no restrictions. This seems irresponsible.

    How far do we have to go with this idiocy before we see that our testing program is no more effective than other islands (ie. Tahiti) whose programs failed miserably? Single tests performed immediately before interacting couldn’t keep the disease out of the White House. Why do we think a test given 3 days before travel when you can then go about your life anyway you want for up to three days, then get on a plane with people that don’t yet have their (sometimes positive) test result and have also been walking around doing as they please, is going to be remotely effective? Why don’t we model ourselves after an island that has gotten it right and eliminated community spread, New Zealand. They have a 14 day mandatory quarantine, and while cases get onto the island, by and large there has been very limited spread of disease in the community. Translated that means that people willing to put up with a temporary hardship can then live their lives without significant risk and in a relatively normal way (kids going to school, seeing your elderly relatives, shopping in a normal environment, eating in restaurants).

    New Zealand health officials have just documented a single presymptomatic COVID infected traveler infected 4 other passengers on a long flight with rigorous mask and glove requirements in place. In New Zealand all of these cases were caught by a 14 day quarantine preventing infections from entering the community. We aren’t even pretending to do that. Each person that shows up here either with a positive diagnosis either on arrival (suprise!) or diagnosed later has already had the opportunity to spread the disease further during the long transoceanic flights, before even interacting with the community.

    If we stopped travel completely now, and reinstituted a lockdown, we would still see our case numbers increase for 2 weeks. Our hospitalizations and potentially deaths will increase for 2 weeks beyond that. It will take 4 to 6 weeks from now for the number of inections to fall back to where they are today. Do we really need to increase our burden of cases and community spread of disease further?

    Mayor Kawakami, we don’t need to wait 2 weeks to figure out where that “rolling average” is going. Restricting indoor gatherings to ten people and cutting the number in a party at a restaurant from 25 to 10 is not going to solve the problem, though it may slow the community spread.

    Opt out of the pretesting. If Governor Ige is committed to making his legacy the decimation of Hawaii by COVID, we cant control that. But our Mayor and Council do have the ability to protect this the island. Exercise that ability. I suspect that in short order the governor will approve a 7 day two test system which would drastically reduce but not eliminate infections from being introduced to the island. In the meantime we will be all the safer with the two week quarantine.

    1. The Elit November 24, 2020 5:52 am Reply

      it’s easy to talk about shutting everything down when you don’t need to work for a living, DR Jim.
      The rest of us accept the minimal risk covid presents. it’s time for all of us to acknowledge that this new virus is here to stay, and get on with life. and work.

      if you’re too scared, stay home.

      1. Dr Jim November 24, 2020 4:06 pm Reply


        One’s perspective on the world is definitely influenced by where one stands.

        My perspective is influenced by my education ( 3 degrees in biology and medicine and residency and fellowship training), my experience as a medical professor at two universities and 30 years of practice, and while I am not an epidemiologist or public health expert, I have had courses in those subjects as well as virology and population medicine.

        I wish I didn’t have to work for a living. I do work for a living – over 40 hours a week. Am I economically advantaged? Absolutely. I am “rich hoale” who has lived here for more than a year and less than a lifetime and considers Kauai home. And I consider the people of this island my community.

        I am not scared. I am healthy, middle-aged, and have no underlying health concerns or pre-existing conditions that put me at more risk. I believe that if I get infected, I have a very high likelihood of recovering completely. But not being scared for my own well-being does not eliminate my concern for other people. I have the ability to “hunker down” at home for an extended period of time. I have good health insurance and the ability to treat myself at home. But many people dont have the same living situation. Introducing a higher level of infection rate into our community is going to disproportionately affect lower income families. It has everywhere else we will not be different. I am very concerned about the impact that this virus could have on our community. Physically, mentally, economically. These are all concerns. The economic reality of having a disseminated infection in the community, and the long term impact is far worse than a short-term disruption in some employment sectors.

        Am I afraid? Absolutely. I am afraid that this community is about the introduce a level of infection that will result in long term damage to a community that I care about.

  2. uncle common sense November 23, 2020 10:33 pm Reply

    Less than 1% mortality rate in the general population. This is not about keeping you safe. Fear is the virus.

    1. No nonsense nephew November 24, 2020 4:04 pm Reply

      how is 1% a small number??

      If 1% of flights crashed in the US, that would be 50 crashes per day.

      1% of Zuckerbergs wealth is almost the entire HiDOE budget.

