State has another record reporting day

HONOLULU — The highest, single-day record of new positive COVID-19 cases is being reported by the Dept. of Health today, at 207. Approximately 114 of these cases are the result of delayed reporting over the weekend, a result of private clinical laboratory reporting issues.

No new cases were reported on Kaua‘i; the number of active cases on the island remains at two, with both cases in isolation.

Health Director Bruce Anderson said, “It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to detail all of the situations in which people are becoming infected with coronavirus. It runs the whole gamut of hanging out with close friends, socializing in bars, attending religious events and funerals, and many other types other social gatherings. This virus does not discriminate on who it infects and the only way to prevent its spread is to limit exposure to others by using face coverings, physical distancing and avoiding gatherings and crowded places. Unfortunately, Hawai‘i is experiencing spikes in cases similar to many mainland states, and in most cases, we can track new infections back to those who have let down their guard. Everyone needs to take this very seriously.”

Many beaches on O‘ahu were as crowded as they were before the COVID outbreak. On Maui, Little Beach in Makena State Park was less crowded than normal. This was likely the result of social media postings that suggested law enforcement would be on scene to break up so-called drum circles. Health investigations have traced at least one case in a person who recently attended a drum circle. With an estimated 100 people on the beach for sunset at Makena and the rising of the full moon, there were no masks in evidence and there appeared to be little, if any, physical distancing between groups of people. The scene here was repeated on beaches and in parks across the state.

The DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) reports receiving numerous complaints over the weekend of people, particularly in State Parks, not abiding by state and county emergency rules. This includes multiple complaints about people on small boats not following the required rules.

“As long as individuals in our communities fail to accept personal responsibility for the spread of COVID-19, we are unfortunately going to see continued days of triple digit numbers,” said Anderson. “This already has resulted in the renewal of restrictions on large social gatherings and other conditions and is likely going to lead to additional ones.”

Last week saw day-after-day of new record numbers, with most of the new infections being diagnosed in Honolulu. Today, 198 of the 207 cases are from O‘ahu, with seven on Maui and two on Hawai‘i Island.

Anderson concluded, “We are once again, as we have from the beginning of this crisis, asking every resident of Hawai‘i to take this threat with the utmost seriousness. Life, as we knew it, pre-COVID-19, cannot return to normal until we again flatten the infection curve. It takes everyone doing their part by following the simple and now-common steps: wear your mask, physically distance, wash your hands frequently and, perhaps most important, stay home if sick. With everyone’s kokua, we can get back to where we were and enjoy all the good things life in Hawai‘i has to offer.”

  1. J.D. August 4, 2020 5:43 am Reply

    The virus will run it’s course whether the state is open or not.

  2. Colin McCleod August 4, 2020 7:48 am Reply

    Enough about cases…all it does is create panic among the sheep. It’s time to look at the death rate. This has been declining and continues to steadily decline (here and across the nation), despite the so called “spike in cases”. Any person with half a brain knows that more testing will invariably show more cases, most of which have minor or no symptoms at all.
    Moreover, of those people that have died it’s important to differentiate between those that died FROM Covid-19 and those that dies WITH Covid-19 but FROM other underlying medical/health causes. Unfortunately, they all get thrown into the Covid-19 death count…further inciting needless panic.
    For example, on Oahu, there is currently a 23 year old in the hospital with Covid-19. He will in all probability die…but not FROM Covid-19. This unfortunate young man weighs a staggering 1000 lbs, has diabetes, heart disease and massive bedsores. These are the things that will lead to the death of a morbidly obese person. Yet, when he dies the press will scream that Covid-19 kills young people without mentioning all of the surrounding circumstances of his death. The political hacks will joint the chorus with demands for more lock-downs.
    At some point these hacks and their flock of sheep have to realize that killing the economy is going to cause more misery and death than Covid-19.
    Colin McCleod

    1. Rick August 4, 2020 9:02 pm Reply

      Dr Dan Erickson (one of countless doctors starting to speak out) He address the medias use of CASES!!! Please watch. I am speaking to you THE GARDEN ISLAND. Please watch this and then look for more. Cause theres doctor after doctor after doctor speaking this way. Lets get Kauai back to reality.

    2. j.d. August 5, 2020 4:45 am Reply

      You stated this very well. We know of people that died from some other disease but the death certificate reads covid. A motorcycle accident death was listed as covid. ?????

    3. kathy August 5, 2020 12:07 pm Reply

      you must be a trumper. don’t worry we will get your ilk out of the office soon enough.

  3. DA August 4, 2020 3:21 pm Reply

    Actually, more testing does not mean more cases. More testing means you know of more cases but in many countries the rate of infection goes down. In America it is going up because a portion of our population has decided it’s no big deal.

    People are put into the COVID death pile because coroners, whose job it is to decide who has died of something and who didn’t, conclude the underlying issue did not kill them. Turns out people can actually live with diabetes but when they get COVID they die. So that’s how that works.

    But thousands of cases, as has been well documented in states like Florida and counties like Santa Barbara, are not being counted as COVID deaths when they should be. So, if you want to be upset about cases being counted, you should also be upset about the cases not being counted. I assume your like me and just about knowing the truth.

    I know a marathon runner who caught COVID three months ago. She was hospitalized and now is unable to walk 10 feet. She has constant headaches. Her heart is damaged – maybe permanently. She wakes up feeling like her neck is going to explode. Sometimes she can’t remember how to read. There are now so many thousands of people suffering with no end in sight they have formed online support groups. You can Talia bout some 1000 pound kid on Oahu all you want. But the studies are saying this will lead to a large group of people with long term or permanent damage.

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