Letters for Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kawakami don’t participate in this theater

Please do not swallow the latest bait from Gov Ige.

If the news reports are to be believed, the state, in an attempt to defuse the rational and data-based fury of residents of neighbor islands, has attempted to silence us by granting a supposed “two test”solution that is so only in name.

News reports claim that Mayor Kim has succumbed to that bait, and I am writing to urge you not to do the same.

It is much to be hoped that you and Dr. Berreman have not gotten us this far to drop the ball now.

All responsible physicians and many other informed citizens know by now that a “second test” administered at arriving airports will add absolutely no extra layer of protection beyond the pre-arrival test. Nor will it add any additional information beyond that which we already have from other sources.

Unless a medically-acceptable delay takes place between the pre-arrival test, and a second test, administered after a shortened quarantine, the second test will be nothing but a waste of test kits and everyone’s time. Worse, it will be a charade, or what some people have taken to calling “security theater.”

PLEASE do not participate in security theater!

Thank you for your continued vigilance.

Phyllis Albert, Ph.D., Koloa

Kaua‘i pleads for safety

Dear Governor Ige, please turn on your TV and see what’s happening on America’s mainland. It’s clear, it’s obvious, it’s happening. COVID-19 is again on a surge because they opened their economies too soon and they’re not protecting themselves.

Please, please, recognize this reality. Kaua‘i is clean at this moment, and it’s because we’ve restricted incoming disease and protected ourselves. We’re in a very delicate state of safety now.

Please, please, allow us to remain safe by implementing the test on arrival, which we already have ready to go.

Wally Wilson, Princeville

KKK and Trump impersonator

You people should get your facts right before you print false accusations. The KKK and Trump impersonators at the Trump rally were BLM antagonizers….not Trump supporters. DUH! And they obviously achieved their goal and made the Trump supporters look like they are racist…which they are not.

Black Lives Matter is the racist group. They think black people are disadvantaged and should be treated differently because of the color of their skin.That is the very definition of racism. Conservatives don’t see it that way. The way we see it is that there is only one race; the human race.

In addition, conservatives don’t go around defacing private property, looting buildings, beating people up or starting fires. The riots you see all over the country are the work of people on the left of the political spectrum, not the right. We don’t go around damaging Biden signs yet Jim Rosa’s sign has been vandalized several times. We believe everyone has a right to their opinion even if we don’t agree with it. It’s called the First Amendment.

This is why I could NEVER be a Democrat. Not only are Democrats divisive (separating people by their race, gender, religion, age, etc.) but they are the party known for violence and “INTOLERANCE”. That’s right, liberals are tolerant of everything and anything except those who disagree with them. They believe in diversity of everything except diversity of “thought”. If you don’t agree with them they will vilify you, censor you, cancel you and shut you down. They are the true haters.

Janet Eisenbach, Kilauea

  1. Bill Parker October 13, 2020 6:11 am Reply

    Regarding the “KKK and Trump impersonator” letter of Tue 10/13. How does that cool aid taste, and if you drink enough of it do you get to go to heaven?

  2. Croesus October 13, 2020 6:31 am Reply

    “World Health Organization official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method”


    “Follow the science, listen to the experts, do what they tell you”
    —-Joe Biden

    Got it

  3. kauaiboy October 13, 2020 7:13 am Reply

    Dear Janet Eisenbach,

    I am so sorry that you view all Democrats, including moderates and progressives, as “true haters”. That puts you at odds with 80% of Hawaii’s population.

    The Democratic Party certainly has its foibles, but I hope you are ready for the party that you describe as “haters” to take control of the Presidency and both Houses of Congress, while the Republicans wither under the leadership of wannabe autocrat and Liar-in-Chief tRump and his sycophants Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and all the other Republicans who chose to look the other way when he starts calling names with his hate-filled rhetoric.

  4. Jkh October 13, 2020 7:29 am Reply

    Hear hear Janet!!!!! Well said

  5. commonsense October 13, 2020 9:06 am Reply

    Ms. Eisenbach. Why so much hate and anger at Democrats? Where is the proof of what you state about ‘In addition, conservatives don’t go around defacing private property, looting buildings, beating people up or starting fires. The riots you see all over the country are the work of people on the left of the political spectrum, not the right.’ How can you say that with a straight face when you don’t know the people that are participating in these activities?

    The idea of Democrats vs. Republicans is what is bringing these activities and the current divisiveness in our country. I am not a Democrat or Republican, but embrace ideas from both parties and make my decisions according to what I believe and want for our country. Following either party blindly is a disaster. Maybe someday there will be a legitimate third party.

  6. Rick October 13, 2020 10:14 am Reply

    Wally, I think the real problem here is you “turning on the TV” too much. Turn it off my friend!

