Over 400 tested in Kapa‘a

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    The Richard Aquias family is ready to be led in the self testing by specimen collector Feve Banasihan of Kaua‘i Medical Group Sunday during the COVID-19 surge testing conducted at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex in Kapa‘a.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Dad Richard Aquias, right, administers his own self test while mom Connie Aquias helps Aaden Aquias and Jeanine Aquias waits Sunday during the coronavirus surge testing conducted at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex in Kapa‘a.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    The Richard Aquias family, including mom Connie Aquias, son Aaden Aquias and daughter Jeanine Aquias are behind the protective screen while getting registered for the coronavirus surge testing Sunday at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex in Kapa‘a.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Dr. Janet Berreman, left, state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office officer, uses data from her mobile device in discussing COVID-19 matters with Kat Center and Ann Buff, both with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sunday during the coronavirus surge testing at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex in Kapa‘a.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Specimen collectors, including (not in order) Feve Banasihan, Taylor Shimada, supervisor Glory Galinato, Lynn Cully, Jen Naea, Lani Fune and Michelle Domingo, are from the Kaua‘i Medical Group, and gave up their time Sunday to serve at the coronavirus surge testing being conducted at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex in Kapa‘a.

KAPA‘A — When the coronavirus surge testing started Sunday at the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex, there were more than 400 registrations logged onto the doineedacovid19test.com website.

This total compares with the 160 registrations that were recorded last week when the surge testing program started at Vidinha Stadium.

People wishing to get a free COVID-19 test could, however, register at the site that rotates between Vidinha Stadium, the Bryan J. Baptiste Sports Complex and Hanapepe Stadium, every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at least through the end of the year.

The free, COVID-19-surge-testing program offers residents, especially those involved with the hospitality industry and the uninsured, an opportunity to get tested for the novel coronavirus.

Hospitality staff includes individuals of all ages working at hotels, restaurants or bars, tour companies, transportation companies and other high-visitor areas. Tests are also available to those with poor access to COVID-19 testing, including those who are underinsured or uninsured.

The County of Kaua‘i, in partnership with the state Department of Health, is providing the free COVID-19 testing. This program is part of the public-private partnership announced on March 13, where eTrueNorth is working with the federal, state and local officials and pharmacy and lab partners to open testing sites.

An official with the stte Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office said these tests are not part of the state’s pre-travel program and cannot be used for quarantine exemptions.

For more information on the pre-travel testing, visit hawaiicovid19.com/travel, and for post-travel testing, visit kauai.gov/visitorposttest, or kauai.gov/residentpost test.

The next surge testing will take place Sunday, Nov. 22, at Hanapepe Stadium from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To register for the free COVID-19 test, visit doineedacovid19test.com.


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or dfujimoto@thegardenisland.com.

  1. Kali Yuga November 16, 2020 10:21 am Reply

    You know a great way to increase case numbers and have more reason to limit freedom? Free ‘rona tests! I anticipate we’ll see at least 100-200 new cases in the next few days as the results come in.

    1. David presley November 16, 2020 9:14 pm Reply

      Kali, yeah wouldn’t want to step on your freedoms. No sir. Say, you seem pretty smart so let me ask you; when you’re stacking dead bodies is it better to go back and forth like a log cabin or do it in a row like wood?

      1. Ray Songtree November 17, 2020 7:06 pm Reply

        Dave, I’m your neighbor. Were you aware the tests are not accurate, that NFL reported all their positive tests were false positive and recently Elon Musk took four tests in one day and two were negative and two were positive. The inaccurate tests mean there is no such thing as a confirmed case, and also, CDC says only 6% of “covid deaths” were deaths without at least two other underlying medical problems 80% of “covid deaths” are people over age 65. Getting the picture? You fears and caution are based on lies. See Kauai Farm Man comment below.

        1. David presley November 17, 2020 11:02 pm Reply

          Ray, that sounds like the kind of thing a guy yells at cars on a street corner. You only have to look at 1 fact. The dead are piling up by the thousands. Ray, by the thousands every single day.

    2. Mr. FORD November 16, 2020 9:29 pm Reply

      Department of of Health should be tried for conspiracy against the American Citizens. Can’t stand when I hear, “Its for your safety.”. I think of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates smiling together in there pitcher together

    3. Don November 17, 2020 4:15 am Reply

      Quarantine is for the sick. Restrictions on the healthy is tyranny. Wake up Hawaii.

    4. Doug November 17, 2020 11:27 am Reply

      One thing that really limits freedom is being hospitalized by an infection and then dying or not recovering for months.

  2. Lizzy November 16, 2020 3:59 pm Reply

    Unfortunately you are right.

  3. EastShore1 November 16, 2020 11:04 pm Reply

    They must be calling it “Surge testing” because more tests means more of a surge. It used to be that a “case” in medicine meant someone with symptoms. Now it means you’ve popped positive on a test that does NOT differentiate between common “non-novel” Coronaviruses and the CCP virus. Now one is a criminal for even suggesting that masks are an utterly stupid idea that have no science behind them. Masks are to control people, not disease. And tests are to create fear, not fight an epidemic that has been a pimple on a flea compared to most recorded pandemics. Has anyone seen the Constitution lately? It seems to have disappeared.

