One new case of COVID-19 on Kaua‘i

LIHU‘E — The state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office Sunday reported one new positive case of COVID-19.

This brings Kaua‘i’s total number of active cases to one, and the cumulative total of cases to date is now 58.

The new case is an adult male visitor who is currently in isolation. The source of his infection appears to be related to travel, but due to the uncertainty in the timeline of his infection, the case will be classified as community transmission.

The DOH contact-tracing investigation is ongoing. All identified close contacts are directed to quarantine and offered a test.

The case has not required hospitalization.

State and county officials remind all that the virus is widespread in the state, so it continues to be important for everyone to be careful on Kaua‘i, wear masks, keep your distance and avoid large gatherings.

Kaua‘i’s most recent case is reflected in the statewide count, which is posted daily at noon at For local updates, visit the Kaua‘i Emergency Management Agency page,

  1. rk669 September 7, 2020 8:01 am Reply

    Continue following Hair on Fire Fear!

  2. What about all the suicides? September 7, 2020 10:38 am Reply

    while not as sensational as the super deadly Coronavirus, suicides are WAY UP. thank you Governor Ige and Mayor Kawakami.

  3. truth be known September 7, 2020 3:08 pm Reply

    Was this visitor in quarantine when the infection was discovered? If not, a list of the places he frequented and the dates would be useful to aid in tracking without having to divulge his identity.

    1. CJK September 7, 2020 10:42 pm Reply

      According to Hawaiinewsnow, this case was “reclassified” from Oahu’s count. So he was tested there. Then flew here. Why, guy!? Congratulations on spreading the virus after suspecting you had it. And we really believe a person who cares so little about fellow man is going to stay quarantined. This is a prime example of why Ige’s handling of the pandemic is idiocy. Open HI up. Require negative test results. Tahiti has opened, they test people again after arrival and quarantine if positive. We can do the same. We are literally allowing people in knowing they will break quarantine, knowing they may be carriers when we CAN prevent this simply by requiring pretesting! Its like sabotaging ourselves. I cannot figure it out. Does Ige want people to leave the state in search of jobs? He is killing our economy.

  4. Jesse September 7, 2020 4:31 pm Reply

    “Suspected to be travel related but in the we’ll just say it’s community spread” paraphrased. Okkkkkkk

  5. Aunty Body September 7, 2020 10:10 pm Reply

    Hohum, another no symptom + Covid19 test. At this slower than molasses rate, it’s gonna be a long time before we reach Herd Immunity. The only gain is government gets your DNA SAMPLE, hohum, they tricked us again.

    In fact we may never reach Herd Immunity at this rate thanks to Dave and Derek. Me thinks Dave is looking for the virus CODE to save us all, not realizing it’s back there in the Missile Warning drawer.

    Real Concern is when Covid returns from its annual self perpetuating oscillation journey to the frigid southern hemisphere’s winter, then its updated natural mutated virility may wipe out those without immunity; and even the laboratory manmade vaccine will not be bio-identical to the new virus version next year and they’ll have to start a new fear and quarantine and vaccine program all over again and again and again until they realize that’s the definition of STUPIDITY.

  6. ruthann jones September 8, 2020 2:40 am Reply

    I say congratulations to Kauai for doing a superb job of containing the corona virus. It is disgusting to read ‘hair on fire’ comment here. Wish that person could experience the terrible reality of this virus to wake up to reality. It is real and dangerous!

    1. Aunty Body September 8, 2020 8:57 pm Reply

      Aloha Ruth Ann, without your having an in-depth knowledge of the immune system, we can understand and empathize with your fear, which people should fear if they have the Pre-existing conditions being treated by daily prescription drugs. Those are high risk people.

      Actually only 6% of the deaths were of people with no other malady but the covid virus. 6% that means only 4 people died in Hawaii of the actual virus.

      The other 94% that died had the pre-existing conditions, diseases more aptly called End of a Life diseases, which all,the other people in Hawaii die from as well.

      This means whether you have the virus or not people are dying from their end of life diseases as well as their toxic daily prescription drugs.

      Next time anybody is diagnosed and given a prescription, the new norm should be, Doctor, I don’t want the drugs, I want to be well and healthy. What do I do to be healthy, isn’t there a cause I can avoid or prevent happening to me so I get well and not need daily drugs for the next decades of my life.?

      Doctor will have to admit he or she is not trained in knowing the cause of disease, nor how to remove the cause or avoid it.

      Remember the medical world is still looking for a cure to everything and again taking the risky chance of making a rushed vaccine that is a laboratory disease to be injected into you, without knowing the side effects, months, years, and decades ahead.

      Remember too almost all the people who test positive have no symptoms, or mild, but they also have immunity or becoming immune, the only real effective thing to beat the virus.

      Plus the only side effect of immunity is wellness.

      Protect yourself follow the Natural Path.

  7. LTEreader September 8, 2020 10:58 am Reply

    RE: What about all the suicides?

    “Historically, Kaua‘i averages about a dozen suicides a year. There were 25 in 2017 — a number so high for the island environment that it prompted speculation about a suicide epidemic here. The total dropped to 12 in 2018 and 15 in 2019, according to KPD figures. The 2017 spike has never been explained.”

    Kaua’i has had 6 suicides so far in 2020. So no they are not “WAY UP”.

    September is Suicide Prevention Month, and yes we should all be acutely aware because even one is too many. However, it’s irresponsible to falsely declare there’s an increase in 2020, and then to blame our Mayor & Governor for your inaccuracy. Facts are available at your fingertips.

    It’s also important to note that the ‘assisted suicide law’ went into effect Jan. 1, 2019 in Hawai’i, and those are entered into the suicide stats as well.

  8. Facts is facts September 8, 2020 12:15 pm Reply

    58 cumulative total cases. 0 deaths.

    That makes Kauai’s CoVid-19 mortality rate… 0%.

    Masks, distancing, lock-downs and quarantines don’t affect the mortality rates of infected people. Maybe not so deadly as the mayor wants us to believe.

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