      These are real people dying uncle

      1. Mr. FORD November 24, 2020 10:35 pm Reply

        The corona virus has been a tool for fear since the early 60’s. I know people on this island that have died from over work this year. How many people die on this island from flu/virus from years before this properganda? Watch TV and you become a madman and brain dead. God does not lead the ignorant.

    2. JMG November 25, 2020 6:12 am Reply

      We had around 3,000 deaths on 9/11 and decided to retaliate which was the right thing to do. Now, we have over 250,000 death from this disease in U.S. and that is “minimal.” 1% of the U.S. population is almost 3.3 million lives. Is that an acceptable amount of deaths?

      By the way, you should focus on morbidity rates, not mortality rates as that is much higher. Morbidity is the percentage of a population that has complications from a disease and may require for example to be on ventilators for the rest of their lives. In addition to initial COVID care, morbidity is what is tying up our hospitals and their beds because they are overrun with so many sick COVID patients.

  3. Ohana November 24, 2020 9:21 am Reply

    Mahalo Dr Jim, good comment. We all have sacrificed so much to keep ohana safe, it’s sad that money is the reason the virus is not treated as the pandemic it is. This is just the beginning if this continues. So sad as we are so close to a vaccine. They could have kept us all safe until then.

  4. John November 24, 2020 10:48 am Reply

    “Heartbreaking” my brown azz! Kawakami knew exactly what would happen by opening our island back up to tourism without second tests or mandatory quarantines. His only priority was to help his friend$ at the hotels and airlines. And he won’t lift a finger for our community until we’ve become a full-on virus-zombie apocalypse. This is what happens when you elect a privileged, rich, career politician as your mayor, folks!

    1. Wise John November 24, 2020 7:04 pm Reply

      ALOHA John, you would be wise to study immunology under a PhD in the subject.

      Or easier would be to study the long explanation below of how the immune system works, I found it very informative, but a bit challenging to read. Maybe have a few go it’s to understand how all this works, pretty much explains why best to go and get the virus , unless you are high risk, in order for yours and your family protection. It makes perfect sense after reading.

  5. Ending Covid November 24, 2020 11:52 am Reply

    An Explanation for:
    Aloha Mayor Derek,

    It is difficult to believe that the only thing you have to say about this Kauai Senior, that he was elderly with no travel history.

    This, the most important dangerous thing occurring on this island since Hawaiians were felled by the measles in the early 1800’s, and all you can confirm is that he was elderly?

    The article states he passed away early this morning, and you have nothing else to say and it is at least 24 hours ago.

    Perhaps you don’t realize most of the people on island who die are elderly. And that would be true worldwide. What makes you think he was killed 100% by the Covid-19 virus. As you may know hospitals charge way more money for Covid-19 cases than other services. Why a price gouge in a pandemic is like over charging for RICE after a hurricane. They have laws about that !

    Do you realize the FEAR you are instilling in our citizens., and yet you provide no details that would allay people’s fears. Sort of like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theatre.

    Elderly could be mean a retired 65 year old, or any age up to 105. And some people look elderly at 50, sadly. Don’t you think we deserve to know his age at his time of passing, and at this time of great concern we are uncertain if this is an epidemic scourge of death or just another hyped up flu with overtones of massive vaccine sales with potential for multiple costly booster injections in the months and years ahead for each individual taking the vaccine out of fear, instead of out of fear and denied the facts. After all if he is listed in the obituaries in a few days it usually states the age of the deceased anyway. But age is not the only factor that plays into most people’s passing of life. We need to know all facts, even with the statewide amount of deaths, that is not too many people to hear the actual condition of the people who passsed. This brainless list of Oahu statistics is only fitting for the brainless.

    So since you have had a good part of the day yesterday amd this morning to investigate, how come you do not know his age within a 50 year span, and a list of pre-existing diseases and his prescription drugs being taken, and for how long taken, as in years to decades of prescription drug treatments.

    Derek we want, no, we demand, to know more, and we do not want to be told this is none of our business.

    This is our business…!

    And while the whole island is feeling condolences (with pain) for this man and his family, we need to know more, because who is next? Is it any one of us? Will it be you our loved Mayor, or your family member or ours? A keiki? We do not want more losses, we need you.

    Don’t hold back, Derek, this is important to every one of us. What if it turns out the current medical care is inappropriate and there is a better simpler care program that has much much less sickness and death that has not been tried yet due to the tight grip the medical industry has on disease care. For sure we have not tried Health Care on a broad scale yet.