  7. nothings free October 13, 2020 10:19 am Reply

    Great letter Janet! True liberals are simply insignificant people acting out in an attempt to satisfy their unearned and misguided fantasy of self importance. These idiots got too many trophies for just showing up! Now, they pull down statues, deface others property and real estate, start fires, riot, steal Trump signs, and loot because of their desire to be a” deserving person of significance “, without earning it! “I’M IMPORTANT”! “I BELONG”! “I’M MAKING A DIFFERENCE”! It’s really sad so many have morphed into “free” stuff snowflakes consumed with the self importance of trying to destroy our Country in the name of division. The Democrats play the age, race, gender, and rich vs. poor cards in lieu of an actual plan for solving problems at every turn. What losers they really are!

  8. Craig Millett October 13, 2020 10:29 am Reply

    Sorry Janet Eisenbach,

    Your rant about Black Lives Matter is severely out of touch with reality. When I attended High School in southern Florida everything (not just the schools) was segregated. The public restrooms had polished clean facilities in the front for whites only with a chilled water fountain and for blacks only in the back filthy, never cleaned bathrooms and a water fountain that never had water. Drive-in theaters had a fence down the middle and public beaches were also segregated with fences. This was how it was one hundred years after the civil war and of course even you must know how it was for black people before that.
    It is high time for Republicans like you climb down out of your heads and learn some real history and be sorry.
    Also my all white high school was finally integrated in my senior year and we students welcomed our black brethren whole-heartedly and enjoyed getting to know them.

  9. Rampartview October 13, 2020 10:38 am Reply

    If we want to see who the racist really are check the facts…First Senator Kamala Harris comes from a family that actually owned slaves. They lived on Jamaica and bought and sold slaves as their source of income. Check it out.

    Then Check out Robert Byrd the Senator from West Virginia. He was Joe Biden’s mentor when he first came to the Senate. As a mater of fact and Senator Byrd’s funeral, Joe Biden delivered a eulogy calling him his mentor, guide and friend.

    Senator Byrd was also a noted segregationist and KKK “Exalted Cyclops”. Yes indeed Joe was mentored by the leader of the KKK.

  10. Vy Rus October 13, 2020 10:49 am Reply

    Since this Covid pandemic of misinformation has begun, approximately since last March 2020, no news articles, that we have read or heard mentioned anywhere in the media is about the Strength of the Host.

    In immunology, the Host is the patient or all of the citizens in this case, whether it be an island community or the whole world.

    This comment is related to here, and the US.

    After the Nervous System, the STRENGTH of the Host is the primary, most fundamental and important aspect of ones personal defense against diseases.

    This strength is all about each person’s individual Nervous System and its interaction with and control over Immune System.

    These 2 systems interact always, 24/7, to protect the inside of your body, the internal environment, from the outside of your body, the external environment, which includes disease types of bacteria and virus.

    From Covid19 virus contagion statistics it is evident that most people have functional immune systems. We can say that because CDC statistics are telling us that as many as 98% (or whatever % is the most accurate %) of the people exposed, and infected, by the Covid19 virus have No Symptoms or Only Mild Symptoms. This is because of the Strength of the Host, or the individual’s Nervous and Immune systems.

    It is very mis-informative when we are told there are Covid19 virus “spikes” or positive tests without telling us how many required hospitalization or how many were didn’t need hospitalization but instead were provided hospitalization not out of necessity but out of unnecessary Pre-caution.

    This means that these people have immune function capable of being able to correctly identify the Covid19 virus and make enough antibodies to deactivate all of the Covid19 virus soon after the viruses enter their body, which is approximately between 3 and 14 days.

    In a healthy individual, the strength of the host allows its own immune system to produce way more antibodies than the amount of viruses that infected the body. Knowing how the human vertebrate body works, the extra produced antibodies could be in the millions or even more.

    It’s important to know that humans, as a vertebrate specie, and like all vertebrate species, have an immune system. Vertebrate immune systems have been evolving in capability to all old and new “bad” bacteria and virus, called Antigens, over the last 550 million years. In world vertebrate history humans are a relatively new specie.

    Humans, that is healthy humans are capable of deactivating viruses that come along from the external environment and infect our body’s internal environment, the inside of our body.

    The immune system deos not just make 1 antibody to deactivate 1 virus, the immune system makes millions, or more, antibodies than is necessary to deactivate the amount of viruses that have infected and that have have multiplied in the body.

    That over produced amount of antibodies is, so to speak an “overkill”, but in safety and health “overkill saves lives”.

    These millions of left over antibodies after the viruses have all been deactivated are what are called your IMMUNITY.

    IMMUNITY means that it the future, any new, same, viruses that enter the body will be deactivated right away by the left over specific immune system antibodies, as well, since all the same viruses have been deactivated, that person will no longer be contagious or be able to infect other people.

