Woman arrested for breaking quarantine

  • Shannon Patrick

LIHU‘E – Kaua‘i police arrested 51-year-old Shannon Patrick of Longview, Washington on August 13 for violating Hawai‘i’s 14-day quarantine emergency and vehicle rental prohibition rules pertaining to COVID-19. The quarantine requires that all travelers to Kaua‘i stay in an approved accommodation for 14 days, including having food delivered, except for emergency medical purposes. Travelers are also prohibited from renting a vehicle until after their 14 days of quarantine are completed.

Patrick allegedly arrived at the Lihu‘e Airport on August 12 after flying to Hawai‘i from the mainland for a several-day visit. According to a police report, after leaving the airport, Patrick illegally rented a vehicle and proceeded to travel to her quarantine location in Kapa‘a.

Kaua‘i police were informed on August 13 that Patrick had left her lodging on several occasions that day, as well as on August 12. Officers responded and arrived at her quarantine location around 2 p.m. where an investigation was conducted that established probable cause to arrest Patrick for violating the Governor’s orders.

Patrick was transported to the Kaua‘i Police Department (KPD) Detention Center for booking. She subsequently posted $2,000 in bail and was escorted by police back to her accommodations for the remainder of her quarantine period. Her vehicle was recovered by the car rental agency, which had been deceived into conducting business with her.

This case remains an ongoing investigation.

The Kaua‘i Police Department (KPD) has made 68 arrests to date for violations of the 14-day quarantine emergency rules. This number includes visitors (30) and Hawai‘i residents (38). All individuals who are arrested are also subject to up to one year in jail and/or up to $5,000 in fines.

Kaua‘i police and Hawai‘i National Guard personnel continue to maintain a daily checkpoint at the Lihu‘e Airport where all incoming travelers are subject to the 14-day quarantine. Visitors and returning residents from both direct mainland flights and interisland flights are screened and subsequently required to quarantine.

“Our grassroots coalition of community members and businesses is very strong. We continue to remind off-island travelers that there are follow-up procedures that the State and County have in place to monitor individuals that are subject to quarantine”, said Assistant Chief Mark Begley. “We take the health of our community very seriously and continue to stress the importance of following protocols to help mitigate the spread of this disease on our island. We would also like to reiterate that any kind of leisurely travel is strongly discouraged at this time, and we extend our appreciation to the public for their understanding and willingness to do what’s best to keep Kaua‘i safe.”

  1. Jake August 18, 2020 1:50 am Reply

    Really good use of our tax dollars. Yea, let’s “arrest” people for this liberal hoax of “You are all going to die”. Get back to work. For Governor Ige: Your state produces nothing. Don’t go crying to the Federal Government when your state gets “woke”, …..I mean goes “broke”. SMH.

  2. Sharon K. Fowler August 18, 2020 6:22 am Reply

    Great job Kauai officials………………………

    1. Isabella Young August 19, 2020 8:03 pm Reply

      The Fourth Reich is here.

  3. Kauaidoug August 18, 2020 7:55 am Reply

    I wonder if this woman had a tracking app placed on her phone,,,

  4. Paulo August 18, 2020 11:03 am Reply

    When renting a car what proof does the visitor have to give showing they have completed their quarantine? Plane tickets? Hope it’s not just word of mouth.

    1. Uli Roth August 18, 2020 9:57 pm Reply

      lock her up! Love the job Ige has done, along with the Mayors! And thanks to KPD for catching these lawbreakers!

  5. Malia Allerton August 18, 2020 2:32 pm Reply

    wow. full blown tyrannical state. shame on your GI for posting her face across your pages. Asymptomatic transmission is SUPER rare according to WHO. if she doesn’t show symptoms, she is more than likely not carrying. This is so irritating. INNOCENT until proven guilty, folks. That’s what we stand for. Yet we are treating everybody as guilty carriers of a disease that 99.5% of people survive. GOOD GRIEF. If you don’t believe me go search and listen to the over 600 doctors who gathered in the EU to discuss how overblown this response is. GUYS! 600 deaths from flu this year in Hawaii. and we have what…30 something that are COVID-RELATED. Not even CV caused. For real. Cut it out. MSM is flipping propaganda.

    1. maths are hard August 19, 2020 5:17 pm Reply

      I think you need to show your work. How do you get 99.5% when the US government officially has it at about 94%? I have to tell you, other people risking my life is a lot less acceptable than me risking my own.

    2. Reuben August 20, 2020 8:22 am Reply

      I mean, acoording to a 2 second google search, about 40% of cases are asymptomatic. But please, go off about how it’s “super rare.” At least have the right facts if you’re gonna call something out.

  6. Kauai Boy Mainland August 18, 2020 3:27 pm Reply

    Well, despite looking the worse for wear and tear at 51 (she looks 65), I gotta laugh at all you guys back there…all spying on da haoles and turning people in so happily. Secret police, brah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to be safe, but omg, people, you all sound like police state nazis, the way things going over there, before long you going all be turning each other in for not wearing face masks, lol. Oh wait, already happening…

    “Excuse me ma’am, you need to come downtown with us.”


    “You were reported to have violated Da Rulez of Da Guvunuh! You scumbag!”

  7. Anony Mouse August 18, 2020 8:20 pm Reply

    Uh, how do you illegally rent a vehicle if the rental car agencies themselves are doing what they’re supposed to?

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