    1/2 of silence is usually a lie. Bring on 100% of the truth!

    Was this elderly man a 50 year old daily strong athlete, enjoying surfing, tennis, basketball, bike path rider, practitioner of yoga, went to the gym, and played soccer, and worked as a carpenter 5 days a week, and never smoked anything or drank alcohol, in his entire life?

    Was he also akamai to never eat junk food, fast food, food with sugars or added chemicals, or food with Agriculture chemicals in or on the food, as well as no processed food, and was not an eater of animal fat, lard, and grease?

    Or did he have a single or several chronic degenerative end of life diseases along with the toxic and advertised lethal prescription medical drugs with multiple doses of each drug per day? You know end of life diseases like Heart, Stroke, Vascular, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Diabetes, Asthma, the too many Cancers, or Liver, Kidney, Lung, and Pancreas diseases, and etc.’s, and also taking 5 or 10 prescription drugs a day with multiple doses morning, noon, and night?

    Was he all about practicing personal Health Care every day and still was killed by the Covid-19 virus? Did he have prior exposure experience to the other seasonal flu’s that pass through Hawaii and Kauai annually? Some scientists say it is important to have exposure and at best no symptoms infection to the annual sequence of seasonal flu as resistance may be strengthened by repeated accumulative exposure and infection to piggy back year after year strength against the new seasonal virus annually.

    Some scientists say this seasonal Covid-19 virus has dragged on
    for so long because so much effort was made to stop the natural
    spread and that delayed the more rapid immune response and
    development of non-contagion, as well as Herd Immunity which
    ends seasonal flu’s.

    Was this man living a life on the safe side of a Healthy diet, good nutrition, and a Healthy active life style, because if he was 50 and died from the Covid-19 virus while living Healthy; then we better drop the face mask and 6’ distancing, because they are not working, and we better start wearing Astronaut Helmets, and wearing Hazard Suits, and isolate in doors in our bedrooms 24/7 and have our food delivered by robots in self driven delivery trucks…as anti-contagion measures.

    Because if this minimally described elderly man was as “Healthy as a Horse”, and still died from the sole cause of the Covid-19 virus, then we are scared out of our wits and more drastic measures should be taken, like shutting down the government and all other jobs, no one to have income, food delivered twice a day by robot.

    And then you are correct in scaring the daylights out of us…!

    However, if he was in his upper 90’s and has had a full life, after all, whether with Covid-19 virus or not, well people die in their 9th decade of life, as then we shall not fear death’s inevitability.

    Derek, someone of your position and intelligence, you know why the Quarantine is for 2 weeks, just 14 days? Because in almost all cases of Virus infection, including Covid-19 virus, the human immune system within 14 days, and for some people in as little as 3 days, and for some people maybe even up to 3 weeks, the immune systems of all of us vertebrates, (our immune systems are under the control and organization of the nervous system), develop bio-identical antibodies (i.e., specific antibodies, no 2 alike as in a lock and key match) to each specific virus “specie”, like the Covid-19 virus is a different “specie” from all the other virus of different years and different diseases.

    Thus the immune system develops, over an approximately 14 days, enough specific antibodies, specific to the Covid-19 virus, to not only deactivate all the Covid-19 virus in a person’s body, but also produces many more left over specific antibodies to attack secondary and tertiary incoming and infecting Covid-19 virus.

    The secondary or tertiary immune response is an immediate respo does not requiring time to identify any subsequent Covid-19 virus infection, because of the leftover antibodies already on alert for the Covid-19 virus, the antibody attack against theCovid-19 virus is immediate and effective.

    The result of the immune system production of specific antibodies to deactivate the Covid-19 virus, or any other virus, or even bacteria, is referred to as IMMUNITY.

    At the same time, after all the Covid-19 virus have been deactivated, by the specific antibodies, that means that that person who has achieved IMMUNITY no longer has any active virus, and is now no longer CONTAGIOUS, and can no longer spread the Covid-19 virus to others. Being NON-CONTAGIOUS, is of enormous importance. It means that Non-Contagious people are safe to be out and about in the general public and not only cannot spread the Covid-19 virus to others, but also do not need to wear the mask, or maintain 6’ distancing, or wash their hands with toxic antibacterial soaps that upset the balance of our important skin bacteria.