    This person will have achieved what we all need to finally have, in order to stop the spread of the Covid19 virus, that is Herd Immunity.

    When enough people have Herd Immunity, against any same virus, like Covid19 virus, they will not be able to infect, much less multiply inside of a Herd Immune person, nor be able to infect another next person in proximity to that Herd Immune person.

    Virus cannot survive in a Herd Immune community.

    In order to achieve Herd Immunity, one must first be exposed to whichever virus, like Covid19, then develop abundant amounts of antibodies in order to achieve first personal immunity and then automatically be add to Herd Immunity and thus self and community protection.

    Immunity is a Personal Protection Device. Without virus exposure, infection, immune response which is thevover production of specific antibodies, individual immunity cannot be met nor Herd Immunity prevail in a community.

    In Hawaii and On Kaua’i not enough people have had Covid19 virus exposure, infection, immune response and natural over production of specific antibodies to protect us, especially those at high risk, via Herd Immunity from the Covid19 virus.

    Without Herd Immunity it means that the high risk people, those with pre-existing end of life diseases and their noxious prescription drug treatments are not safe from the Covid19 virus.

    We cannot ignore the statistics from the CDC stating that the deaths casually blamed on the Covid19 virus are actually caused by the pre-existing conditions, which in almost all cases are accompanied by the toxic prescription drugs.

    A mixture of 1 or more common end of life diseases with 1 or more powerful prescription drugs not only accelerates degenerative processes to body organs but also burdens and overwhelms the immune system and makes it less capable to perform the immune process.

    In addition, we as vertebrate humans have a skull and spinal column whose 1 of many functions is to house and protect the Central Nervous System. However the Neuro-Spine, with its approximately 1,500 muscles, tendons, and ligaments wrapped all around it for stability and mobility, can undergo from external forces, measurable structural displacement, which causes neurological aberration and functional (and even anatomical) failure in distant body parts, including the spine itself, and also including disturbance or interference to the functional capability of the Immune System.

    Neuro-Spinal structural displacement disturbing interaction of the nervous system with the immune system is little known and less known as to the correction of the problem. This problem can render those with spinal structural displacement to have nervous system disturbance, which silently causes people the inability to have their immune system able to meet, and specifically match, and successfully deactivate virus infection.

    As well, those who ingest petrochemicals from any source, burden the immune system as antigens, and render the immune system less capable, or overwhelms the immune system and prevents the successful deactivation of the invasive viruses of infection.

    Those man made petrochemicals are relatively new to the human immune defense system (petrochemicals less than 100 years of existence on earth) and as a vertebrate specie we may not have adapted yet to the novel petrochemical invasion in the environment of these petrochemicals. Clearly as proof of our inability as vertebrates to adapt to these man made petrochemicals is the known fact that they are carcinogenic, cancer causing, and apparently are a burden to the human, if not all vertebrates’ immune systems.

    Known petrochemicals are Agricultural poisons, typically pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, synthetic growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers. Another category are the endless food additives, including but not limited to stabilizers, synthetic vitamins, preservatives, colors, flavors, and aromas, and as well the scourge of sugar in almost every bite of human food in fast and junk food.

    In both cases, nervous system disturbance and chemical and petrochemical burden on the immune system render the immune system less capable of optimal immune response, preventing not enough specific antibodies to deactivate all the virus in the body and cause the inability to achieve personal immunity and group Herd Immunity.

    It’s always best to follow the Natural Path in Life.

    1. Don Winslow October 14, 2020 5:09 am Reply

      Thank you for your very well written and understandable explanation! Hopefully those in elected positions will read your letter herein and temper their actions, long term isolation will not work!

  11. YuCalJoe October 13, 2020 10:51 am Reply

    As for the above statement based on false TV news reports that cases are on the raise nationally, all you have to do is Google “Covid 19 statistics” and the first thing you see is a graph showing the current national trend. This trend may indeed show an upward trend in the future, or it can show a downward trend. TV news has the job to report the factual news, not provide predictions. The problem is that the pandemic has been politicized for party gain at the expense of all people. COVID doesn’t care which party you belong to, or how rich or poor you are. Being a regular visitor to Kauai, and from what I recently personally experienced with packed flights, several people refusing to comply with airlines rules regarding masks, and people walking around the airport without masks, and people in theme parks not complying with rule of wearing a mask, I say keep Kauai closed until the current group of people who don’t take COVID seriously are no longer relevant.

  12. Kauaidoug October 13, 2020 11:23 am Reply

    Another letter full of mistruths, wrong “facts” and just in general kool aide drinking. You, I suspect, and I will certainly not change mine when it comes to the Crook in Chief.
    I did vote just now. Nov 3 can not come soon enough. The people will speak and I think it will be a resounding rebuff to Trump and his cronies, some of whom are already in jail, with more to follow.

