Happy Camper for Wednesday, August 25, 2020

Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

The Virtual Bon Dance host Ron Wood knew exactly what headband to use on his hat, Saturday as he makes his appearance following the presentation by Taiko Kaua‘i at the Kaua‘i Soto Zen Temple.

Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

Gerald Hirata of the Kaua‘i Soto Zen Temple holds up a flying saucer that was sold, Friday (online ordering and prepayment - curbside pickup only!) as a fundraiser for the church by Keiko Napier of Japanese Grandma’s Cafe.

Virtual means there are no people (other than performers), but the excitement is still there as Gerald Hirata’s social media page picked up lots of comments about the Virtual Bon Dance that spanned two days and several different events around the Kaua‘i Soto Zen Temple in Hanapepe.