    This aspect of personal and natural Immunity and being Non-Contagious is of extreme importance to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

    This means that every person who is exposed and infected by the Covid-19 virus and after approximately 14 days, has developed their own personal and natural Immunity and has become Non- Contagious. This natural Immunity and being Non-Contagious, occurs to every person worldwide who has undergone their own immune response and have then become part of Herd Immunity.

    Herd Immunity means that each person in the Herd, or community, can no longer become infected by the Covid-19 virus, nor able to spread the Covid-19 virus, the combination of these 2 qualities means the Covid-19 virus can no longer survive inside of people nor spread to others. Thus becomes the end of the Covid-19 virus, and its Pandemic. We need the majority of people having Herd Immunity to end the Pandemic.

    Unfortunately the obvious, which is the obvious still ongoing spread of the virus, is proof that not only are masks and social distancing not working, but drastically more important, these meager measures are preventing enough Healthy people at once to not only become infected with the Covid-19 virus, but also to develop their own immunity and non-contagion to prevent spread in the long run, because the slow spread of the Covid-19 virus denies the immune response to occur in a major part of a community and thus denies Herd Immunity and the attrition or elimination of the Covid-19 virus.

    In Healthy people of Healthy populations getting the Covid-19 virus naturally by natural spread actually, because of the reliable immune system, leads to the elimination of the Covid-19 virus and also the Covid-19 virus Pandemic.

    You may ask how we can have confidence in our Immune Systems. As said, we humans are all vertebrates. There are 40,000 species of vertebrates on earth. They are the creatures who have Fins, Feathers, and Feet, as well as a spine and skull that is responsible for housing and protecting the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord, that is, the Central Nervous Systems (CNS).

    The CNS controls, coordinates, and organizes all of the body’s
    cells, tissues, organs, and systems; one of those systems is the
    Immune System.

    All vertebrates have Immune Systems, and the oldest of the vertebrates have been successfully evolving Immune Systems for 550 Million years. 550 Million years of Immune Systems protecting living things’ internal environments from the perils of the external environment is a lot of history and experience we can depend on.

    Clearly we can have confidence in our Immune Systems. Why? Because our bodies, via our Central Nervous System have an Inborn Intelligence so vast that it built each human being from just 2 cells from our parents. This intelligence built our entire incredibly diverse complex bodies without any outside help except food, the food provided by our Mothers. From 2 cells that become 1 cell and then in a brief approximately 9 months we have a fully developed new human ready for the external environment of earth, and an immune system developing resistance to our external during the approximately first 7 years of life, then the immune system is on automatic accepting the day to day challenges of the environment .

    It is scientific fact that the human body requires an adequate and nutritious Healthy diet of food compatible with the needs of the body, and a Healthy active lifestyle and an optimally functioning Nervous System, and a Healthy Environment to live in, in order to have mental, physical, and social Well being.

    Honest Scientists promote there being naturally Healthy humans and as well all of God’s other sentient creatures, living in a Healthy Environment for all.

    Over the last many generations Pseudo Scientists have let themselves become motivated by profit, and degradation of humans and God’s creatures and have allowed the environment to have undergone degenerative changes by ignoring the needs of the environment. This is going on today, at, hmm, well, warp speed.

    We are obligated to trust in our immune systems because it is clear that with Healthy humans in a Healthy environment, the Human Immune System needs no help deactivating virus, including Covid-19 virus, nor needing help with Immunity and being Non-Contagious, which is proven by approximately 98% of the people who are exposed to and infected by the Covid-19 virus, and whether tested or not, either experience Zero or Mild or Moderare symptoms, requiring no hospitalization or medications or prescription drugs. That community experience is due to functioning immune systems.

    However, pseudo scientists, feel their puny 4 year medical education knows better than the Intelligence of the human body, and they believe people’s bodies are incapable of taking care of themselves; and instead need carcinogenic petrochemicals made into medications and prescription drugs, and and falsely need, with misled indoctrinated thinking, need a vaccine for every Virus, every year. At great profit we might add.

    And while the Immune System needs no outside help to naturally deactivate virus, what it does need is no interference. Interferences burden the Immune System and render it less capable of doing its job of deactivating virus.

    Some of the things that burden the immune system are non, or less, nutritious foods, for example, Fast food, Junk food,microwave food, processed food, additives to food composed of chemicals and petrochemicals, synthetic vitamins, sugars, including Agricultural chemicals and petrochemicals put in and on our food. As well as medications and toxic and as advertised often lethal prescription drugs.