  13. ScienceBased October 13, 2020 12:12 pm Reply

    Wally and everyone else who thinks like Wally……PLEASE GET EDUCATED! Study the data from the last 7 months! Don’t spread fear and perpetuate it!! If you are elderly and in at risk category, quarantine yourself and take precautions. All the scientific data shows the young need to get on with life, run the businesses, go back to school, etc. The collateral damage of lockdown for all is HUGE and will get bigger…and its not just economic! It’s mental health, cancer, CVD, etc. These expert doctors from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford understand…read this: https://gbdeclaration.org They are public health experts! Not local mayors or governors who are making crappy decisions that have such negative impacts for all..likely for months and years to come. PLEASE GET EDUCATED!

  14. LTEreader October 13, 2020 12:35 pm Reply

    RE: Janet Eisenbach,
    “Black Lives Matter is the racist group. They think black people are disadvantaged and should be treated differently because of the color of their skin.”

    When was the last time you got pulled over by the police and feared for your life?
    When was the last time you went for a walk in the park and feared for your life?
    Parents of black children don’t just give them the ‘birds & bees’ talk, they also give them the ‘you’re black = never speak up or you might die’ talk. Is that something ANY of us whites had to do? Heck no! Fortunately we live in a pretty peaceful place, however the Mainland is a different story. I have a friend with bi-racial grandchildren who fears for their safety constantly. They’re all under 12 years old, but have already been given the ‘you are black’ talk. This is NOT something ANY child should EVER have to worry about!

    And, since Trump has been President I’ve read more insults, name calling, and slander towards Democrats than ever! Go read some of the prior ‘comments’ even in this newspaper. They’re loaded with insults. Then go read Trumps tweets > he behaves like a petulant child! We’ve seen in the past four years that HE is the one who vilifies, censors, and shuts down anyone & everyone who disagrees with him, even to the point of calling Kamala Harris a “monster” just minutes after the VP debate ended. Really? That’s someone you support? That’s OK with you? SMH. You, and all of his supporters are seriously lacking morals and integrity by backing this disgraceful man who has conned you into believing he’s a decent human being. Wake up!

  15. Hirondelle October 13, 2020 4:03 pm Reply

    We do ourselves and our fellow Americans a disservice when we say “Democrats/Republicans, white people/black people, men/women do this or that, think this way, act this way”. (We also do ourselves and fellow Americans a disservice when we say “BLM” is causing riots, burning and looting. 93% of the protests across the nation have been peaceful.) Every group has bad actors; and every national movement or demonstration attracts agitators from all over the political spectrum. We don’t look at the Michigan men alleged to have plotted the kidnapping and murder of Michigan’s governor and say, “White men are hate filled conspirators”, nor should we. Collective condemnation of entire ethnic, racial, gender, or political groups is an exercise in divisiveness that weakens the Union. Frankly, lopping off entire groups of people whom we find unworthy is a luxury we can’t afford, if we are to maintain the dream of “one nation…indivisible…with liberty and justice for all”.

  16. Jill MacAfee October 13, 2020 4:15 pm Reply

    As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I would just like to state that I completely agree with Dr. Albert. Those of us with medical expertise in the field of lab testing need to be heard by our Governor. A second test upon arrival is useless. The likelihood that a rapid result will change by the arrival is extremely low. It would be far superior after that 2-4 days here to collect a sample for PCR, where genetic material from even a few virus can be detected via exponential amplification. With PCR’s Ct values (clinical threshold) one can tell even more information than just “positive” or “negative”. It can give an idea of the level of infection. Each test is a bit different in that regard, and those differences need to be understood as far as interpretation goes.
    I appreciate when Kauai specialists make our voices heard through your media. Thank you!

    1. Vy Rus October 14, 2020 12:01 am Reply

      Aloha Jill, your in depth comment is much appreciated.

      I came across an article about the PCR test in that you said it amplifies genetic material to identify the Covid19 virus. But this article said the PCR Test was never intended for Covid19 testing, but for other scientific genetic study.

      it also said that the PCR TEST amplifies genetic material from papaya and even chicken that some of their genetic material are shred with some Covid19 virus genetic material but are not of Covid19 origin, thus causing false positives.

      Better would be the volume of Specific Covid19 virus antibodies existing in a person, those would show an accurare positive test and better if the test could also show deactivated Covid19 viruses.

      If 2 antibody and deactivated virus testing could be performed 2 weeks apart and prior to arrival in Hawaii, we would know who had both immunity and lacked contagion.

      Those double antibody and deactivated virus people would be the favorite and non contagious visitors.

  17. Uli Roth October 13, 2020 5:09 pm Reply

    Lol! Janet, I don’t even know where to start! I’m just gonna keep it short and say you’re
    Delusional. Good luck!

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