Hawaii governor says new law needed to enforce mask mandates

HILO — A new Hawaii law is needed to contend with people who ignore mask mandates implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the state’s governor said.

Democratic Gov. David Ige on Monday called for citations similar to tickets written for minor traffic infractions, which carry fines but are not treated as criminal offenses, The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported.

All four of Hawaii’s counties have emergency mask mandates and violating them is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

“Right now, under emergency proclamations, the only penalty we can use to urge people to comply is a misdemeanor with a fine. And what happens is that makes it a criminal penalty, and those who want to contest the citation (are) entitled to a jury trial,” Ige said.

Ige proposed a new law concerning face coverings so people would have an option of paying or contesting fines without a jury trial.

The 2021 session of the state Legislature is scheduled to begin in January. Ige said he is unlikely to request a special session before then to change procedures and penalties for mask violations.

Passing a relevant law “would require pretty complicated legislation. And clearly, trying to get that rushed through an abbreviated session is a hard thing to work through,” Ige said.

Democratic state Sen. Lorraine Inouye said she supports the proposal.

“I don’t know what the discussion will be this next session, but I think the governor is on the right track,” Inouye said. “I don’t think we can afford to have a lot of people going to court.”

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said about 33,000 people had been warned and 3,100 citations issued since Sept. 20 for violations of the city’s coronavirus emergency regulations.

The Honolulu Police Department said officers issued 4,500 warnings and 470 citations for not wearing masks or failing to social distance since the launch last month of a pre-arrival virus testing program for tourists. Police said they did not separate visitors and residents on the list of citations and warnings.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some — especially older adults and people with existing health problems — it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

  1. Jay November 6, 2020 3:49 am Reply

    Why make a permanent law for something that’s going away? Why not issue another separate temporary order for masks with a different fine, and not make it a misdemeanor.. this proves that they want to make masks permanent, and not ever let them go away, even after Corona is gone…

    1. Jim Counter November 7, 2020 9:08 am Reply

      Masks, why any at all?

      2019: so far: 219 have died while having Covid-19 but also were also had multiple end of life diseases and were taking toxic prescription drugs for decades. Actual death by .covid-19 alone is 14.

      Starisircs for the latest year available, 2017 show that 6,000 people in Hawaii died from preventable diseases caused mostly by diet and lifestyle.

      The diseases are Heart and stroke, cancer, and diabetes. All were under the care of disease care doctors.

      Had they lived a life of Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle they would have surely lived longer and enjoyed an active healthy life well into their 9th and even 10th decade as many do.

      So if 14 died from Covid and 6,000 died from preventable diseases…who is running the Health Care direction of our state when we have the Healthiest state to live in.

      Clearly the Governor, the Health Dept., and tithe medical profession don’t care about our people’s Health at all, but they sure have super large salaries.

      Hawaii has a Disease Care Business and it is very big, of course you die younger and in great pain. many having mutilating surgeries.

      Health Care is not about after the fact treatments by prescription drugs or surgery. That’s Disease Care.

      Healthy Care is about what you do not put in your body and is about what you do everyday to remain Active and Healthy.

      You go to the hospital and doctor for disease.

      But you do not know where to go for Health !

      A Health and Life Style Coach can teach you and tell you what to do.

  2. Chi Litt November 6, 2020 8:20 am Reply

    It’s apparent that the “Chicken Little” disease is spreading faster than the Covid-19 flu disease, what with the sky falling everywhere and all around us with too many living fear and no profession ready, or able to lead them out of it.

    And general lack of education, really ZERO education, about every citizens’ most precious important belonging, which is their own body and health, is paying off more and more so every day for those in the disease care business, and those who enjoy regulating and restricting the citizens’ normal behavior.

    1. First of all, for a flu that 98% of the people who get it this year and last year and next year and all the years before going forward, the result is either Zero Symptoms, or Mild, or Moderate symptoms, and just stay home if you feel sick, and always with the flu drink plenty water, stay away from all forms of sugar foods and drinks, and get plenty rest. Everyone has been taught that, right? Maybe!

    2. But remember too, if you have any pre-existing diseases like heart, stroke, obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or kidney, lung, and liver failure diseases; then you know already that you allowed yourself to be sold prescription drugs instead of learning how and taking the effort to getting well and having your health restored.

    3. Why would anyone choose a lifetime of toxic chemical prescriptions drugs, all with side effects and some side effects being death, when they have the choice of getting well and remaining healthy? If you had the choice which would you choose?

    4. Of course if the person(s) you are relying on to educate you to get well and healthy does not know how to educate you to get well and healthy, then that is a problem perhaps greater than your failing health and your ignorant choice of taking the Path of Disease Care.