    So if you are at High Risk, with 1 or more end of life diseases and taking numerous prescription drugs, (there are 330 million Americans) purchasing 4.4 Billion drug prescriptions sold per year, wherein 80% of the 330 million American public, take 1 more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses. And 55% take 4 or more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses for each drug.

    It’s no wonder we have such a sick nation with too many unable to contend with the Covid-19 virus, though with little or no interference to their immune systems, those people could readily deactivate the Covid-19 virus, and become immune to the virus and non-contagious.

    Of the 250,000 who have died while having the Covid-19 virus, the CDC CLAIMS ONLY 6% died from the virus, or only 18,000. The other 94% died of their end of life chronic degenerative diseases. Medical disease care left them in a condition of being the walking or sitting dead already.

    Of the millions and billions worlwide who have tested positive or not tested yet and are not dead, all of them through their natural immune process have after 14 days after virus infection developed their own natural immunity and became Non-Contagious., which is how we want everyone who is not at High Risk.

    Some responsibility must be taken by those people who provide, promote, and/sell Non-Nutritious food, and treat high risk people with medications and prescription drugs instead of educating people back to wellness and Health.

    Statistics prove that medical care and it’s approach to thenCovid-19 virus and so many other end of life diseases, is not working, we need a new path to follow.

    We need to follow the Natural Path.

    1. USAF Brat November 28, 2020 10:45 am Reply

      The Coconut Wireless told us who this Kane is. We know his rank age and serial number too. That you don’t know is purrfect, cuz it means you’re not accepted as a community guru, just another transplant that thinks his words will make a difference. The mayor is just a kid in high’heel sneakers. Ask him about a brother of his or others that he COmmisurates with to EXplain their circumstances and you’ll get the same round-about ansa! I don’t trust any of these circus clowns, especially with our lives and that of Prosecuting Attorney who should be in jail alongside mAry Kealoha and her popo chief hubster, THE tip of the iceberg, but there are thousands of ‘community’ that are complicit with these stories that the media mafia and their hui continue towards press release cuz like we know, IT’s all about the money, power, and people buying land and houses that are going to find out their cash for these investments HAVE gambled on a losing throw of the die. Ask your realtor about the truth as it applies to ‘owning’ your toilet seat before you make THE greatest mistake you will ever make, moving to these islands. IT is NOT what it appears. TRUTH AND INTEGRITY FLIES over liars and GITMO IS awaiting you all to DIVE inside the puka, called Rabbit Holes. THAT IS Wat YOU ALL DESERVE, now!

  6. Big picture November 24, 2020 5:08 pm Reply

    Where are the condolences for the suicides, heart attacks and strokes suffered from the draconian County rules?

    1. Mr. FORD November 24, 2020 10:38 pm Reply

      I know one that has died from work…thanks wal mart.

  7. USAF Brat November 25, 2020 6:19 am Reply

    Der-ika and P.A Kollar Kealoha told you what rules to follow in a TGI publishing and if you didnt you would be prosectuted and as well as, sent to “cut bait”. You coulda shoulda voted me as your mayor, because ive known for a very long time, as i have been paying attention 100% minus 140+ votes or thousands of kanaka others that also knew the plans to try and control humanity, just as heavily as that of niihauan or the slave driver that runs that monk seal community operation, as does the COK, using federal dollars to make them more wealthy , so they can catch up with Zuckerberg, Ellison and known money hoarders alongside the other pizza-loving political contractors. TGI refused to publish a “guest” writing of mine because it was truth and had integrity to the known collusion and criminality islands-wide! Judiciary Sulla and Sulla Jr from Moku O keawe is just a small fraction of the “guilty kealoha stolen mailbox fraud-ulators and all of them are confirmed passengers in the canefield ride, where they are able to fashion their own sisil lei! Either way, it wont be too much longer and all of these kinds of the brainwashed hui are then scheduled for GITMO+tribunal= equals Rabbit hole fodder and you do NOT need to be Epstein related. Pau play!

  8. USAF Brat November 25, 2020 6:37 am Reply

    Dear Kauaians Since the late 40’s when my USAF intelligence officer dad fought in the Korea and WWII era, our ohana traveled at that time with the ‘warrior’. Dad was involved with many top secret concon’s specifically that of Hickham AFB in 1958-59, when a Top Secret stationing concon occurred and that cover was blown in the middle of Waikiki. An Officer recognizing my dad as we walked to the Kodak Hula Show, asked “Sir, Major F what do you think about our putting a noose around Hawaii neck?” I’m 11, so I had no idea what this Naval Officer was indicating, but I sure did find out five minutes later, although the specifics didn’t get to me until 2011 in the way of my dad’s career ‘footlocker’ which held unredacted documents of that and other U.S. military directives via my dad’s superiors, upper hierarchy. Dad following orders.

