DOH: 3 active cases, one removed

LIHU‘E — The state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office reported one new active COVID-19 case and subtracted a case reported earlier this week.

The latest case involves a returning adult male resident who participated in the state’s Safe Travels pre-travel testing program. While he received a negative test result, a post-travel test ordered by his provider came back positive, health officials reported.

On Monday, the county reported a positive case of a female resident who works for the state Department of Education at ‘Ele‘ele School linked to community spread. Thursday, the DOH determined the case to be a false positive.

Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman explained that “even the best tests are not 100% accurate.”

“This is why our case investigation is critically important,” Berreman said. “We determine a patient’s medical information, exposure and travel history to get a comprehensive assessment. In this case, the test results did not match the assessment.”

The former case was re-tested twice using a test on a nasopharyngeal swab, which Berreman said is “considered the ‘gold standard’ of tests.”

“Both results returned negative, and we are confident that her initial test was a false positive and she did not have COVID-19,” Berreman said.

This resident and close contacts have been released from quarantine.

This factors into a total of three active cases as of Thursday, all travel-related, among two residents and one visitor. The island’s cumulative case count is 63 and one probable case. The county Kaua‘i Emergency Management Agency lists 11 close contacts under quarantine currently.

“Kaua‘i’s recent cases remind us that this is a complicated disease and there is still a lot we don’t know,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said in a statement. “What we do know is that the best way to avoid getting infected is to wear our mask, keep our distance from others, wash our hands and avoid large gatherings.”

The DOH reported 77 new COVID-19 cases and two related deaths Thursday.

The new cases include 60 on O‘ahu, eight on Hawai‘i Island, two on Lana‘i, one on Kaua‘i and six out-of-state residents.

Kawakami urges travelers to consider completing a two-week quarantine and taking pre- and post-travel tests. The county offers post-travel testing to both residents and visitors from the mainland who have participated in the state’s Safe Travel program no sooner than 72 hours after arrival and up to 14 days after.

The county suggests tests be taken five to seven days after landing, or at least three days after arrival.


Sabrina Bodon, public safety and government reporter, can be reached at 245-0441 or

  1. J.M.M. October 30, 2020 7:10 am Reply

    Which level is our County at now? I implore the experts to lead in the wellness of the community . Time, attention and resourcefulness need dedicated management.

  2. Frank Hagan October 30, 2020 6:31 pm Reply

    OMG 3 active covid? The mayor better call emergency meeting and shut everything down. Why should there be commerce, school, Tourists . Restaurants as all that really matters is the mayors power. Shut it down before it’s 4 active cases!!!!

    1. Da Shadow October 31, 2020 6:35 pm Reply

      HAHAHHAHA -it’s as if they think covid is more like ebola. meanwhile, unless you’re vulnerable, it’s basically just the flu.

  3. Waiting Immunity October 31, 2020 10:35 pm Reply

    if a shut down include the government. Valerie every positive tested, and even those positive but not tested, cases, undergo the immune process within 3 to 14 days after infection, that is, each person infected by the Covid-19 virus begins to undergo the natural immune response and develops way more than enough antibodies to deactivate all Covid-19 viruses in their body.

    This is why the vast majority of people, as much as 98%, have none or only mild symptoms when they become infected. Because their immune system immediately (3 to 14 days to immunity) reacts to the infecting virus and produces huge amounts of antibodies to deactivate all the covid 19 viruses in their body and still has a huge amount left over to deactivate any subsequent infecting same Covid19 virus, as well as deactivating the virus so immediately none of the infecting virus can spread to other people because they are deactivated, that is that person’s immune system does not allow that person to be contagious. And that person now has Herd Immunity.

    Since each person’s immune system produces a huge amount of extra antibodies, these extra antibodies become what is called natural immunity.

    Immunity provides that person with leftover antibodies after the Covid-19 viruses are all deactivated so that then, in the near or far future, there will be plenty leftover antibodies to attack and deactivate any new Covid-19 viruses that come around in a 2nd wave and tries to infect that person.

    Not only does immunity protect that person from future same virus infection, it also prevents that person from being contagious, in other words the positive Covid-19 person with natural immunity cannot spread the Covid19 virus to other people.

