State has 132 virus deaths

HONOLULU — State Department of Health officials Sunday reported one new coronavirus-related death on O‘ahu and 98 new infections statewide, bringing the totals since the start of the pandemic to 132 fatalities and 12,116 cases.

The new infection cases in Hawai‘i Sunday included 91 on O‘ahu and seven on Hawai‘i Island.

The state’s official death toll as of Sunday was 107 on O‘ahu, 15 on Hawai‘i Island, and nine on Maui, while one additional fatality was a Kaua‘i resident who died on the mainland.

The U.S. death toll was over 205,000 Sunday.

By county, Honolulu has seen 9,160 patients released from isolation, Hawai‘i has had 584 releases, Maui has seen 355 patients released. Kaua‘i has two active infections.

  1. Just 1 September 28, 2020 4:47 am Reply

    Please verify my math?

    If 132 people died in Hawaii suspected from Covid19 virus during 7 months of the pandemic, that means 132 divided by 7 = 19 deaths on average per month.

    Because of pre-existing conditions, that is long term diseases these people had; plus their usual 2 drugs being taken daily for each of those diseases, and by the time people are elderly they usually have 2 or more diseases requiring dsily,prescription drugs, making it 4 or more prescription drugs a day; the CDC, Center for Disease Control, says of the 19 people who die each month in Hawaii, only 6% actually die of the Covid19 virus. That means that only 1 person per month is dying of the virus,

    So for the death of 1 person per month we have shut down 40% of our economy, putting 100’s of thousands of people out of work.

    Kaua’i has had no on island deaths but some 10’s of thousands of people are estimated to have lost their jobs and businesses for zero deaths of what would be elderly people if there were deaths.

    So if we had no masks, distancing, and hand wringing washing for 20 seconds it would be more people infected where in 98% would have zero to mild symptoms and of the 2% who became seriously ill, and died, only 6% of them would have died of the virus.

    So in special consideration and aloha to the very sick or potentially very sick, it would better to isolate them now, provide them only nutritious food to eat and drink, and devote much effort to their survival.

    The rest of the people who get the Covid19 virus end of with the natural innate immune response and go through the natural antibody production process that produces immunity to the Covid19 virus and another person joins Herd Immunity, bringing us all closer to the Covid19 virus inability to survive in the population. Thus isolating the few high risk people and letting the rest return to work and using their taxes to assist the high risk people is a more sane way of handling this lengt season’s flu.

    And it is about time to accurately report the statistics instead of numbers that only serve to frighten people into taking another high risk, hastily manufactured at warp speed, manmade laboratory disease called a vaccine, for which you will develop immunity to the vaccine but not develop immunity to the Covid19 virus, making the vaccine a risk in itself, and a waste of time, better spent educating people about health and wellness..

  2. Pono thing to do! September 28, 2020 5:38 am Reply

    When shopping in Lihue and seeing some enormously obese people, mostly women, and enormous swollen bellies on mostly men, these people have underlying what would be called pre-existing conditions and may already be taking prescription drugs, and are at Covid19 virus risk of complications if they get infected.

    If we can actually legally isolate those with Covid19 virus, and quarantine those we are unsure of having the Covid19 virus or not, then we should have the legal right to separate these visually ill people to help them primarily through physical activity exercise, maybe like working in a food garden, but more importantly teaching them how to eat nutritious food and only in proper amounts.

    These visually and obviously high risk obese and bloated people deserve reversing their diseases, even if even almost forced to, better heavily influenced to get back to being well and health and off prescription drugs, than being at high risk of death or complications with the Covid19 virus.

    Learning to shop for nutritious foods only, nothing wrong with that!

    Learning to read the labels for sugars and chemicals, and not buying nor eating them.!

    Learning to prepare and cook nutritious foods so that they remain nutritious going into their bodies! Nothing wrong with that.

    Learning to avoid the too many snack foods at the store. Nothing wrong with that.!

    Remembering to drink plenty water during the day and keeping some in the car or on you at all times. Take a swig! Nothing wrong with that!

    Keep walking every chance you get.

  3. Joe Maka September 28, 2020 12:39 pm Reply

    And as of June. 30th we have had a total of 5797 deaths from all causes. That means 2.28% of all deaths are from Covid. Meanwhile, Hawaii has seen 7558 births so the population is growing.

  4. Mr. FORD September 28, 2020 1:04 pm Reply

    how many deaths for the common flu or some unknown virus that many get?

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