  4. KauaiFarmMan November 17, 2020 6:38 am Reply

    What a sham! This is a calculated maneuver by county officials to ramp up the daily case average so they can impose new restrictions. The wealthy land owners on island like our trust fund mayor will buy up all your homes and resell them to mainlanders. Wake up people ! Give us back our freedom! This is a power grab and the regular working man is who will pay . How bad was the cost of living and rental housing market before COVID? Hope you all like Big Island and Vegas because that’s where we will all be living when we’re all poor and can’t afford to live in a place with absurd living costs, no jobs, low wages and no available homes. It’s the local people who will really suffer from this depression that will last a generation. Look nationwide , people are flocking to places like Kauai with mainland money. We can’t compete. End these restrictions or start packing your bags. We will all be priced out of Kauai. It’s simple economics and our mayor and his cronies know exactly what they’re doing, all under the guise of “keeping us safe”. What a joke! You are all cheering on this sham leading us to poverty. How many people killed themselves this year on Kauai? Yeah you don’t want to know the answer. Tell ya one thing, it’s a lot more then the zero people who died from Covid.

    1. David presley November 17, 2020 4:05 pm Reply

      Right, got it. Herd immunity. We let 20 million die, but hey they are old and sick anyway… mostly , right? 20 million dead Americans ain’t so bad, I agree with you. However, none of you have answered, what is the best way to stack up all the dead bodies?

    2. Ray Songtree November 17, 2020 7:01 pm Reply

      This was an excellent comment, thank you.

  5. B. Strong November 17, 2020 1:25 pm Reply

    Did someone miss the point?

    All the Positive tested people’s immune systems, after 3 to 14 days, develop enough specific bio-identical antibodies to deactivate all of the covid-19 virus in that person’s body.

    In addition our immune systems develop so many antibodies that there are enough antibodies left over to immediately deactivate any new invading covid19 virus trying to re-infect the body, with any amount of re-tries that covid19 virus may try to re-infect that same person. This what is called being Immune.

    When there are NO Active covid19 virus in the body after 14 days of the normal and typical immune system functioning, that person is also no longer Contagious, that is they no longer have covid-19 virus to infect other people with.

    This is why the state demands (only some people now) people need only to Quarantine for 14 days because it is known in science that after 14 days a person will have immunity and will have only deactivated covid19 virus or deactivated particles or fragments of the virus in their body; and can no longer infect or spread the virus to other people. That means the person is not only Immune and Not Contagious, but it also means they are now a part of and contributing to Herd Immunity.

    Herd Immunity means that any people who have already completed the 14 days of the Immune Process will no longer have Active Virus capable of infecting others.

    When enough people in a community like a small town or giant city become Herd Immune, any active virus in any new people coming into the community will find no other person they will be able to infect, because all the people with Herd Immunity.

    Because of this, personal immunity and Herd Immunity, the covid-19 virus will have nowhere to survive or multiply in other people ; and the virus will dwindle or fade away with no new human bodies they are able to infect or invade and not able to survive and multiply. Bringing an end to the Pandemic.

    This is a what happens with Herd Immunity, the virus succumbs and “disappears” because of its own INABILITY to find an available internal welcome environment of another human who does not yet have immunity.

    Humans are recent Vertebrates, Homo Sapiens, there are 40,000 species of vertebrates on earth. Vertebrates have either Fins, Feet, or Feathers, and all have spines and skulls that house and protect their brain, brain stem, and spinal cord. All vertebrates have immune systems to protect themselves from invasive disease virus. Vertebrates have many other body systems as well.

    Vertebrates have been evolving and perfecting Immune Systems for 550 Million years, and for humans, we are homo sapiens, and we’ve been perfecting our collective immune systems since we appeared on earth. Immune Systems, ready, willing, and able to protect us from invading disease virus and other organisms. What greater confidence could we have outside of ourselves and the intelligence that organizes our bodies.

    Clearly, the human specie can, and easily should, have Confidence in our own Immune Systems. Our Immune System(s) have been protecting us 24 hours a day since humans first became a new vertebrate species, and was that a few hundred thousand years ago or even some 1 or more millions ago, who knows, but we, the human race, has always, and obviously survived.

    It has only been since petrochemical pharmaceutical medication and prescription drug companies have had their pseudo science profit motive to sell more and more prescription drugs and over the counter medications that have we had this world wide move to use synthetic, and we must add, carcinogenic cancer causing
    petrochemicals drugs to take when we become sick. The medical profession chose some generations ago to offer medical drugs instead of teaching the return to Health and Wellness.

    The Immune Systems of vertebrates, including the recent addition of humans on earth, have proven their collective ability to protect some of the oldest vertebrates from external disease virus for 550 Million years. Of course with people humans only since we have been on earth.