    Sixty-one years later and completing K.C.C. R.N. A.D. Nursing School Program as well as owning and starting an emergency call center, 24-7-365 Live voice, operation Central Answering Services, out from my Kapaia home 1979. Then after Iwa business was moved upstairs to City Liquor and the Hideaway Bar until Iniki, when we were then successful to the point where we got to move to Wailuauka. Now 2020, we have been boondoggled by the CCP, Wuhan, and Fentanyl. We voted in a recent rigged election, one of at least 127-years backstory rigged elections, to the point of this writing.

    COK looking to curb its expenses. At one point, there was the original ambulance crew of which I was an EMT and in those days, we couldn’t even get KPD much less the KFD to escort or receive “backup from our comrades” as is occurring today. A medical emergency now requires both small and big Fire Truck and personnel dispatch per their Unions, that has bargained with our tax payer dollars to boot up their rigs, sirens blaring and several times a day they trapes up past Opaeka’a Falls to every sort of medical emergency, but never a fire. I have inquired of my KFD friends why is this? Of course they opine that it is in an “effort to support the EMS”, when I know these words are not even close to being the correct answer.

    Everyone of my career 40-years experiences and comrades from Wilcox Hospital know as do all the KPD, COK, state DLNR dobor, Kaua’I Bus etc, that everyone of these individuals or hui are gaming us so much so, that it has become a RICO enhanced set of plans, manipulations, and maneuvers.

    Until these same groups of supposed professionals, politicians, judiciary and military fess up. It will continue to be the ol boys racket and there will be no resources remaining to dismiss that which has grown very dark, dank and evil.

    I encourage Kauaians who knows and sees these same things and remembers all of the different backstories that apply. If you don’t remember, then due diligence Library research the Garden Island Newspaper, so you can recall every detail that has been published and laid to rest within the archives and let us get a truthful dialogue with renewed integrity going on as a guest or in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ sections, and at the least, get some detailing going on in “HOW we are going to stop this insanity and get it right.”

    Obviously the county council has their agenda already going on with their choice again, for who is the Chairman and I believe that it all is just a revolving door, where innocents were set-up and others are undercover hiding the reality of truly bizarre incidents or that now we have a new police chief and fire chief NOT from here but from Las Vegas. Why wasn’t there a born and raised candidate chosen instead? To me that means that soon the fedwreckian hui out of Anahola will be boasting a casino owned and operated by them. Wait, didn’t we used to have cock-fighting that filled the needs of gambling addiction or was that traded off for drug addictions and Pay-lay ‘Mongrel’ mobs instead?

    Awaken, because Kauai has lost its edge. The USAF, NAVY, NASA at PMRF is erecting as we speak, completed by 2022, a 1.2 Billion $ 12-story Ballistic Missile Launch-Intercept Facility and that is the reason why DLNR closed Polihale indefinitely, not because the “locals were acting badly”.

    HK was never extinguished, No Treaty of Annexation was ratified, and military occupation continues without shame, 127-years. Remember “”Oops, Incoming not a drill?” Nightly news showing a father lowering his daughter into a drainage manhole cover!!!! Is this how you want your children, grands and great-grands or great-great grandchildren to be a part of after we’ve been kakked?

  9. Rev Dr Malama November 25, 2020 8:27 am Reply

    Deeply sorry to hear about 2 COVID-19 deaths of our community….. one in Arizona of a Waimea High grad.
    Age is not the issue here folks but condolences are appropriate!
    It seems that Mayor K was nearly speechless with the milestone of our 1st on island death and many of us concur with dr Jim and other selfless people who took oaths to do no harm, no matter their political views.
    Pray and stay home….. for now, it’s the best we can do!!!

  10. Rev Dr Malama November 28, 2020 7:34 am Reply

    Dear Garden island news…..
    Please show us your editing skills by rejecting the many extremely long winded babbling of psychopaths who have no respect for the average reader and sensitive subject matter.

    1. Freedom of Speech February 5, 2021 4:37 am Reply

      It’s called Freedom of Speech.

      Condolences & respect to the departed & their families.

      God gives us life, and death on Earth & with God everlasting spirit.

      God also gave us a spirit of love, over fear and the choice which to exercise

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