    5. As un-well, immediately resorting to taking a prescription drug is easier and faster than fast food, chock a block food and drink filled with those nasty chemicals disguised with carcinogenic petrochemical synthetic flavors, aromas, and colors; but then you are used to it after a lifetime of junk food, processed into non-nutrient fake food, and the fruit and veggies liberally sprayed with poisonous chemicals to keep those pesky bugs from ripping off a bite for themselves, and we can’t allow that can we? Besides a bug bite on your arm or food does not look good, does it? Heh ?

    6. Of course if you are hugely obese or even just somewhat fat,
    you may be feeling too lazy to make the effort to get well and stay healthy. Prescription drugs just may well have your name on them both figuratively and literally.

    7. And also of course if you’re under the care of a trained professional, and you nave 1 or more or several pre-existing disease conditions, then why not ask them why you are taking end of life prescription drugs for the end of life diet you have, instead of following a healthy program that eliminates the cause of your disease and that would allow you to prevent and avoid yours and the other too common end of life diseases.

    8. If your provider says they do not know the cause of your
    disease they must still be stuck in the lack of knowledge of the 1950’s. You’d be wise to find a Health and Lifestyle Coach to help you to reverse your disease conditions and bring you back to a preferred condition of Wellness and Health.

    9. Being at least somewhat Healthy and Well is what contributes to all those people who have only Zero to Mild or Moderate symptoms when they are exposed to and infected by the Covid-19 virus.

    10. You can be healthy and well too, but you need to be educated. There’s no Reason to be sick and on prescription drugs if you know how to be Well and Healthy. A Health and Lifestyle Coach can educate you to live and love a life of Health and Wellness.

    11. There are Draconian (severe, out of ignorance) people, who feel OK about making and enforcing you to follow Draconian rules, regulations, and laws about things in the area of disease that only are impacting those who have been irresponsible about their health for decades of years going back.

    12. The petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies have 80% of
    the American public taking 1 or more prescription drugs a day.

    80% ? Are 800 out of every 1,000 people sick in America? How did that happen, something must be seriously wrong with our Health Care System. Clearly we need to change from a priority of Disease Care businesses to a predominantly actual Health promoting society. Currently and certainly, Disease Care is not working for the benefit or our society. How many prescription drugs do you take every day or week?

    Living the first 2-3 decades of life, and for some even less, and then begin a few more decades of life with Disease Care consisting of toxic and often dangerous prescription drugs, is just not optimal for the potential almost all of us have. We must immediately start to, over time, abandon the dominant “waiting for disease” and then only treating those diseases with prescription drugs and mutilating surgeries, when we can institute known daily methods of
    promoting health and at the same time instituting known prevention and avoidance of the causes of disease. And as time goes on, by abandoning this current worn out method of disease care, we as a society, including our brilliant scientists and doctors can discover new ways of promoting our health on a daily basis, including the prevention and avoidance of the causes of disease.

    13. A new day is dawning, we need to open the curtains and let the Sun SHINE in ! ! !

    14. Instead of hospitals as hospitals, they can be made into Health Activity centers that promote health on a daily basis, including having Health Education classes at the Centers as well as on TV, and Online, making sure that the little children, kids, teens, young adults, and adults up to seniors are all provided the knowledge to be Healthy and Active and stay safe from injury.

    15. We do not need more misdemeanors, fines, violations and tickets, and new laws restricting our God given freedoms, what we do need is more Health and Wellness, and Lifestyle education so that people are not sick and do not need for this First Time on Earth: Masks and Social Distancing, these things are right out of the Medieval Ages. We’re smarter than that now. God did not intend for us to wear masks and stay 6’ apart.

    16. It is absolutely clear that if you DO NOT have current diseases and are Not taking prescription drugs, and you are Healthy and Well, then masks and 6’ distancing is standing in the way of your Health.

    17. There are already too many, especially the elderly, who have the common end of life diseases, having them for several decades, while taking end of life prescription drugs. We must not abandon these people and if not too late already, work to restore their Health and Wellness.

    And if too late, whose to blame for letting the elderly get that way in the first place with long term end of life diseases and on end of life prescription drugs, for decades of years, back when they were diagnosed and Health could have been restored early on instead of selling them the 4.4 billion prescriptions sold to Americans every year at the cost of $4 Trillion dollars. Prescription drugs are what perpetuates end of life diseases by “masking” the signs and symptoms of disease.

    18. And if you are on prescription drugs and you think it is OK and Normal, you are ignorant of the God given Freedom that Health gives you.

    To be denied the prescription drug free Freedom of Health, is the greatest denial of ones Civil rights. Even if they have you believing sickness and disease is just OK, but sadly only OK for the disease care business that relies on diseases for their income.

    You will live Healthier and Longer going to businesses that provide actual proven Health and Longevity in your life, and for their incomes.

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