    However, pseudo scientists, that is scientists who put profit first and ahead of the health of our environment and our precious bodies, are still trying to find a cure for Heart Disease, Stroke, Obesity, Diabetes, too many Cancers, Alzheimer’s, Kidney, Lung, and Liver Failures, and so many others, and have so far failed us other than having thousands of Toxic and sometimes Lethal prescription drugs on the market, distributed by doctors’ prescriptions and sold by drug stores and pharmacists. American doctors prescribe 4.4 billion prescription drugs a year.

    The disastrous shift from letting Nature runs its course as to virus or epidemics and pandemics, to only having prescription drugs, etc., drugs that interfere with the Natural Healing Process has been a work in progress for 100 years + or – of interfering with nature.

    All the medical and pharmaceutical industry has to show for it is that our Nation, the USA, has 80% of all of our people taking 1 or more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses. Some people take 5, 10, and even 15 or more drugs a day. How many do you take, making you less healthy.

    And there are millions of premature deaths, that is, loss of optimal Life Longevity happening to millions of people every year from the diseases these pseudo scientists and doctors profess they are treating, and the people in Blind Faith still believe in them, all the while they are begging us to believe in yet one more vaccine drug for the Covid-19 virus, most of the people are ignorantly living in fear hoping for a miracle vaccine.

    And these professionals are the very people we have been trusting, while they have been failing us with every other disease as well with millions of deaths, and now we trust these same pseudo profit driven scientists and doctors, and their mad quest to sell more drugs and vaccines, while for every other aspect of disease care they provide only drugs, while they ignore almost any approach to educating the people in their own daily personal Health Care of food and activity, etc.

    The word “Physician” means Teacher, and is a piece of paper with prescription drug instructions, or a pill bottle with instructions…an education in Health? NOT !

    80% of the Americans on prescription drugs, and 4.4 Billion drug prescriptions given out to the people per year? This is proof our nation is a sick nation, and no amount of “spin” words can deny this fact.

    It’s a RuiNation of a Nation, accelerated by politicians dicatating that we we do foolish things to hide from a microscopic virus that for the most part travels in the air, like all the other different viruses that comes every year, but a virus none the less.

    Politicians, only the most popular get elected, and few if any with knowledge of actual Health, followings their disease advisers, who depend on lots of diseases to make an upper level living, and why would they want this place disease to go away soon while they making large profits; and telling us we must hide from this viral disease by the futile use of masks and an arbitrary 6’ distancing, and wash your hands all day, and be sure to use the free antibacterial lotion at store fronts so you can kill off all the natural healthy bacteria on your hands and wrists, and upset the delicate bacterial balance on your skin so people can develop new skin diseases, and use more medications and prescription drugs.

    6’ social distancing because of sneeze, cough, or exhale, and these disease scientists think with a porous mask with side, top and bottom air escape openings does not infect the next person, all the while they ignore the smoke filled exhaled breath of a tobacco or vaping person as their toxic fog spreads through a whole room or while standing in line. When you smell cigarette smoke or any other aroma, it is already in your lungs and into your blood stream. And then you’re exposed and develop infection. What about the smells in a large public restroom, mask won’t stop that.

    What a silly immature notion to think 6’ distance saves you from an exhale of a virus infected person who has not had 14 days yet to naturally allow their immune system to deactivate all their recently infected covid19 virus.

    Wait, a negative covid-19 virus person has had no immune response nor have they developed immunity. They are both susceptible and contagious within the first 14 days if they get the virus while negative.

    But Wait, wait, if they are positive for 14 days already they are both immune to the covid19 virus and NON contagious. Which would you rather be + or – ?

    You can run, but you cannot hide from a virus.

    As a community we must all naturally nurture ourselves daily by diet and active lifestyle to naturally allow our Immune Systems to be functionally strong and be able to deactivate all covid-19 virus in our bodies and provide us Immunity and equally and naturally automatic Herd Immunity. And let’s not forget the functional health of our spines and head which house our nervous system which coordinates our immune system to deactivate the infecting virus.

    Exposure, + 14 days to develop immunity, quality nutritious food, no chemicals or sugar additives to the food, including Agriculture chemicals, and an active healthy lifestyle…That will end this national epidemic and worldwide pandemic.

    UNLESS you are elderly with one or more of the end of life diseases and are under medical care with numerous prescription drugs for years and decades, it might be BEST FOR YOUR HEALTH and others to become covid-19 positive, and after 14 days develop personal immunity and become NON CONTAGIOUS and become part of herd Immunity.

    After all before they had prescription drugs, this is how humans recently on earth, and all vertebrates before the humans survived epidemics and pandemics throughout the last 550 Million years of history. It should be easy to have confidence in your immune system.

    Main thing you need to practice Health and Wellness every day in your food intake and lifestyle, and protect and take care prof your Neuro-Spine. Those efforts alone can keep you from sick places like hospitals and doctor offices, and disease testing centers.


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