    Humans are vertebrates. The above sequences of occurrences are how all healthy vertebrates react to invasive viruses, and have done so by older vertebrate species for the last 550 Million years protecting vertebrates’ internal environment from the world’s external environment. Aren’t we lucky to have evolved with such a well developed immune system that the other vertebrates have already had since before humans walked the earth.

    So when you say 5 people have showed positive in 5 days, we know that it would be better for our community to have 1,000 people a day become positive in a single day and every day forward until all the healthy people have developed wonderful, almost miraculous is how the human body can function, by performing the immune process.

    As you know now immunity means the individual is able to deactivate the virus and as well prevents contagious spread of the Virus to others.

    Whoever spread the fear of new positive cases as being bad, or dangerous, is downright ignorant or dishonest spreading fake fear.

    However people who have allowed themselves to be under prescription drug treatment disease care, for decades, and if they are elderly they may need to be masked, quarantined, and have their diet converted to one of nutrition and work to be taken off prescription drugs, become well and learn how to maintain their health into their healthy and active 10th and 11th decade of life.

    Very few people die from the virus alone, most die from the combination of long term end of life diseases along with their end of life prescription drugs. These people are prematurely reaching their limit of longevity, shortened by allowing themselves to be treated with prescription drugs instead of taught to get well and be healthy without prescription drugs throughout a deserved long life.

    Prescription drugs are only for sick people not interested in getting well. Prescription drugs do not make people well nor restore their health. They only manage the effects of disease also called signs and symptoms, while their disease continues and the disease process is internally getting people worse over the decades before they die.

    The thought of taking prescription drugs for 30 years or so for high blood pressure is severely bizarre when one could get well and not have high blood pressure at all, and no prescription drugs and live much longer.

    Worldwide millions of people are positive for covid19 and are safe with their own natural immunity without taking drugs. And as well are contagiois free from infecting others.

    These positive covid-19 people are out and about in society enjoying themselves, they are immune and not contagious and that is how we want all people to be in order for the Herd Immunity to cause the covid19 virus to dwindle away, because the covid19 viruses have no where (in immune people) to go and thus the covid19 virus cannot survive and it dwindles away with nowhere to multiply itself (making baby viruses)without a new negative person to attach to, except they can invade negative tested people.

    You see the doctors and politicians got it wrong because they study disease instead of health, both totally different fields.

    Negative tested people are ready for exposure and infection by the continuing to spread contagious virus. And since they do not have the natural antibodies yet they are highly contagious during their first 3 to 14 dsys of infection waiting for their immune system to make them immune and positive, and protected within themself and safe from not spreading the virus to others.

    Send us the positive cases. They are safe visitors.

    We hope you and all your family, friends, and neighbors all become positive and naturally immune, soon.

    Vaccines are already showing some people getting sick and some who have died from the new vaccines. Be healthy if you know how, otherwise train with a Health and Lifestyle Coach.

    And when it comes to vaccines, know they are manmade laboratory diseases and while you may develop some immunity to the vaccine, you won’t develop immunity to the COVID-19 VIRUS.

    Vaccines are not only a waste of time but also an at risk chemical concoction and disease viruses.

    By now you are saying that we do not want to wear masks, and we do not want to stand 6’ apart, nor wash frequently with hand sanitizers which serve to challenge virus to mutate faster in their own need to naturally survive by becoming more virulent.

    You are right, if you are healthy, and not elderly hanging on with end of life diseases and taking end of life prescription drugs, then if you are healthy let the covid-19 virus come your way and you will develop lifetime immunity, just like Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox did for those who got the virus by natural contagion and allowed themselves to develop natural immunity without prescription drugs or vaccines.

    This isn’t the first time modern science got it wrong, after all they are just experimenting in laboratories while the vertebrate species are well capable of internally and naturally developing immunity after 550 Million years of practice.

    For proof of laboratory experimentation, look only to TV Drug Ads for the prescription drug side effects including death.

    And oh sorry what if you got the flu, what’s the matter you never had the flu before. It always gives you immunity from each years different virus. Your immune system always makes bio-identical antibodies to deactivate viruses.

    You don’t want to skip a year of immunity, you never know, immunity may require not skipping a year of immunity, thus making our Governor and Mayor’s orders and proclamations unhealthy for us in the long run of our own deserved longevity.

    Let each year’s immunity’s build upon last year’s immunity making you a more stronger Host in the defense against viruses.l

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